Sunday, August 7, 2011

Before The IRS Audits Us To Make Sure We Chip in and Sacrifice with New Taxes. Lets Audit The Federal Government First

             Do you ever wonder about the hypocrisy of our politicians in Washington telling us we need to sacrifice and chip in to solve this debt problem? It seems they want us to take a pay cut, cutting back to fix the problem they created every time. I do not see congress or the President Taking a pay cut. In reality to give them, a pay raise is insanity. If we look at the fuzzy math Washington uses, a budget cut is still an increase in spending. A cut to them is in the rate of growth. If they are projected a 10 percent increase and only get a 7 percent instead. They say it is a three percent cut that is still an increase.

             Here in the real world, a budget cut means we take a loss. We have to do with less to fund the government with an increase in taxes ,or the hidden tax banks use on us called inflation were we pay more for goods and services. A cut in the budget out here in the real world and what Washington calls is cut is two different things. In Washington, a cut is still an increase and for us slaves. A cut is really is a loss in income were we have to tighten our budget to live within our means. In Washington with that entire fuzzy math, they use to manipulate the numbers. A cut is actually an increase in that agency's budget.

             I say before the Federal government sends out the IRS agents to go audit us to see if we are paying our fair share making the sacrifices chipping in to solve the debt problem. What has the government done to itself to fix the debt problem? Have they made any sacrifices? Have they really cut back on their budgets? Do they take measures to cut back on the waste, fraud and abuse within the government that is costly to the taxpayers? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I say before the government tells us to chip in with making sacrifices paying our fair share. I think the Federal government needs to make the real sacrifices too before telling the people to give more to the Washington DC.

             I think the time has come before the Politicians ask us to pay more in taxes, before they send the IRS agents to audit us to make sure we chip in making our sacrifices. I say we need to have a complete independent audit of the Federal government, I mean every agency, The congress, the White House and every sacred cow in Washington including the Pentagon needs to be audited independently. Why do say this. It is because this waste has gone on for so long without an outcry. I think before the IRS makes us account for every penny spent. I think it is for our government we pay taxes to start to becoming accountable to how they spend our money too. Let see if they have room to make real sacrifices in their budgets as every household does. It is time we make them have endure real cuts we have to deal with everyday.

              We hear the Politicians talk about he cost of entitlements like Medicare and Social security being expensive. I bet if an independent firm audited all the agencies. We will find out there is plenty of room for real cuts. We will find out for many years, we will see how the politicians are overcharging us to pay for this bloated government. We will find out that 2.4 trillion was not necessary to borrow. We will also conclude that having Federal Reserve Bank printing money has created this culture in government to waste money. If we had sound, money polices, than we would not have a government that would be so involved in waste, fraud and abuse on this level. There will always be fraud in government to some degree. However, as long we have private central bank printing money to fund the government. The spending will not stop. The spending is just a symptom of this monetary policy we have dealing with a private central bank issuing the currency. In the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank to print money with no value to fund the government, the out of control spending will not stop.

               Doing a complete audit of the Federal Government going back 10 years to expose the waste and fraud within the system is what needs to be the first step in the right direction. We might see the need there was no need for deficit spending and that sound money policies would have averted this looming debt. Having an audit of the Federal government, we can make the case why the Federal Reserve must go and why sound money policies must return if spending is going under control. Balanced budget amendments and spending cuts years for now will not solve anything. An audit making the case of how printing money out of thin air has bloated the government to the point of being useless, now has become a threat to our freedoms and livelihoods.

             Therefore, for those people in congress who tell us we must all chip in and make sacrifices to solve a problem we did not create to pay a debt we did not consent to. Before you send the IRS to check how we spend our money. I say if you are serious about cutting the waste, fraud and abuse from the government. If you really want to cut spending and serious about it, the problem would not be an issue making government accountable how they spend our money. Audit the Federal government and get rid of the Federal Reserve system that fuel the bloating in government. We Americans already pay a lot more than our fair share and now it is time well tell Washington to go to hell if they are not willing to make the sacrifices we are ask to do. Even though I say, audit the Federal government. I know it might not happen because if it ever happened. The results that will come out will be every one's worst nightmare inside Washington DC, especially the Federal Reserve Bank that needs to be audited also. Do you agree?


  1. How will you pay for this audit?

  2. You mean people are still paying federal income tax? I would never volunteer my hard earned dollars to support a totally corrupt system? Only a complete imbecile would participate.

  3. CrowdSource It.... I bet alot of Americans would pitch in a buck for this...
    Great Idea!