Friday, August 19, 2011

Gov. Perry is Like a Chameleon Lizard Trying to Be Ron Paul

              For us to beat Rick Perry, we have to take away his momentum before it starts. I could careless if he is praying at Reliant Stadium to 30,000 ignorant Christians who do not read their Bible. The Texas Governor is the establishment's counterfeit conservative and phony patriot. How Ron Paul can beat Rick Perry in the GOP primaries is very simple. Ron Paul will do his best as long he just he is being himself staying on the message.

             Gov. Rick Perry is a chameleon lizard who will change his colors depending on the environment he is in now. Now the political climate is against the Federal Reserve Bank. He was calling the printing of money treacherous and treason. He will be a friend of Israel if he is front of a Jewish group changing his rhetoric. This illustration shows like a chameleon Lizard that will change to the colors like that branch on tree. It does not mean the creature is now the branch and never will be the branch because the lizard changed his colors; The Lizard is still a lizard who will blend in with the leaves next if the situation calls for it. A chameleon Lizard always changes color to blend in with the environment when threatened by a predator or to camouflage to catch their prey.

               In the case of Gov Rick Perry, he cannot talk the party line to gain the confidence of voters. He cannot run really on his record. The reason why Texas is doing better than most states is because Texans do make their own way and they do not wait for orders from Rick Perry. Texans are very independent minded and hard working is why we are doing better than most states. Rick Perry has nothing to do with it. He can only take credit creating government jobs and not private sector employment. He has endorsed the NAFTA super Highway and Gardasil shots for young girls. He has aided and abetted the Chinese in buying oil fields that belongs to the people of Texas and allowed a Chinese Telecom Company a foothold in Texas that has a reputation for its espionage activities. He has receive an award from Mexican President Vicente Fox for sanctuary cities ignoring the law. Nevertheless, giving instate tuition for illegal aliens too. Therefore, do not to forget that he was a Builderburger attendee in 2007.

                He cannot run on his record as governor because there is much to desire many Texans will point out. In the Election of 2006, he won reelection with less than 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race. The election of 2010 he won because we were choosing the lesser of two evils and former Mayor of Houston Bill White was not the change Texans wanted. Many voters were not too happy giving Slick Rick another term. Governor Rick Perry was lucky last time around. If Ron Paul ran for governor of Texas as many of us wanted to see happen. He would have won without trouble; as a result, Rick Perry would be out of a job.

                 Thanks to Ron Paul being consistent staying on his message, staying true to his principles is gaining momentum with the voters. He came in second place in the Iowa straw poll on the heels of Michelle Bachman and beat Gov Perry in a poll in his own state of Texas in a recent poll taken. So what is Rick Perry's strategy? That is talk like Ron Paul and try to steal the congressman's thunder by stealing the talking points. Just like a chameleon lizard that will blend in to sucker its prey into a trap. Slick Rick acted like a Christian at Reliant Stadium putting on his righteous garb to deceive the bible thumpers to acting like a patriot claiming to be a tea party politician. This man will change his colors as the situation fits the moment. He will be a cross dresser if he can get their votes if he can get away with it.

                 Just like a chameleon, Lizard will change their color to suit the environment. Therefore, will Rick Perry change his rhetoric to suit the situation to try to neutralize Ron Paul's message? The Texas Governor is still a globalist, a big government politician and still a pro establishment stooge. He is not a patriot, and not even close to being Ron Paul. The governor will mimic his message when the party line does not sell anymore. He will take on the message of his opponents claiming to be the real people's candidate not revealing his true nature.

                  Do not be fooled by Rick Perry trying to be Ron Paul. He will never be Ron Paul. He can only camouflage his message to fool the voters like a chameleon lizard changes color to blend in to the surroundings, but will never be the surrounding.  These reptiles will use this method to protect themselves from predators or catch their prey. Still they may be the color of a leaf still will never become a leaf. Rick Perry is still a globalist, just because he sounds like Ron Paul does not change anything. He is still the builderberger's chosen one.




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  1. Knock off the Yankee doo-Dooo " China company...reputation for its espionage activities" What should worry the Texasses is Israel Firsters. Ever wonder why Israel Companies can bid on any state and FED contracts and how many P'israel Corps (Carps) are operating-media tele com and Air line security. You Americans are doltz--your Enemy is VISABLE--the JUICE :^/