Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rick Perry is Another Charismatic Nighmare Like Clinton and Obama

               If making a good speech can change things. There would be no economic downturn or discontent with the people. Everyone would own their own home with a turkey in every pot. Some of the best cars salesmen who work on lemon lots selling cars that will not make down the road. Somehow they sucker the man with the cash to buy a piece of junk.Some of the best politicians sell tyranny with flattery and charisma like a used car salesmen on a lemon lot. Some of the most brutal dictators are the most charismatic people that can mesmerize a crowd to believe in him.

               I have to give credit to Gov. Perry. He is a good speaker and campaigner. He is very articulate and shows presence when he speaks. Those qualities can be our worst nightmare to come. A lot of the most oppressive Dictators like Pol Pot,Mao Tsa Tung, Lenin, Hitler and Mugabe. Many of these brutal leaders knew how to make people follow them and to believe in the worst things in the name of progress. These people have been nothing good in the end. They have left a path of death and destruction. These people are responsible for inflicting famines on their own people and caused many people's untimely death.

                Congressmen Ron Paul has said and repeated often that fascism will come to America holding a bible in one hand wrapped in the American flag. Gov Rick Perry having his appearance at Reliant Stadium pandering the Christian vote is very scary. The Texas Governor is quoting scripture and talking about Romans 13. He dictates as Christians we have to unconditionally support Israel with question. He say his faith says we have to support Israel. What will be next?Will we be imprisoned for questioning the holocaust since it sounds anti Israel?? Gov Perry does have that hypnotic effect to sway people to believe even though people know there is many things about slick Rick that are not good like attending the Bilderberg meeting in 2007.

                 This election will be a battle for the hearts and minds of people. Gov Perry popularity will be a media created illusion trying to sell the Governor as the candidate the establishment wants. We have to expose the real Rick Perry and not the illusion. Rick Perry can be a disaster more than Bush, Clinton and Obama combined. We have to make it known to know the Governor by his fruits and not his words. We cannot be suckered into social issues with abortion and gay marriage to drive a wedge between the voters. I see these issues being used as a distraction from the real problem of the Federal Reserve and the debasing of the dollar.

                  We have a real fight on our shoulder to win over the people with what is real and exposing what is the counterfeit.The Texas governor is trying to mimic Ron Paul in his rhetoric trying take votes away from the good congressman. Do not buy it one second. Even the supporters of the Federal Reserve act in 1913 acted like they were opposed to the bill to trick the people. Rick Perry who is brought and paid for by the bankers can put on the act being against the central banks just to steal votes away. Sorry Slick Rick,we know the bankers chose you at the Bilderburg meeting in 2007. You are not fooling me.

                  Do not fall for Rick Perry's slick talk of speaking just like Ron Paul. The governors record says differently not being anti establishment, but being pro establishment. He is not for the people and just because he is charismatic. It does not mean he is sincere. By his fruit you shall know him.


  1. Give yourself a break. Perry thinks it is cool to back people into a corner and grab their crotch. His charisma is rivalled only by characters in 'B-movies'. He thinks it is cool to go to Israel, the satanic boardgame of the Rothschild bank and freemasonry and prostrate himself and mewl for money so he can come back here and betray everybody. Perry is so much worse than the Hari Krishna people because he disguises himself as a sane human being while wallowing in the dreams of our destruction. Krishna is all "chill and be healthy" and like I said before, Perry wouldn't know Jesus if Jesus came down out of the sky and kicked his butt up around his shoulders.
    Perry has the CFR TV networks backing his sorry ass and enshrining his every word. The CFR is NOTHING BEYOND A CORPORATE AND ROTHSCHILD BANKER OWNED PROPAGANDA MACHINE THAT IS RIGGED TO TELL LIES TO INFINITY. GOT IT? The CFR must be eating dogshit sandwiches because their cause is without merit and they are a lie and the last hope of Europe's flagging unearned empire. They should hold a garage sale and quit trying to kill everyone on earth.

  2. I think Perry will be our next President. He has all the qualifications you need in modern American politics.

    Clearly, the press loves him. Favorable media coverage, cherry picking his best quotes, "polls" that show him surging in popularity.

    He established his love of Israel. Always the first box to check off for acceptable candidates.

    Pro war. Pro Middle Eastern war, pro drug war, pro war spending.

    Pro spending. A big government spender- as long as that spending is on weapons.

    I really don't think Perry is all that charismatic. I think he's the chosen one, and so the media puts him in the best light. But anyone can look good when placed in the best light. This blog could look like a hotbed of erudition in the right light.

    I doubt anyone reading this blog will be fooled by Perry, but I don't doubt a huge amount of Americans will. "Our" next President. God help us.

  3. I just said "This IS george bush in all ways except he in more presentable for the cameras"
    over at WRH 10 minuets ago.about a different article about this trashie worm!



  4. The TV set will have Perry pole-dancing for the public to get votes. He is suitable to sell used cars.

    I agree 100% about your assessment of TV advertising and political candidates. God helps those who help themselves. Experiencing chronic pain for years has given me the nads to see this guy fail in every way.

    He is nothing more than a mean spirited punk who God will not foregive, as is God's prerogative. Mean, and he seems to enjoy backing males into a corner and grabbing their junk, for which there is at least one surefire defense.