Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama's Lone Gunman Theory being the Next Terrorist Does Not Add Up.

                  Who are the terrorist? President Obama would try to have us believe it is the lone gunman who will commit the terrorist attack. They will be white or Caucasian wearing hooded jackets. There is no conclusive evidence to support such nonsense. Never mind the illegal aliens saying reconquista ,viva La Raza. ignore the Latino gangs who are so ruthless and last but not least the drug cartel who behead and murder people on our southern border. According the Homeland Security and President Obama, we do not have to worry about them. We have to worry about white Americans being the next Al Quada.

                   Right now the economy is near a catastrophic meltdown causing a further declining of the dollar. The American people are waking seeing past the puppets looking straight at Goldman Sachs and Israel as buying off our politicians pulling the strings behind the scenes. Homeland security issued reports calling people who support Ron Paul and who want to end the Federal Reserve Bank as potential terrorist. People who want the government back in the confines of the Constitution are considered a threat to national security. The government is getting desperate trying to distract and conceal what the money junkies are doing. They are running out of options because they have lost all credibility with the people.

                   Now we are approaching the 10th Anniversary of Sept 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers fell ,They are hyping the fear trying to get everyone scared saying if you see something ,say something looking for the crazy lone gunman who might be a patriot supporting Ron Paul. The truth is we have nothing to gain attacking people and shedding innocent blood. We will be no better than the US government if we did such a terrible act. The US government has everything to gain if they can pull off a attack and blame it on the real opposition who is gaining momentum everyday.

                    The US government will try to pull off a false flag attack to demonize patriots and try to restore his chance for reelection. They might use a crazy lone gunman theory as an excuse to go after the guns and to restore confidence with the people showing leadership. The white lone gunman does not add up if you see through the deception and lies. This is an act of desperate people trying to hold on to power.



  1. First of all, your writing here was the worst I've seen in a while. You were improving for a time, but this post puts you back to square one.

    Anyway, please explain why the next terrorist could NOT be a white guy? Why are the odds of it being a white guy any less than any other race?

    Whites live under the same government as any other race. Why are they less likely to take direct action against it?

    You stated there is no conclusive evidence to support the next attack being from someone white. What evidence do you have that it WON'T be?

  2. Great work ! Keep up the writing

  3. Rooty grow up. Not everybne has or wants a college education to communicate. You probably went to school on the gov. dime. If u dont like the writing stay off of the site.

  4. Rooty is a tosser. just ignore him - his dog probably does

  5. 1st thing, starting off with an insult reeks of typical israeli technique, Rooty.
    WE do know that the SPLC ran the 'terrorist' camp at Elohim City... you know, more white guys.
    I sure hate israeli spooks.

  6. Yeah Rooty, you twit. Realman 2020 delivers info and focus on the real issues of the day that imperil the American way of life that has gathered the most talented minds and productive workers from all over the world to historically be the cutting edge of intellectual and productive endeavor. Realman2020 skips the anal-retentive department, and I thank him for it. Realman2020 can not be blamed for outsourcing to slave labor populations and traitorous government leaders who don't know what tariffs are. Nor can Realman2020 be blamed for the world's population not obsessed with the crush you still have on your 80 year old English teacher in junior high school. He sure must have taught you how to hold his pencil correctly. Every leader destroying America is a good speller. Do something to bother them. Maybe get yourself another nickname, like 'Newt', or 'Dubya' or 'turd-blossom'. 3 totally useless destroyers who can spell.

    I wanted to add to my information about lobotomies, so I did a yahoo! and google search on 'lobotomies', and many results of this procedure on patients has lead to results strikingly comparable to the shortcomings and unreasonable and intolerable aspects of B.O.'s behavior.

    The veil of illusion thrown up to conceal attacks against the cooperative successes of America are becomming easier to see through, thanks to the instantaneous cooperation of the internet data base and community. People like Realman2020. Now, if we could just get America to be more courteous towards their fellow citizens and foreigners and spend more time in study of other cultures and American voters' own welfare and status with their own government. And how to vote for universal benefit and virtues, instead of voting because of the candidates' looks or political party, like 70% of the voters do.

  7. "Every leader destroying America is a good speller."

    Imagine if we had men in power, looking to save America, not destroy it. AND were able to speak and write persuasively.

    How many spelling errors, how many horrible grammar gaffes, do you hear from Ron Paul? Why does Paul take the time to speak well, and write well? Why does Paul value education? He is a doctor after all.

    Paul may not be the slickest candidate, but he at least gets basic grammar down right. But why does Paul bother? If it doesn't matter how you say it, only what you mean, why does Paul take the time to say it well?

  8. White guys did 911.

  9. This post tell a lot about obama, really its good information... I like it...thanks..

  10. Yupp...It's already being planned!
    Oklahoma Ex-Marine Sparks Nationwide Manhunt


    An ex-marine and Oklahoma militia man sparks a nationwide manhunt. Law enforcement leaders say they're afraid he is heavily armed and will do something drastic.
    Webmaster's Commentary:

    This guy as "Manufactured US Government patsy" written all over him.

  11. STAY on topic like a LAZER GUIDED GEORGE BUSH!


    "White guys did 911"
    YES and we should be bombing the perps that did it!

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  15. The lone gunman theory is the nickname given to the controversial conclusion reached by the Warren Commission that U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a single gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald who fired only three shots, one of which being the single bullet that wounded both Kennedy and Governor John Connally.

  16. Lone Gunmen was the short spin-off series starring those scene-stealing conspiracy theorists from The X-Files. To recap, the buttons below Byers (the bearded, relatively normal-looking one, played by Bruce Harwood), Frohike "man of action" (which was short for Hots Scully, played by Tom Braidwood), and a master of hacker Langly (who has long blond hair, played by Dean Haglund).