Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do not Count on the NRA to Defend Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms

              It is very much of an outrage to see the President write executive orders outside the law and congress to push gun control forcing FFL dealers to report people in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas who buy more than two rifles. This policy the White House is implementing through the FBI and the BATF to go harass gun owners who purchase high quantities of ammunition, two or more rifles, and handguns. This policy is illegal and unconstitutional because it does not arise to the level of probable cause to justify a visit by a federal agent to someone’s home. People have a right to be free from unjustified searches and questions when they have not been violating any laws.

              I would not be cheering the NRA coming to the aid of Gun Owners anytime soon. Remember this organization was behind the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968 that was word for word identical to Adolph Hitler's gun control law in NAZI Germany. The NRA is in the news now suing the BATF over gun reporting in the southwestern Border States because of the border violence. This was after the BATF agents blew the whistle seeing these guns in a smuggling operation. knowing this agency is taking firearms across the border by order from the White House to arm the drug cartels, so blaming the second amendment for all the border violence as an excuse to attack law-abiding gun owners.

             I see this more as a public relations stunt more than anything for more donations and for new members just to say we are doing something about it therefore; in reality they are doing nothing. They have been on record selling out its membership many times to the gun grabbers in Washington. They are the only compromise gun lobby in the beltway. I would not count on the NRA to save the day. We need to go to our county Sheriffs and our state Attorney Generals to assist in counters measures going into court too. I would recommend that there are many pro gun rights groups out there than just the NRA. There is Gun Owners of America and many state gun rights groups that do fight for the right to keep and bear arms. We should never put our eggs in one basket relying on the NRA to save the day. This has to be an effort of everyone who values our right to keep and bear arms without government harassment.

              The NRA is a Trojan Horse group that does more to hurt gun rights than help. They are behind the UN Small Arms treaty convention and denying the veterans the right to keep and bear arms. Sorry I cannot trust an organization that claims to defend liberty,while behind the scenes sells out their members compromising all the time. Stay away from the NRA.


  1. "...and our state Attorney Generals to assist in counters measures going into court too."

    Who go into Court?

    The minute you, go into a Court, you've lost the case. That's becuase you're stepping tinto their territory and they can do anything they want with you there.

    The Courts are NOT for getting justice, only for the ptb to get coin from you.

  2. You're right Anonymous! It's British Admiralty Law
    in US courts. They only allow the Constitution into play when it's convenient for their purposes.
    The whole system is rotten and needs to be destroyed. Like yesterday.

  3. The NRA has been compromised long ago. Anyone who is now rushing to gun shops to buy multiple firearms and ammo is an idiot. You should have seen the writing on the wall long ago.

    Buy weapons from classified ads or word of mouth from friends and friends of friends. Visit a gun show, don't buy from the booths, buy from individuals walking around carrying guns. Its perfectly legal. PAY CASH!! You can buy ammo and magazines from the dealers, there's no records for cash deals. Learn how to use your weapons and don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

  4. "The NRA has been compromised long ago."
    I'm not so sure they weren't a front group from the beginning, just waiting for these days to arrive, but either way, they cannot be trusted.
    Not the members, but the monkeys in the suits.

  5. When Charlton Heston retired and was replaced by a jewess, from that point forward - the NRA was swarmed over by jewish moles and has been cutting deals with Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein ever since. I immediately quit the NRA after Heston retired. Joined the Gun Owners of America, and I am keeping a very close eye on them for signs of any jewish moles moving into the organization.

  6. NRA endorsed Harry Reid (D) Nevada for the US Senate, because he "is" pro-gun. As Senate Majority Leader, he brought to the floor and voted for the confirmation to the US Supreme Court both Sonya Sotomeyer and Elena Kagen, both radical anti-guns liberal activist judges.

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