Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Even the Illiterate Have a Right to Speak up for Liberty.

I am getting sick and tired of some people who think of themselves so intellectually superior, to the point they believe no one has a right to speak and write their thoughts. I see these attacks in the blogs telling writers they should give up speaking their minds because they do not master the English language as good as they do. Now we see these intellectual scrooges tell people because their grammar is not good enough, they cannot spell. Therefore, they have no right to speak up to share their thoughts with others. It should be left to these grammar Nazis to spread the word of Freedom. That is like me entrusting Rep. John Boehner to speak for me because he is higher up the social ladder and I am a common person who does not know any better,even though I know better what is best for me.

This is not the time to be condescending because a person may have greater writing skills than most people may have. I accept there are people far more skilled in writing than me any day. To the people who do have great writing skills, this is not the time to insult a person’s style of writing. People are individuals that says no one is the same. They may not write with college level English, many times good writing only skills stand in the way of a person's individual personality. Many people talk in a language that reflects street smart and not so much book smarts. That is the language and talk of most people who live in the real world.

When the founders written the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The right to freedom of speech is for everyone, to redress government of grievances and assembly. This right was not reserved for an aristocratic class only and the lowly peasants were shut out debating the thoughts they hold in their minds ,the right to freedom of speech is for the common person not reserved for a select few. When we discourage people from speaking their minds on the Internet through the blogs. We tend act like the aristocratic class thinking this right is reserved for a certain few because the common person does not have the superior skills in language to articulate him or herself on the issues of the day.

To the people so eager to pick apart the manner in the way people writes and blogs. It shows arrogance and condescending attitude attacking other's flaws and never looking at thier own. People have a right to speak no matter how bad the public schools taught them how to write. The truth is at least they are thinking and observing what is happening. Just because many people do not have to high education as others may posses. It does not mean they should stay silent. I just cannot stand anymore seeing this so called people trying to create an intellectual aristocratic class within the movement to discourage others from writing because they placed the comma in the wrong place, The blogging should be left to them because people less than have poor grammar are not to these patriot elitist standards is hog wash.

The truth is no one should not be discouraged for speaking their in mind verbally or in the blogs because their level of education. They all have the right to speak freely. I rather read a page of an illiterate that tells the truth than a newspaper full of lies. I am not saying we should dumb down our standards. We should try to do our best in our way we articulate our words in order to make sense. I will not apologize to those who think of themselves superior because they think they are better than the other uneducated peasants are. Well I dated a high school teacher. I wrote a very beautiful love letter to her. It was not a perfect letter at all; it was just straight to the point from my heart. To her that all that mattered to her. She can find no reason to break out the red pen.Still good friends with her today,She still holds me in high regard being straight forward with her. To you overly critical people, can put you intellectual arrogance aside too and realize when it comes from the heart? Sometimes the rules of grammar just stand in the way.








  1. Yup. That way it is easier to remember what I said.

  2. Good post.

    As a perpetual entrepreneur in my life I have had opportunity to put a lot of people to work. What I have found is the more highly educated the worker (in the certifiable sense), the less valuable they are -for the longer period of time it takes to properly train them.

    The truth being in most instances, if someone does not show positive signs of accomplishing their assigned task in under a month, then they never will accomplish the task.

    Reality is infinitely complex is a fundamental truth, no doubt the most fundamental of all truths we can know.

    So even those who come to a new problem entirely unversed in the complexities of possible solutions, might stab in the dark and make the truth scream aloud.

    Seeing this latest vote on raising the debt ceiling, I would not be entirely pre-dispositioned-against giving a blind man a shotgun loaded to the hilt with buckshot in the gallery of either house of our Congress right now -and letting him have at it -to see what sort of righteous justice he could inflict with it.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Those rotten bastards.

    I hope all the nations illiterate vigilantes have it in their mind to Super-Congress those lying-snakes right into an early retirement, if not an early grave.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  3. you just keep doing what you are doing, I would not worry about the trolls, when the shtf. they will be arguing, instead of acting , asking why ,instead of how, and caught in the headlights, so , my final response to them is ''whatever''and good luck..you can argue the grammar, and punctuation in your black fema box.LMAO....the so called learned people of this nation , with their educations and degrees, are the ones that sold their souls a long time ago..the common man will have his place again , the producers, the craftsmen,the builders, the artists..

  4. Having read some poster(s) comments regarding your writing style, grammar etc. I recognise your motivation in writing this particular post.

    You really don't have to defend yourself against these posters you know and should not question your own self esteem, or worry about others who may not be accomplished 'writers'(whatever 'accomplished writer' actually means).

