Monday, August 15, 2011

Protect Your Children, Get Your Vaccine Waivers Before School Starts.

                  I am glad I live in the state of Texas, because under the state laws. I can exempt my children from vaccines for reasons of conscience and religious beliefs. What I know about vaccines, I do not want to have a healthy child walking in to a Doctors office, if I decide to allow the Doctor to give my children those poisonous shots. My children will become a corpse at the end of the day. As a parent, It is fundamental that I have control over my children health and safety. I see these vaccines as a threat to my children's health and safety.

                  I can tell you my children's school was not happy that I had my vaccine waiver forms because the School District loses their bounty. Last year when they were giving the H1N1 at school,even though I signed a form saying I do not consent to my two sons getting the flu shot. I kept them out of the school for those two days they we inoculating the children. Why I seen a flyer passed out telling kids to get that flu shot so the whole class can have a Pizza Party,that is if everyone gets the shot. I did not trust the school to keep their word even though I did not consent to them getting the H1N1 shot. I know they might trick the kids into getting the shot just to have a Pizza Party.

                 Think about what is placed inside vaccines, squalene,cancer viruses,mercury and other dangerous additives. These vaccines have been linked to autism and  sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS). Many parents are sitting in prison being innocent for shaken baby syndrome when it was the vaccines that caused  the seizures and convulsions causing the death. These vaccines are dangerous. When I was young. I never had any vaccines. How my parents made me immune was having measles and mumps parties. When a child had the measles,chickenpox or the mumps. My parents would take me and my brothers to contract the virus. That is how I become immune to those childhood diseases, my parents never took me to the Doctor to get any shots.

                  In today's world when I lived in Florida before moving to Texas. I recall on the news of SWAT teams would raiding these measles and mumps parties with guns drawn. The Child Protective Services would take the children away accusing the parents of child endangerment and child neglect because the parent refused to have their children get vaccinated with poison. There is a legal remedy we can do before our children enters the school system. If you do not want you children to have any vaccines. Here is a website with state by state vaccines laws and waiver forms.

                  We better use our right to say no before we lose it. This is the time we vote with not consenting to these deadly vaccines being injected into our children. If we do not send the corrupt system a message. They will not stop until we stand up and say no. We as parents have a right and responsibility to do what is best for our children. We better be parents or the state will be if stay silent. We consent when we stay silent, Do you agree? So no to vaccines before we allow the state to decide for us.

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