Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Government Only Deals With Staged Crisis To Enslave Us,Not to Help Us.Useless Dealing with a Real Crisis

                I have concluded that the US Government can only control what it creates. Anything out of their hands they have no will to remedy. Let us just face it. We have crisis junkies in our government. They cannot govern without some type of urgency fabricated to justify holding onto power. However, once a real event happens when people really need help, incompetence kicks in and tractor-trailers loads of ice can be in route to Alaska to help the people deal with a snowstorm. I have to question if the United Kingdom creating these riots are being the excuse to clamp down harder on the law-abiding population to justify a harsher police state. The Police have no interest in protecting the innocent people, only to oppress them. The people of the UK have to conclude the government is the problem and not the solution. Never surrender security for safety because you will get neither.


                I can point out two crises where the government failed to deal with a real crisis and dealt with it in the most egregious way. I mean going after the wrong people and not those responsible for the disorder. Than you know, our government has no interest or will to protect the law abiding, only oppress only to allow criminals to run wild. First is with the LA riots in 1992. I can remember when Korean storeowners locked and loaded with Uzis machine guns on the roof of their shops protecting their property. I heard the news reports of these Koreans with their rifles ready to protect their business were more the villain instead of the rioters wreaking havoc. Did the government thank these Koreans for keeping the thugs away from looting their stores? No, they were under arrest for protecting their property. The government did more to exacerbate the mayhem than use common sense to end the riots.


                The second crisis is New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina aftermath when most of the city was flooded from the levees failing. There was looting and rioting in the streets again. How did the government respond o this crisis was going to all the high and dry wealthy areas who had food and water stocked up. They took all their firearms were the people become defenseless from the criminal element roaming the city. The outrage of seeing grandma body slammed by a thug officer because she had a revolver in her hands really shows the hostility our government has toward the law-abiding people. You see the government has no interest in dealing with a real crisis with common sense solutions. FEMA made matters worse turning back relief trucks with food and provisions. FEMA was cutting communication lines the county sheriff uses. This is why I do not trust the government to save the day. The government wants out of control crisis to pose as the savior when they are the cause of the breakdown in law and order when it was all unnecessary.


               We will see rioting in many cities when hyperinflation and economic austerity has its full effect in America. This was a creation by design by the money junkies and their willing puppets in government. Do not give up your guns or go to their FEMA camps. The government is not here to help us. They want to enslave us using a staged crisis as an excuse for a police state crackdown. They only deal with crisis they create so they can implement their draconian solution that is a boot on our face. If there is a riot, that poses a threat and the police will not intervene. We will deal with it. If there is any crisis in front of us that is a challenge to us no matter how big it is. Let us take care of it ourselves. It is time we tell the government we do not need them anymore and they can take their FEMA help and shove it. As long we show we do not need governments help, deal with what is in front of us to solve any crisis that comes our way. This will prove government is useless and does not care about its people. We are far better capable with dealing with any crisis better than the government. We just need to use our heads, once we return to self-reliance and rugged individualism. Then we return to what makes America great when we find out we do not need Washington's help.

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