Friday, August 19, 2011

There is No Depression On Wall Street, Just on Main Street.

              If we really look around and see the sad reality of our economic state. Before the newsrooms blames it on the bad people behind on mortgages making our fault. It is not our doing that created this economic mess. This is a result of congress turning over their power to coin money and determine the value over to a Private central bank Ever since 1913, our nation has been in a choke hold to these bankers. Right now we are at the mercy of people we have no control over,we cannot elect them or remove them. They are the oligarchs of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank.

               When a few people control the wealth of the world who position themselves on the winning side even if the people live in run down shacks as a result. They erected Monopolies like Wal Mart that killed Main Street USA. They influenced Politicians to repeal the Glass Steagle Act of 1933 that kept a barrier between Commercial Banks and Investment Banks. When this law was repealed,they created a fraudulent financial instruments called derivatives.  These derivatives are a black hole of printed paper with no value the Mega Banks owe. A fraudulent debt that is not real. These Banks  want the government and taxpayers to pay the debt they do not owe. This is why the people of Spain and Greece are angry because the politicians who are paid for by the banks to make sure the taxpayers pay for their recklessness at the people expense and the Oligarchs will not take the loss.

              While I read about tent cities springing up nationwide and the criminality of foreclosures taking homes they do not own. It seems Wall Street is doing well at our expense,While Uncle Ben at the Federal Reserve prints money to help these big banks on Wall Street that we have to pay in inflation having less purchasing power in our earnings when we shop for food and fuel our cars. Wall Street is getting record bonuses while the American people are starving. People are out of work and living day to day while the Money junkies celebrate their ill gotten gains. So what is the President's solution to all this? Bail out Wall Street and raise taxes on us to pay for the money junkies reckless investments.

               We are looking at a two tier society of the super rich and the super poor with no middle class. While we struggle day to day just to feed our children. The Wall Street fat cats and the Bankers are really making out like bandits on the backs of us. What is different today is with the flow of information thanks to the internet bypassing the controlled media. They will not succeed in impoverishing us like they did other third world countries. I believe the party is over and the robber barons will be brought to justice. These ruling families that have controlled the wealth of Europe will be accountable in a court of law with the sell out politicians doing their bidding. Humanity will prevail and their New World Order will fail. When we lose everything so the bankers can gain. People will lose it saying finally like times of old when they went after an evil kings, polticans and the robber barons chanting,"off with there heads,off with their heads".



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  1. "These derivatives are a black hole of printed paper with no value the Mega Banks owe."

    Please explain, using your own examples (not google), what a "derivative" is. Since they are destroying the American economy, explain to me what they are.