Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Would Russia Respond to Ron Paul as President?

               We all see what is obvious of these wars for Israel and our policy of aggression under the guise of preemptive war and an unsound monetary policy has put a strain on US Russian relations. In a post Soviet era in the Russian Federation for almost 20 years since the collapse of the old Soviet Union. Russia has tolerated three Presidents with their inconsistent foreign policy from the United States. When Prime Minister Putin called our economy, a parasite on the planet after the raising of the debt ceiling which is wreaking havoc in the world markets. Why, because our leadership in congress along with the President are not serious about how the debt has affected the world, with the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air exporting inflation abroad has many nations nervous. This does affect the Ruble. The Obama administration has created a climate of uncertainty in our economic policy as well as our foreign policy because it is so inconsistent.

                So how would Prime Minster Putin and President Medvedev respond to Ron Paul being our 45th President? I think the Kremlin would respond in a positive way with cautious enthusiasm. They might not agree with Ron Paul on everything. Nevertheless, they know the world would start to stabilize when the US troops are called back home. They know Israel will be put back in a box.They would know Ron Paul could be very reliable on to keeping his word. Russia has bent over backwards for the United State so many times only to be stabbed in the back every time. The Russians retrained themselves and showed remarkable discipline despite my government's antagonistic posture and attitude toward the world that does not see their way.

                  I have to commend Prime Minister Putin for bringing stability to Russia in the post Soviet and Yeltsin era. He has thrown out the parasitic financial oligarchs who were robbing the substance of the Russian people. Russia has no debt since it is all paid off to the IMF. One of the main things Ron Paul would do as President is save the dollar by going back to the gold standard. This will start to restore confidence of the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. He would start to deal with the oligarchs in this country taking away the power from the Federal Reserve Bank placing this responsibility back under the congress where is rightfully belongs issuing the currency. We have been exporting our inflation for years and now has come home to rear it ugly head in our bank accounts and our purchasing power at the store. The debasing of the dollar does affect the Russian economy, the Ruble because we export inflation by keeping the printing presses going printing money out of thin air.

                   I think Ron Paul if he becomes President will have to talk to Russia to rebuild strained relations. Ron Paul will have to talk to Iranian leadership, Hugo Chavez and the Chinese too to restore stability in diplomatic relations. I hope Ron Paul will lift the embargo on Cuba so we can trade again with the island nation. Russia has been negotiating with the United States on lifting travel restrictions between both countries were no visa will be required to enter both countries. The United States antagonistic stance has been holding back these two countries from reaching an agreement. To enter the Ukraine and Germany does not require a visa, just a passport. Why restrict the Russian people and Americans traveling between both countries?

                   We may not like a lot of leaders form other nations and detest their socialistic views. We may not like how they do things inside their own borders. They are also sovereign nations and their internal affairs are none of our business. Be friends with all nations and trade with all countries was the founder’s intent. It is up to the people in all these countries to decide what kind of government they want, it is not our place to intervene because we do not like their form of government or their human rights record. We are not the world's policeman. I know Ron Paul bringing home the military in over 100 countries will have a positive effect with a sane non-interventionist foreign policy. Israel will not be able to bully the world anymore and will have to be forced to recognize the Palestinians right to self government. We will not be doing Israel's dirty work anymore.

                   One of the main reasons why Russia has aligned itself with Venezuela, Iran, China, Libya and now seeing countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan  looking to Russia for leadership. It is because the United States Military and NATO forces are the hire gun for the bankers and the corporations. These nations with Russia are united against the bankers on Wall Street and the City of London who seeks a monopoly on the issuance of the currency around the world. Whether they are looking for terrorist or they might get a nuclear weapon are just cover stories is to scare the public to generate fear. It is not the reason why they want a war or looking to attack these nations. It is so the bankers can set up their fiat money system to enslave people into a debt-based currency.

                  I know the world would receive a President Ron Paul with cautious optimism. We all know the Kremlin may not like all of Ron Paul's policies, but they can assured that the new America leader with be straight forward in diplomacy with the Russian federation will be coherent. The Kremlin will not see eye to eye on everything with Ron Paul, but seeing stability in the world not having a non-interventionist foreign policy and stabilizing the dollar will be a great start. At least Putin and Medevev knows a President Paul will be consistent in its relations between both countries.

                 The biggest scare the international banking cartel will have is Russia and the United States being united against the western European Central banking establishment in non-entangling alliances. One of the things Russia can do to insure the long term cultural and national sovereignty is to pull out of the United Nations, which Ron Paul wants America out of the treaty as soon as possible. The United Nations is a creature of the Rockefeller and the ruling families in Western Europe that will do payback on Russia for throwing out the oligarchs. I know Russia now pays families to have children because the eugenics policies of the Soviet Union has dwindled the population. If Russia wants to see to it that they can increase the population, they need to sever ties with the pro eugenics United Nations. If they want long-term stability and prosperity in Russia to live on for years to come. They have to sever with this entangling alliance and back out of trying to be a member of the World Trade organization. I know if the United States pulls out of the UN, many nations will follow. As long as Russia or any nation has the UN foothold in their country, every nation’s sovereignty is at risk.

             I can say a Ron Paul as President with relations concerning the Kremlin will have some real positive changes with stable relations. There will be unintended consequences that might come that both nations cannot avoid. This could keep relations somewhat strained between the two countries too, just not as bad as it was. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it. I know Russia Today the state run English speaking news channel has be very positive really shows the stance of what the Russian government would like to see.  It shows they are ready for a change in relations with the United States for the better. This will be interesting to see. I know Ron Paul if he is the President will have to talk with Russia and China trying to rebuild strained relations and to negotiate the repayment of the national debt that will be a priority.

               One of the top priorities for President Paul administration is to first balance the Budget, get the dollar back on the gold standard as a US Treasury note and not a Federal Reserve note. Lowering taxes, which would expand the tax base, slashing the size of government, going back to a non-interventionist foreign policy and getting rid of restrictive regulations holding back the free market would make a lot of difference restoring confidence in us. Once we cut the spending in a bloated government, when the our economy shifts from being a centralized command economy to a free market economy increasing revenue to the treasury, then we can start to pay down the debt first by satisfying our foreign creditors starting with China. We could see  a shift in the balance of power with the countries that have currencies not under the Robber Barons and the countries under a debt-based currency of the banking cartels. The Federal Reserve Bank being no more will be a major blow to the Banking cartel in Europe. As a result, the bankers would lose a major chunk in controlling the wealth of the world with fiat currencies once America shuts down the central bank.

               I think the Kremlin is hoping for the best on this Presidential race. I think they have become more than very patient dealing with America’s incoherent and interventionist foreign policy. I see they would welcome a different climate compared to the war mongering going on today by the leadership in the White House. The reckless economic, monetary and foreign policies of the United States have not made it easy for Moscow to deal with. America's reckless leadership has created uncertainty in the markets around the world. Having a Ron Paul in the Oval Office will bring back sanity in foreign policy on the economic and military front. The world will breathe with a sigh of relief when American no longer fights for Israel and the grown ups are in power. That ought to make the Kremlin optimistic for many good reasons. Do you agree?




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  1. Looks like everyone is scared of this one, I must wonder if Mr.Putin knows exactly WHO did 911.
    Will Mr.Putin tell who did this and help bring them to justice if Dr.Paul somehow becomes president against the people who did 911?
    Will this possibility cause the perps and their helpers to go bezerk and do 911 again?
    How can Dr.Paul win against the Diabold crew? Can they be bought? Again?
    Will the WORLD come to help American Citizens stage an HONEST and FREE Election this time?
    BE scared?