Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Blame us the Tea Party for For Downgrade. Blame the Bankers for our Demise.

             Just to refresh every one's memory. President Andrew Jackson called the bankers of his day” You’re a den of thieves and vipers, by the grace of God I will rout you out!" Then later FDR said” nothing in politics happens by mistake, if it happens in politics, it was planned that way." The bankers planned the debt downgrade. The tea party is being the scapegoat for the demise of the nation's credit rating. The tea party got nothing out of this debt deal and the president got what he wanted out of this agreement. The President needs villain to blame for the failure in policies he implemented.

             President Obama is in trouble for his borrowing and spending trillions of dollars to pay for his government programs. We better seek and find out who is part of the council on foreign relations, the trilateral commission, and all who attended Builderberg. They all need to be under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud, aiding and abetting ,also treason. Credible economist all on record has predicted what has been happening now was foreseen many years before if the US government does not get its fiscal house in order. The downgrade is not the fault of a grassroots movement trying to reverse course of this nation before we go over a cliff. This economic demise is all by design to consolidate power centralized into a few hands.

            This is classic Hitler and Stalin tactics having a scapegoat for the failed polices they implement. They want a Police state in place with a disarmed public. The reason so the people in power never face justice for looting the nation. The truth is that I do not think they will be able to take us down. We are not Europeans, We are not Asians .We have a push back culture when push comes to shove. President Obama is a puppet taking orders by his masters on Wall Street. They are responsible for all the misery. Not the tea party and should never be responsible for the S&P downgrade.

            The reason why the talking heads came out Sunday morning blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade is that they stand in the way of a financial takeover and overthrow of the United States, as we know it. The core group of the Tea party that identifies the Federal Reserve and Wall Street as the cause of the economic downturn that has been starting in 2007, that is the truth. The truth is this will not work anymore because the people have demanded stop the spending and borrowing. Do not blame the Tea Party. Blame the parasites in government, the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street. This is the time to be stubborn and say no. We must put the blame were it belongs. The money junkies are the real culprits and need to be in jail.


  1. The Koch backed baggers better start demanding an
    end to the illegal wars and a dismantling of the war profiteering mega corporations. Until they acknowledge the fact they have been co-opted by
    anti-job pro-profit fat cats that control the country, their rants remain ignorant and hollow.
    Without jobs there can be no recovery. Their efforts are being directed against their own best interests. Read 'What's the Matter With Kansas' or Repub Kevin Phillips' 'American Theocracy'for an explanation of how the right wing has used and abused the trust of the people for power, profit, and the destruction of the economy. Tax cuts were supposed to create jobs, Obomba gave in to the rethugs/TP on
    tax cuts, so where are the jobs? Big Biz is sitting on trillions in cash, where is the innovation and job creation they promised if we
    let them globalize, not pay taxes, and not be
    regulated, all repub ideas, no? So what's it gonna be, baggers, jobs or toeing the GOP line?
    I still want to see where the democrat baggers are, everyone I see in state and federal govt were and are repub at heart. So show me where my arguments are wrong, baggers, why are you
    against your best interests?

  2. But some of our fake American congress persons seem to think we have money for this..

    "Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her Republican counterpart Ileana Ros-Lehtinen urge federal funding for Holocaust survivors in the US."

  3. It is quite apparent the Re-thug's only goal is to defeat Obama next year. The President is "cave-city", not showing a backbone and pointing fingers! The Tea Party has been corrupted by the Koch bro$., Bachman and Cantor. All of these "leaders" should be focusing on one thing only - JOBS! Jobs that pay a living wage! Reagan's "trickle-down" tax breaks do not work- didn't in the 80's and Bush's tax breaks do not now! Close the loopholes, tax the corps that send our jobs overseas, Offer breaks to corps that create jobs here! I am embarrassed and ashamed of my government! Send them all packing!!

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  5. You can stuff that Bagger crap right up you're jackzy buddy!

    Obama is an empty shirt, just hoping to survive his first and last term in office.

    You voted for him you take responsibility for his criminal actions I won't! If by any chance he manages to steal the election, like Bush did. This country is doomed!

    Screw the TeaParty aswell.

    I am voting for Ron Paul. That's it end of story!

  6. Realman, while I normally read your posts and am on your side with regard to your lack of spellcheck and grammercheck, in that a lot of what you post makes fundamental sense. But on this matter, you are wrong, see this article: 'Wisconsin tea partiers cheer downgrade' complete with video of the cheering duped rubes.

    My original post stands, the baggers have been
    had. Just the way the rethugs did it to the heartland, as laid out in the book 'What's the matter with Kansas'. Red staters have consistently voted against their own best interests for over 20 years. See also repub strategist Kevin Phillips' 'American Theocracy'
    to learn how the right wing hijacked religious
    fundamentalists to fuel their rise to power all the while reviling them and calling them useful idiots!! Illuminating stuff. Don't forget you can trust nothing you get from the highly controlled corp media, run by the Pentagon's
    Psy-Ops division. Congressional testimony revealed that over 150 CIA assets are placed in media as 'experts' to guide the discourse, while further testimony revealed that Psy-Ops were indeed being used against the American populace starting heavily under Bush's WOT. Do
    a search for these incidents, C-Span clips are
    allover the net, showing them admitting it to your face. robotkilr out!!

  7. The Tea-Party is nothing more than an amok mob meting our the prejudices. The Tea Party is a threat to freedom and democracy.

  8. Ya Agnes you are saying right.I am agree with you.

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  10. The Tea Party movement (TPM) is an American populist[1][2][3] political movement that is generally recognized as conservative and libertarian,[4] and has sponsored protests and supported political candidates since 2009.[5][6][7] It endorses reduced government spending,[8][9] opposition to taxation in varying degrees,[9] reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit,[8] and adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.[1