Monday, August 15, 2011

Voting is Not Enough. We Have To Get Our Hands Dirty If We Want Ron Paul to Win

           We have an uphill battle dealing with the political establishment and the corporate media. It is not impossible to win,we just have to work harder and be unconventional to have victory. We can still overcome the Diebold voting machines and the dirty tricks within the republican party. This is the election we cannot be lazy anymore resting on our laurels . We will have to actually get out of our comfort zones of the living rooms turning off the TV. We do not have the luxury of watching our sports teams. assuming someone else will do it so we can watch the ball game. We will have to do what we are not use to doing. That is meeting people face to face knocking on doors.

            When I lived in Florida canvasing the neighborhood. I had 1253 registered Republicans in my precinct area, 834 can out and voted for Ron Paul. We will have to work hard bypassing the news media. Revolutions do not have to be a blood bath. They can be peaceful transitions in our history. Revolutions are always unorthodox and unconventional in its ways getting the message out. The Soviet collapse did not happen by going through normal channels pleading with the communist to see things our way. This happened outside the system using methods outside the box. They found a way around the conventional media to bring about the collapse the the old Soviet Union.

              To have the change we want. We will have to sweat and get blisters in our shoes to see that victory is in our grasp. We will have to accept rejection knowing some neo cons cannot change. We will have to endure getting paper cuts, the time we use to watch TV,we will have to spend that time making phones to voters telling them about Ron Paul. I believe we will be rewarded with our hard work. I believe Ron Paul followers are the most talented and the most creative of all the people in this country. We are the strength of the nation. We are the tip of the spear in the fight for liberty. This is not the time to get comfortable of assume someone else will do it. The only person who will make it happen is the person you see in the mirror when you brush your teeth. It is you.

                Voting is not enough to take back the republic. Not only we have to canvas going door to door. We will have to poll watch and make sure the elections are honest in your precinct. We will have to do exit polling. We will have to stay over to see the ballots counted in public. We will have to get up before the sun rises to see to it the machines are numbered at zero. Even with these Diebold Machines. Checking the seals. Everything checked with a fine tooth comb. This is an election we have to do so much more than we are asked to do. This is the time we all must go beyond the call of duty or we perish. Will you get your hands dirty for Ron Paul?


  1. While I applaud your effort, I think that yet again you are being unrealistic.

    The Diebold machines don't need to be "set at zero" at the start of the day. They can be tampered with in any number of ways, set into the code, invisible.

    It doesn't need to give the other guy a starting lead. It can give them every 16th vote. Just enough to win. It can jut plain not record votes for Paul.

    Fact is, the Diebold machines have been proved to be open to tampering. In the 2008 election, several Florida elections were 100% fraud. Diebold machines were used to cheat the system. Why wasn't there a national stink about it? Because dummy brigade America doesn't want to hear a bunch of math. Kinda like how they feel about writing proper English.

    Anyway, knocking on doors is great. But it simply isn't enough. It doesn't matter what the count is, if someone you can't trust does the counting.

    I've read numerous plans on the Internet for secure, guaranteed accurate voting. None of them implemented. The system is rigged.

    Stop ringing doorbells and start getting educated.

  2. WAIT WAIT I thought that the SUPREEM COURT sold elections to the HIGH bidder!

  3. This is a follow up. Please, please do NOT click on this link. It's a Youtube video where a group actually breaks into a voting machine and rigs the vote. However, it is titled, "Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws".

    Everyone here knows that- as Realman2020 states- "college educated people are the most unproductive people in the work place and a high school dropout has more sense than you intellects."

    So please just take my word for it, and not watch the video.

    Excuse me. I mean: pleez takes my word that the video is good is my word that video is about diebold which is about how diebold is bad.