Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scrub Uniforms for the Pretty Ladies in the Medical Field at reasonable prices.

             I worked in nursing for a few years as an aid and also was a patient too. Medical staff go a lot on the job for many hours a day. The uniform they wear must be just as reliable too to get through the day and last a long time. I can say some ladies that are nurses with certain colors and designs does have a calming effect on the patient and all involved when giving care. When I was stationed at Ft Irwin California and did temporary duty at the hospital. The base commander wanted everyone to wear battle dress uniforms in the hospital. Many civilians who received care at this hospital did not have a positive effect seeing the staff wearing camouflage. Not a very nice site to see in a hospital.

             I went on a website called Blue Sky Scrubs seeing all the invetory available of scrubs uniforms in many designs for the ladies. When there is a choice of scrub uniforms,that means there is something for every ladies particular taste and style. Seeing all these uniform scrubs for any woman means there is plenty to choose from. To see a scrub uniform on a lady in nice colors does have a calming effect on the patient. Appearence is everything. Blue Sky is a place to shop for that uniform scrub for the ladies to choose from to her taste. Do you agree?


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