Monday, August 15, 2011

The War on Terror and Israel will become a Political Liability for the NEO CONS.

                 The US government is running out of ideas to rationalize its over reaching into our lives because Al Quada might get us. It is almost 10 years ago, we all remember that day like it was yesterday. Many people were afraid and traumatized by the event. With all the propaganda showing not even 8 hours later after we been attacked. They knew who all the 19 hijackers with Osama Bin Laden was being the mastermind behind it all without no proof. That was the propaganda being blasted all over the news to get us mad and feeling fear.

                  Now that the hype has been gone for while and reality has set in with most of us. We start to see the ugly reality of how the government used this tragic day as an excuse to attack freedom. If you still believe in the official story of 9-11-01 was carried out by Osama Bin Laden. For those GOP candidates using the war on terror to justify attacking countries that never attacked us and the eroding liberties at home,this will become a liability to them. These wars have bankrupted this nation and having grandma groped at the airport checking her diaper for explosives has really about pushed it to the limit of tolerating it. People will see right through this bogus terror threat as being used to oppress us rather than protect us.

                   People are questioning now asking if the Transportation Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security are really needed anymore . What useful purpose do they serve? When we see the government who says we support our troops throws a knife in their back of the returning veterans calling them now potential terrorist. What is the reason for illegally wire tapping phones? Why do we need a patriot act? Why are we in these wars for conquest. Why do we stand by Israel more then help our own people? We are no more safer than we were 10 years ago. Actually we are in greater danger for fomenting people's anger abroad because we occupy their country and oppress them. Supporting Israel is the greatest threat to us because we fight our wars for them.

                   If any politicians running for President touts about the Islamic fascist threat, also standing with Israel based on the hoax. To begin with because 911 was an inside job the Mossad carried out.They used this event to get us mad at the Muslims will become a Political liability now because it seems so worn out. We do not want any more wars. I do not want to fight for Israel.We do not want check points and we want to be left alone when we want to travel by an airplane. If any Presidential candidate tries to sell this War on Terror and standing by Israel as an excuse to continue our reckless foreign policy and the loss of freedoms at home. They will lose because everyone will see through the fraud sold to the American people. That is why Ron Paul is winning because he is on the right side of history.


  1. ‎"Perry told a group of journalists, "My faith requires me to support Israel." He also said that the Obama administration is "out of tune with America" on the question of Israel.

    Perry also talked about his time working with the Israel Defense Forces when he was in the Air Force. In August 2009, he traveled to Israel to receive the "Defender of Jerusalem Award." "

  2. Right on, well written 100%
    911 / "terror wars" are the biggest Hoax in history !!

  3. grammar man, grammar!!!

  4. Many people in business told me you college educated people are the most unproductive people in the work place and a high school dropout has more sense than you intellects. I rather speak my mind with poor grammar than waste my time trying to impress you idiots. The people who complain most about it are the ones who never are honest with themselves. I can careless about what you think. So what If I am not proficient in grammar. At least I speak my mind and people can understand it. I just think your jealous and you are pathetic.

  5. Enough already! The war on terror is a façade.
    It is nothing but a series of Fed/Corporate schemes designed to subdue the general population and empower the wealthy. And if the general population is siding with the phony national security and helping to send good people to prison, and helping the TSA, police crackdown, wars, and the congressional burning of the Constitution, then you deserve what you get. End of story.

  6. There is already enough admissible evidence, which will never go back in the box, to convict the Bush cabal and the Israel ruling party , freemasonry (whose Grand Patron is the queen of England),and other parties of ongoing warfare and murder against the United States. The attacks of 9-11, the Maconda prospect oil well blow out, the ongoing weather manipulatioon causing flooding and tornado increases, and the ongoing bankfraud and other crimes.
    The people need to learn the true nature of these attacks and remember that T. Jefferson and J. Madison warned us that the country would be destroyed from within, by entities loyal to a foreign power. Those congressmen mewling to Israel and that stupid unethical 'world court of the world' covered in freemasonic symbols and crap and the big obelisk planned and purchased by the Rothschild bank is the real reason for congress' attentions. I am sure Gaza will be briefly discussed over the feast.

  7. I do not understand why Christian Zionists are so fond of quoting the Old Testament when declaring their support for Israel but they hardly ever mention what Jesus Christ (pbuh) says about Israel in the New Testament.

    In Matthew 21:43, Jesus (pbuh) says to the Jews:

    "Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof."

    How on earth then can it be possible for Jesus (pbuh) to support Israel when he returns after saying that the Covenant will be taken from them and given to another nation??

    Is there a single thing that Jesus Christ (pbuh) himself says in the New Testament which might indicate that he would support Israel when he returns?

    In fact, on the contrary, there are a number of other verses in the NT where Jesus (pbuh) says things about the Jews which makes it virtually inconceivable that he would even consider supporting the state of Israel.

    And so, Christians really do need to CHOOSE between EITHER believing the Zionists.. OR believing the words of Jesus Christ (pbuh) as recorded in the NT when it comes to supporting the state of Israel.

    They cannot believe both.

  8. The neo CONs follow the teachings of the holy talmud.... ... and

  9. When the USA goes BROKE so does ISREAL!
    When Isreal goes broke they nuek a neighbor!

    HAY KIDDIES there is a grammar error SEE if u can find it AND YOU GET A COOKIE!


  10. Americans are too stupid to realise, that will be their demise!

  11. Mossad did no such thing, why would Muslims work for them, why would Osama take credit, not for Mossad. Mulsims have been attacking the west throughout history.