Monday, August 1, 2011

Resident Harassed by City Because Ron Paul 2012 Sign in Yard.

Freedom of Speech is hanging by a thread nationwide. The Department of Homeland Security are sending out reports to all police, going all the back to the 1990s with project Megiddo released by the FBI. Being free is a criminal act that could make anyone a terrorist according to the President of the United States. President Barrack Obama is not very popular these days with the economy and loss of freedom. In a released Homeland Security Report, people who support Congressman Ron Paul of Former US Representative Bob Barr are now potential terrorist because of their libertarian views outside the big government phony conservative opinion. They see the movement started as a threat to the power structure.


We see the arrogance of small city government using workers as the political arm using either the code enforcement or police officers to impose their will on the people. We see this in Quartzite Arizona and Gould Arkansas as an exhample of government run amok. They do not pay attention to the laws or the constitution anymore. We read reports of code enforcement officers telling people to remove flags or posters of their children serving in deployments overseas from their land.


Now a homeowner in New Jersey has an order by the city to remove a Ron Paul 2012 sign from his yard. This is not public property, this is private property, To see a bunch of code enforcement officers and a city council trying to fix things that are not broken are infringing upon the rights to free speech. Just to look needed, they will screw up anything to look important. I see this goes far beyond that. I believe this is motivated by politics. In many municipalities, many in the city council and mayor positions are non-partisan on the ballot in the election process. Many have an affiliation with a political party whether it is Republican or Democrat. Could they be following orders from the establishment leadership to discourage Ron Paul supporters to maintain the status quo?


The truth is liberty is being attacked or criminalized. Homeowners who are supporters of Ron Paul during the 2008 election were harassed for the same thing. Now if we have bumper stickers and banners. We might be potential terrorist for choosing a candidate the establishment sees as a threat to their power. Under the homeland security reports ,if they really want to make a case. The entire 14th district in Texas that is Ron Paul's area he represents are now under suspicion. This is where I live in too. From Victoria Texas all the way to Galveston which is his district. Can the people now be under consideration as potential terrorist under Homeland security’s designation because they sent Ron Paul back to congress?


We should not be intimidated by code enforcers and police officers telling us to remove our Ron Paul sign from our yards because of a city ordinance that exempts other forms of political speech and singles out another. We will lose our rights ,if we give in. By inaction, they will win.That is if we allow it. The constitution is still exist today .it is still the law of the land and not rules or regulations passed by a committee of monkeys can circumvent our freedoms. We cannot allow anymore of our God given rights to be abrogated by petty tyrants or we will lose.


  1. "project meggito"


    You aren't even trying, are you? You just type whatever you think, stream of consciousness, never bothering to even look at what you wrote before you hit that submit button.

    Project Megiddo. Megiddo. As in Armageddon. As in basic Christianity. Basic, BASIC Christianity.

    Yet again, Realman2020 shows his staggering intellectual laziness.

  2. True, someday his lack of attention to detail may cost lives. Very poor writing, spelling, proofreading.

  3. Well I will say .What I write I back up. Cost lives? People like you rooty are so arrogant you think the people not of your intellect do not have to the right to speak. Well no matter what my level my education is. I will not shut up and could careless. I can get a lady I bet you can't and still playing with yourself dreaming Spelling proof reading my ass typical pentagon and George Soros troll attack the messenger and not the message. You two are so pathetic

  4. its going to be a bloody revolution

  5. This is just what I needed to hear to take action and get my Ron Paul sign in my yard as soon as possible. Despite spelling errors, your message comes across loud and clear. Keep up the good work.
    For Liberty,

    Mark (fellow Texan and Ron Paul supporter)

  6. Bla bla bla.... What Revolution?? I'll believe it when I see it. The same old story. It is unbelievable to see Americans fighting and insulting each others about spelling, proofreading and so on. When the fights and insults should be directed to your own govt. The land of the brave and free has become a joke. Time for Americans to learn to build things instead for destroying things. Remember this Americans "Charity starts in your own backyard!" The world community will always be willing to give you a helping hand. 9/11 was a reminder that we need to stand together and fight corruptionssssssssssssss.

  7. I don't care about the spelling errors. I care about the content. I agree with the blogger. You have to defend yourself!

    P.S. If realman2020 wants to, he can always do a spell check in Word prior to a post, or just get someone close by to check the spelling for him. But, the truth is, the last thing we need is disunity. Arguing over trivial things like spelling will not get the job done.