    It's ironic but the truth is; it is actually the poster(s) who insult and ridicule your efforts who suffer from low self esteem.

    Discouragement of others is a very common emotion of those with low self esteem; those suffering from this affliction also have an unusually high expectation of others; along with absolutely nonexistant goals for themselves.

    Those with low self esteem won't attempt to do as you are doing (informing people and using an active mind to write down your thoughts and feelings) as to attempt to do so, brings the fear of doing something that will confirm their own inadequacy.

    They also have a fear that others will see what they have done; and also recognize their inadequacy.

    Instead they obtain succor and comfort by belittling those who have enough self esteem, energy and imagination to try.

    Keep writing if you enjoy it and feel you have something to say; it's how it makes you feel that is important; not what spiteful, unhappy little people think.

    It's also what you have to say that matters. not how you say it:)

  5. Could it simply be a case of mistaken identity?

    I read a post from you recently and I did have to re-read and then re-read to try and figure out what you meant.

    The blog is a tall soap box.

    My first instinct was to simply offer an editing service, I like being constructive. I enjoy helping. Most likely these (sins of the Grammar Dogs-sic) were merely typos, holding the function key rather than shift (or Dog forbid...both) in error and erasing a crucial phrase or some other such nonsense.

    You took a heapin' helpin' of offense from, what I believe were just trolls to begin with.

    Waiting to strike you in your jugular of truth, hope and direction.

    Keep up with your wake up calls!

    My offer does stand regardless.

  6. Well since this is ostensibly about me, I’ll respond.

    To begin with, I agree with Realman2020, about 95% of the time. There are very few issues we disagree on. But what I can’t agree on, what I will simply, never, ever, agree on, is that a fumbling, ill worded, poorly conceived thought is just as good as one clearly thought out and presented. I can’t move on this.

    I’ve recently been watching a documentary on our Founding Fathers. Inspiring stuff. Really great men, in many senses of the word. Giants.

    Did any of them write like Realman2020 does? Did any of them write whatever they thought, without proofreading, without checking for spelling, without re-reading for clarity?

    Name on document, written by those men, that would be improved by adding spelling errors.

    “Now is the time for. Allgood men to come to theyre aid of the country.”

    Does that inspire you? Does that move you? Does that make you want to rise up and do something?

    Or are you so slowed down by trying to parse that terrible grammar that it loses all meaning?

    So why did these great men write well? Why did they even both to write well? “It doesn’t matter how you say it”. Wrong. It matters. It matters a lot. And that is why these men didn’t just write great works, they read them. They emulated them. They LOVED intelligence. They LOVED erudition. To them, a gentleman could fight a battle, and compose an elegy for his fallen comrades. These are men who knew that we must lift each other up, not excuse those who are down.

    All we have are their words. We know them by their words. Their ideas yes, but those ideas as conveyed by their words.

    What do your words say about you?

  7. Sometimes what may seems bad is striving for better, Shakespeare wrote in a brand new way, not at all accepted as proper in his day, no doubt, by some. I agree words and their structure are important but we are not all going to be on the same level, the real genius in us is ever moving language to higher forms and function. So the pedants, for all their value, can sometimes equate difficult with wrong where the wrongness is relative. So relative to textbook wrong relative to gods higher ordering, correct perhaps even when the stuff will never be taken up. If people are trying to write their feelings about important stuff then that is of the primary importance, not knocking them for questionable grammer. Things are way too serious for too much sidetracking. Some of the people who spell and punctuate really untidely are actually cleverer than those with the narrow formulaic ideas, (quid pro quo there.)

  8. re: " But what I can’t agree on, what I will simply, never, ever, agree on, is that a fumbling, ill worded, poorly conceived thought is just as good as one clearly thought out and presented."

    I don't normally read the comments here, so not sure what the fuss is about. Also, I admittedly tend to be a bit of a "spelling nazi" myself. That out of the way..

    1.) I agree up to the point where someone clearly isn't making much(if any) effort when typing and 2.) being good with words can often mean nothing more than a person being manipulative in general(especially applies to judaics and those who fawn over them). Regarding effort, you can't see who's on the other side of your monitor, whether they're dyslexic or something or just not wired for writing(much like some of us aren't really wired for math) - effort outweighs perfection I'd think.

    Good spelling and grammar isn't the be all end all, solid line that can't be moved on, which you're making it out to be.

