Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Secession and Desertion: One Spawns The Other

by Russell D. Longcore

I’ve read some great articles lately about secession. William Buppert, Gary Barnett and Tim Case have posted thoughtful articles at LewRockwell.com and DumpDC.com . They speak of the military and law enforcement obedience of Federal orders to detain, imprison and even fight secessionists.

But there may be a dynamic built into this scenario that will benefit the secessionists and hasten the collapse of the Federal Government in "Mordor on the Potomac"…or more commonly referred to as Washington, DC.

Please turn your minds back to August 29, 2005. That is the date that Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast at Mississippi and Louisiana. Try to remember the stories and video that were coming out of New Orleans. We saw the complete breakdown of society in a major Southern city. Within only hours, cameras in helicopters recorded widespread looting and theft. Police, hopelessly outnumbered in many situations, could only stand by and watch. Some cops looted buildings themselves. Some murdered citizens and tried to cover it up.

But why were police outnumbered?

Simple. Many of the officers had families that needed care and protection. The officers took care of their own emergencies before giving attention to others.

In February 2011, Atlanta experienced a snowstorm that closed the city for three days. As a result of that snowstorm, about half of the police officers in the Atlanta Police Department did not show up for work. They stayed at home to care for their families.

Don't think an economic meltdown or collapse of the dollar won't cause the same outcome.

In the wake of a secession, The Federal government will likely assert its authority with law enforcement and military personnel. But that assertion of authority will have many more complications than New Orleans had.

1. Local law enforcement are usually pretty prickly folks. They don’t like to be told what to do by those outside their normal chain of command. So there is an automatic resistance ingrained in local law enforcement personnel, from upper management to the street cops. And Sheriff's Departments REALLY don't like to have others order them around.

2. State National Guard units are comprised of the citizen-soldiers of the state that seceded. Their Commander-in-Chief is the Governor, not the President. If the Governor and President issue orders that conflict with one another, I suspect the National Guard personnel will obey the Governor.

3. US military troops will come from all 50 states. But there is a groundswell organization operating right now called “Oath Keepers” that are calling military personnel and law enforcement officers to be true to their oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution. As time goes on, this organization will have more and more influence with active duty and retired military personnel.

4. Massive Desertions. Just like in New Orleans, law enforcement personnel, National Guard troops and US military personnel will likely massively desert their posts to take care of their own families.

5. Unit cohesion. It will be increasingly difficult for military personnel to maintain military order and unit cohesion in the face of mass desertions.

6. Obeying a direct order to fire on fellow Americans has not been seen since the 1860s. So, this dynamic is a wild card. How many law enforcement and military personnel will obey such an order?

Unfortunately, you may see the Federal Government rely heavily on “security contractors” like Blackwater as shock troops. But many of the same challenges may apply to American mercenaries.

And remember what happened when the USSR dissolved. The mighty Red Army did NOTHING to prevent the dissolution and secession. And the Washington government is in FAR WORSE SHAPE financially than the USSR ever was.

In conclusion, I feel that the balance of power tilts in favor of the state that secedes, and against the tyranny imposed by Washington. The first successful secession will open the floodgates of freedom, and I firmly believe that many states will follow the first state into sovereign nationhood.

Secession is the last hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


  1. secede and do what????....how about we stay together as "one nation under God"??!!!!...and throw out the crooks, instead of the baby with the bathwater....and I live in Arizona, and see the border problems, but secession is a ridiculous and foolish and counter-productive pipedream!....use all this energy for something positive!

  2. Secession is more likely the last great hope for the corporate Bantustanisation of the USA as the country is chopped up into manageable populations to be exploited by Big Capital with third-world wages and decaying third-world infrastructures and services ruled over by bought and paid for politicians.

    The same monied interests that control the national government will find it easier to suck the life out of individual states.

    What about the wars? Will Texas secede from the Iraq war or will it send it's own army to control the oil-rich region? Where will the money come from for that war?

  3. and do what? How about living locally, forgetting about nation states and global economies? How about growing our own food and taking care of our neighbors? How about paying "taxes" to no one but friends and neighbors to do things we all know need doing? How about BEING FREE? Nation states were always a scam anyway.

  4. @ "secede and do what????....how about we stay together as "one nation under God"??!!!!"

    Yeah... because it's worked so well so far.

  5. I beg to differ on your take about Blackwater/Xe type mercs. These animals would take glee in mowing people down. After all, that is their job and they get paid handsomely to do it. They would probably fill their ranks with foreign employees anyways. So as to avoid any conflicts of interest.

  6. One thing to consider since we are talking about a failing economy and a collapsing dollar... If you aren't being paid, why would you fight for the US Government? I can understand a week, maybe two of not getting a paycheck, but military personnel often are paycheck to paycheck families. No paycheck? How long would you serve a master who does not pay you? If the dollar is worthless, if the Euro is worthless, how many troops are going to hang around? It would be hard to see the average citizen you are pointing your gun at as the cause of an economic meltdown. In Iraq and Afghanistan, propaganda kept the troops hating "rag heads" and "islamo-whatevers" and "terrorists" so they could pull their triggers with a clean conscience but even that has worn off after ten years. What rage and hate is going to keep an unpaid soldier in uniform, and obeying orders to shoot American civilians?

  7. Secede and do what. Raid your neighbors when you miss what you used to get.