Thursday, August 4, 2011

City Governments Gone Wild, The other Threat to our life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

While we are bitching and moaning about had bad Washington DC has screwed up this country with it policies. We have to wonder were do these people come from, how they ever won political office. Were have these people been hiding. Many of these politicians used to be state representatives, mayors, city council members, sheriffs, and county commissioners Politics has been their career doing what it takes to move up in political office. If they have no trouble-stealing people's property with eminent domain laws for high-powered construction developer, they will not hesitate attacking private property rights on the federal level for campaign donations. When we see this than, we know that corruption is a way of life for these career politicians.


When we see vendors in Atlanta Georgia on the verge shutting down in favor of a corporation, coming in to install kiosk in place of local merchants. This will shut down the competition in favor of a monopoly instead. When little girls cannot have, lemonade stands without a permit. When people are forbidden by some arcane ordinance that prohibits a homeowner for placing a Ron Paul sign in his yard. I remember when I lived in Florida; the SWAT team come out and raided a Garage sale because the owner did not pay for a $15 permit from the city clerk. This very same city had Tractor Trailers being hauled from a person's property that was fenced in out on the edge of the city limits. Truck drivers had permission from the owner to park their rigs there while they were home from the road. The excuse was the city saying these Trucks parking on this man's land was in violation zoning laws. It was fenced in and not an eyesore from the road and was not a "No Through Trucks" signs posted on the road either. The only person that complained was a do gooder code enforcement worker.


When we see our backyard gardens being now illegal, right the right to keep and bear arms infringed upon and need a building permit for every little home improvement task. When it becomes law by the city to enter a rental property without a warrant in the name of fighting the slumlords. Invading the privacy of the renter too. Because of this ordinance, police seized people's guns too. We know that these city governments are out of control. While we are complaining about Obama's policies and how we want to throw out Speaker of the House John Boehner for selling out the American people in the latest debt deal. We fail to observe what goes on in city council chambers in what is going on. This is why there is a problem in Quartzite Arizona dealing with the corruption.


If we do not keep watch what goes on in our city council chambers and in the county commissioners meeting. They can be worse than what the Federal government in many ways. They are more of a threat to our private property rights and our liberties than a government 3000 miles away because no one is paying attention. If we do not vet our people on the local level holding them accountable at the city and county level. Than they will get away with anything. We have to remind them they work for us. We do not work for them. If we take back our cities and counties from corrupt politicans. Tyranny will never come to our door as long we stay vigilant watching every level of government.


  1. The validity of your point is apparent in cities, and towns across this nation. We must act, or we will have no position to act from. That said, where are all of those who swore oaths to defend this country? Why are people still afraid to uphold the laws we all hold true. I used to think this internet was something that could unite us, but instead it has turned into a place for people to post their woes, and feel like they did something. They then go back to their daily lives, and act like sheep again. I have never seen such lack of action in the face of such tyranny. Our children, well your children, as I will not bring any into this current world, are going to pay for our inaction. Yet we still sit by, and watch as all we hold dear is taken from us. Many talk big, but act little, which effectively puts you on the same plane as those you claim to hate. People are fond of saying time is short, well TIME IS UP. You are either part of the solution, or the problem, but make a choice and stand. Semper Fi !!! See you in the trenches....

  2. Government is out of control on all levels. It cannot be brought under control by the ballot box. ("Change you can believe in.") A corrupt legal system cannot be sued into a condition of probity.

    We have to dump government and start over with a civilization based upon the rights of individuals.

  3. Thats why I live in Catron County New Mexico, want the local government to leave you alone, more here.

    Check it out

  4. Praise the Lord & keep the powder dry!

  5. You've discovered the gist of Agenda21. Infiltrate and dominate all the city councils and town councils across America, and it doesn't really matter who the governors or congressmen, or even the president is. Agenda21 pushes the NWO agenda right at the local level, what schools serve what neighborhoods, who can grow veggies in their front yards, whether you can build a porch onto your house, how you connect up your solar panels, etc. Look for them dictating where, how, and when you can hang your laundry out to dry in the near future.