    Also, I think it's important to take setting into consideration as well. Of course errors on our country's founding documents would reflect poorly on the founding fathers. It reflects poorly(and irks me to no end) seeing it so consistently in so-called mainstream media outlets like reuters etc; it shows not only a poor author who doesn't put time and effort into their work(I won't call them "journalists" because for the most part they aren't), but lack of any chain of command and oversight on the whole "news" organization, where big bucks are floating around and people are writing/whatever for a living, presumably all with a college education. Imagine how much time and effort went into the Constitution!

    Blog posts or comments on news websites however? In comparison they tend to be more informal(depending on the blog of course), so not worth sweating as much.

  9. Anon said: "Good spelling and grammar isn't the be all end all, solid line that can't be moved on, which you're making it out to be."

    Name me any circumstance in which the following statements makes sense.

    "because they do not master the English language as good as they do."

    "because their grammar is not good enough, they cannot spell."

    "People are individuals that says no one is the same."

    "When the founders written the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights."

    These gems are from this very page. My issues with Realman2020's writing is not a nitpick. I am not faulting him for failing to write at a college graduate level.

    I'm faulting him for failing to write at a grade school graduate level.

    If I were to give this to a 4th grade English teacher, she would flunk that student. She would bury that paper in red ink. She would shake her head and cry, wondering where she went wrong.

    Realman2020 writes like a child. Except that children write better than this.

    But what really gets me is, why does everyone excuse it? Why does everyone give this guy a pass? What is so wrong with holding people to a simple, basic standard?

  10. @Rooty: Like I said I don't normally follow the comments, it was more in response to the original post.

    I'd say the quoted statements makes sense if GW is an avid reader, but that's the only circumstance I can come up with. :-D (in seriousness though, I'd say it falls under lack of effort and I'd write it off as such)

  11. Hey realman, I agree with your politics 99.9% of the time. I'd be happy as a clam if you:

    1. Show me a link to somebody, anybody, saying that you have no right to voice your opinion without good grammar, spelling, and usage, however difficult for some people to read that may be. Just one that says "people who write as bad as you shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion". Just one link to one place or comment.

    2. Four terrorist, three dentist, two anarchist are all just incorrect. Incorrect in all English everywhere, and sadly so, as it's so easy to fix. The solution is easy, just put an "S" on the end. Nobody will think you like a bit of cock if you do that. It doesn't make you a left-wing east-coast Soros-worshipping sissy to do that. Not at all! Just makes you easier to understand. It shows that you have respect for what you're saying, and that respect is contagious to your readers!

    3. Just try to put your sentences together a bit better, writing like you talk is plenty good enough! Problem is, some of us (apparently more people than just me) read your sentences sometimes and can't make them make sense without doing work translating them. i.e. If you spoke the sentence to someone, they wouldn't understand. You're writing like you don't respect your own ideas, nor the reader, nor the language, and that's just not true! You do respect your ideas, and so should everyone else! This is shooting yourself in the foot. First rule, assume your audience is lazy! You're trying to force people to read no matter how you write. That's not what writing is. The easier you are to read, the more people will get your message!

    Sadly, in this world, appearance does matter, and many more people will pay attention to you very relevant and well thought out opinions if you show they're well thought out by putting down sentences that you could read to a 9th grader and that they'd understand.

    And last, I have a nagging doubt that you're really in Texas. Just post any photo from around Sweeny somewhere that won't come up in an image dig as being cut and pasted from elsewhere, i.e. an original photo of Sweeny TX, and I'll shut up forever about that, even if you are in Rehovot, Israel impersonating a linguistically challenged Texan.

    So if your're really in TX, then I'm trying to help by taking the time to make what I hope is a constructive comment.

  12. Actually, there's another possibility at work. Realman2020 lists his occupation as fulltime blogger. There are ads on this blog. Therefore, the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors might be a gimmick to get more hits. In other words, rm2020 LOVES the attention his errors get, since they translate directly into site hits. Just a theory here.

    Actually extremely smart, baiting the mass of people who can spell and write fairly well and have become addicted to coming here and reading the site just to roll their self-righteous eyes at yet another realman2020-ism that doesn't survive through any internet-based English parsing engine.

    It's fun, just like we watch Borat and Bruno and laugh at the silly mistakes.

    He's got us all figured out! Or not.

  13. This blog is supposed to be about TEXAS!
    MOST people that live in TEXAS DO NOT speak English as a first language!
    The VAST majority speak a form of Spanish lovingly called "TEXMEX".
    Please stop with the grammar lessons in slang English, if you want TEXANS to read this do it in TEXMEX!

  14. Rooty; since when did Realman profess to emulate a great man, or consider himself a modern day founding father? Is that yet another 'unusually high expectation' you, yourself anticipate from others?