  8. Realman2020: "People like you rooty are so arrogant you think the people not of your intellect do not have to the right to speak."

    While I'm glad you realize you are not of my intellect, I actually do think you have the right to speak. But with that right to speak comes the responsibility to speak well. I proofread my work. I spellcheck. I verify facts. I re-read before posting. Why can't you?

    Realman2020: "I will not shut up and could careless."

    Careless? Care less? They don't mean the same thing, but hey, why bother to improve, right? America is turning into a "good enough" society, and your writing is "good enough", right?

    Realman2020: "I can get a lady I bet you can't and still playing with yourself dreaming"

    What exactly does my skill or supposed lack thereof at meeting women have to do with YOUR inability to write a coherent sentence?

    Realman2020: "Spelling proof reading my ass typical pentagon and George Soros troll attack the messenger and not the message."

    You mean like if I were to say, 'I can get a lady I bet you can't'. THAT sort of troll attack?

    It's like you're a 12 year old. Throwing a tantrum whenever someone tries to correct him.

    Where you molested by an English teacher or something? What exactly do you have against this language?

  9. Exactly who gave the order for the NJ homeowner to remove the political sign? Can the homeowner sue?
    And if he doesn’t win then no one has read the Constitution. He should win because regardless of what the judge instructs the jury, they can still use “Jury Nullification” and ignore the judge, the police, and even the government. We cannot be deigned justice if given the chance to be judged by a jury of our peers. They can always vote in favor of the Constitution and in favor of “we the people.” This is how Prohibition was overturned. About 91% of “crimes” involving manufacturing or consumption of
    alcohol received verdicts of “not guilty” by the juries thereby rendering the efforts of police and government useless. However, today judges do there best to conceal the rights of jurors. Half of the two million people in prison didn’t hurt anyone. But the ignorant public is forever eager to get a nod of approval from the judge.
    We have lost countless freedoms including the right to bear arms and the right not to pay income tax. Yes,
    unless you are doing business involving foreign trade than income tax is illegal. You got compensation for your work and you did not make a “profit” therefore there is no income tax. Long story short, the public is basically getting what they deserve.

  10. When I read writing on such a low level, I think the NWO is right to want to cull the herd.

  11. Ignore the harassing asses stuck on spelling.
    In 2008 I had a Ron Paul sticker on the fender of my beautiful motorcycle. Some asshole scratched it up along with the paint under the sticker.
    ~ Will Davis Johnstown PA.

  12. A stark example of the insanity that reigns in America today:

    Mrs. Feinstein, referring to the tortuous legislative process, said: “Sausage making is not pretty. But the sausage we have, I think, is a very different sausage from when we started.”

    People suck this up, reach for another cheap beer and flick the channel to American Idol. Feinstein is going to get a sausage alright, 10 feet long and 6" in diameter put where the sun don't shine and labeled "The People of The United States of America."

    Get out while you still can, fools. We will help you. There is no cost. The gig is up. Save yourselves to fight another day.

    Robert S. Finnegan, USMC (1976-1984)
    The Free Peoples Of The United States In Exile
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  13. "In the age of lies, even the clumsiest frankness is preferable to the best-orchestrated ruse." - Albert Camus

  14. "Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army." -Edward Everett

  15. Realman2020 writes and I can't argue with what he means. I don't like strangers trying to comb my hair so I don't let them. I look at the neat kempt sons of bitches around me who wallow in the blood of innocent civilians who are sacrificed to provide them with a materialistically comfortable life and I think, "What a mess." Realman2020 expresses from the heart. His English teacher probably grossed him out. Like Rooty grosses me out.
    Justice first, then good spelling.

  16. More bla bla blas about spelling.. Hey Rooty why don't you check out my grammar now because it looks to me that's all you care about. Have you read the above article? Do you have any comments other than proofreading, spelling check? Have you ever heard "It is better to try and fail than not trying"? Life is made of imperfections, and sometimes you need to learn to let things go. As for No Ron Paul sign Harassment in NJ is quite more disturbing than complaining about about someones spelling. Wouldn't you agree?

  17. I never read comments (but today's blog post 2 August '11) kinda got me curious.

    What strikes me foremost is that

    "folk", "intellectuals", "trolls" alike
    all can get their knickers in a twist over language but to get those same panties in a bundle from the theatrics of Congress, the "president" and the "Fed" (ie: counterfeiting company) might have to be either an act of Dog (sic) or Congress....shoot, I slay myself, that was funny...

    What would it take?

    I'm just saying.