    Most perspicacious people who read Realman's blog posts, are easily able to recognise any fundemental grammatical errors. So what exactly?

    We are all capable of making such errors and quite often most of us do to some extent (including yourself, very often); it's just that civilised, educated people are able to quickly see past any errors in their minds eye and concentrate on what is being expressed, without having to resort to ridicule and deliberate vindictiveness.

    What do your words say about you?

    If you 'cannot be moved' on this subject and you find this blog so painful to read; why in the hell do you keep reading Realmans blog; furthermore, what motivates you to persistantly continue to make unwanted,asinine comments?

    Could it be that you are just one more half witted little shit amongst the multitudes of half witted little shits that have brought the western hemisphere so firmly to it's knees?

    They say that the test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones. Very difficult when conversing with one so flagrantly malevolent.

    What do your words say about you?

  15. "Rooty; since when did Realman profess to emulate a great man"
    Never. You are quite right. He has never once claimed to be anything near great.

    "Is that yet another 'unusually high expectation'"
    Yes. The expectation that someone write above the 4th grade level is unusually high.

    "We are all capable of making such errors and quite often most of us do to some extent"
    Nowhere in what you wrote is there anything near as bad as what Realman writes daily. Why are you defending him?

    "What do your words say about you?"
    I hope they say, "Here's a man that cares enough to try. And that cares too much to give others a pass."

    "why in the hell do you keep reading Realmans blog"
    Because I love it. So terribly written, it' painfully funny. True story. Last Friday I was at a party, and I pulled out my phone and surfed to this blog, and read aloud some of Realman's more choice phrases. Great fun!

    "what motivates you to persistantly continue to make unwanted,asinine comments?"
    I have free speech, don't I? Are you saying an illiterate DOES have the right to free speech, but a "mean" literate doesn't?

    "They say that the test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones."
    Never heard that expression. But I don't agree with it in any event. We don't have time for patience. We need adults. Grownups. People who can think and speak and act. People that aren't an embarrassment to the very movement they are trying to encourage.

    Honesty time. 100% honesty. Would you send someone to this blog? Written as badly as it is, would you send someone who is on the fence- someone who's mind is open. Would you send them to this site?

  16. 100% Honestly...Yes, I would and have; because it IS honest, unlike yourself. It also appears that several prominant alternative news websites agree; does it not?

    Yes; we do need adults, in which case why should anyone give you a pass?

    At Realmans 'party' you continually embarrass yourself, only it's not remotely funny; just rather pitiful.

    Yes; you do still have the right to free speech (just); It is to Realmans credit that he displays your comments, no matter how disrespectful and churlish. Rooty Let's not pretend you exercise that right here for anything other than to maleficiently massage your own very small penis.

  17. 100% Honestly...Yes, I would and have; because it IS honest, unlike yourself.
    I guess if you want this kind of writing to be the face of the alternative media movement, that's your prerogative. Myself, I'd rather not live down to the stereotypes the liberal media has of us. They call us brainless morons. Does this blog disabuse them of that notion? Or confirm it?

    It also appears that several prominant alternative news websites agree; does it not?
    Nope. Most sites copy this page blind, never reading it. The site whatreallyhappened posts this blog because Realman2020 contributes to it. Whatreallyhappened also has advertisers that sell inhalators for microscopic silver, batteries that run on water, and hand held radiation detectors.

    Yes; we do need adults, in which case why should anyone give you a pass?
    Don't! Don't give me a pass. Don't ever let me slide just because you either agree or disagree.

    At Realmans 'party' you continually embarrass yourself, only it's not remotely funny; just rather pitiful.
    No, it was actually quite funny. This is jaw droppingly bad stuff. Hilarious.

    Yes; you do still have the right to free speech (just)
    How big of you! You'll allow me free speech (barely), even though you disagree with me. You Sir, are one of the good ones.

    It is to Realmans credit that he displays your comments, no matter how disrespectful and churlish.
    Yes it is. I've always given him credit for that.

    maleficiently massage your own very small penis.
    Actually I treat my penis pretty well.

    But is that really how you wanted to end your comments to me? With a schoolyard insult? I thought you said we needed adults.

  18. You either did not read my comment attentively; or you are, as suspected, just another half witted little shit.

    Yes; that's really how I want to end my comments to you. Your past and present demeanor dictates that you are entitled to; and deserve nothing more:)

    You see Rooty; unlike yourself (you keep crawling back) I truly don't give an elephants toss what YOU personally think of me..