Sunday, July 17, 2011

Congress should Start a Voluntary Tax Me More Fund to Mock Obama's Phony Poll. Saying We Want to pay More Taxes.

             If the President thinks the people are serious about paying down the debt and willing to pay more in taxes as his phony poll shows that 80% are willing to do to tackle of the national debt. The truth is no one can afford to pay higher taxes to pay down the debt. Small businesses are barely staying afloat trying to make payroll. People pay taxes on their phone bill, wireless bill and electric bill. They pay taxes putting fuel in the car. They pay taxes when they shop and anyplace they spend money. We are taxed everywhere we turn. We cannot escape a tax. Even though we do not see the tax in what we buy off the shelf. Businesses pass down the cost to us to pay. We pay a hidden tax called inflation because good old Uncle Ben at the Federal Reserve is running the printing presses devaluing my earnings and the purchasing power when I buy goods and services. So why would I want to pay higher taxes for a debt I do not owe?

             We hear the class warfare liberals chanting about those people not paying their fair share. They are some of the worst hypocrites in the world because they exempt themselves from paying the high taxes we pay. It is now will be our fault because we refused to pay more in taxes so grandma will get her social security check and the elberly will be thrown out in the streets from the nursing home. Somehow ,they will try to make it our fault because we refuse to pay our fair share in taxes and allow to borrow. I have a solution to solve this problem.

           Former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas started a Tax me more fund. It was a fund set up for those who felt they were not paying enough taxes .They could send their extra money to this tax me more fund that the state legislature and the governor set up. The truth is there was not a big public outpouring sending this money to this fund. This exposes the hypocrisy of those class envy liberals who demand we pay our fair share, but is unwilling to do it themselves. Even those leftist do not like to pay high taxes anymore then we do. They just think they should be exempt for all the rules we have to live under.

            I would love to see the congress do this to make a mockery of President Obama who said in a poll revealed eighty percent of Americans want to pay higher taxes to pay down the debt. If Mr. Obama really thinks most Americans are willing to pay more taxes. Since a nice majority of congress will not budge on raising the debt ceiling or tax increases. Well instead of raising taxes on the people still producing in this, stagnate economy. Set up a voluntary tax me more fund for those who want to pay their fair share in taxes. That is if they feel guilty of they are not paying their fair share. If Obama really believes, 80 percent of Americans want to pay more taxes. Then a tax me more fund should get a huge outpouring of revenue to pay down the debt. If the fund were set up, there would only be a trickle amount as it was in Arkansas. This would prove the folly of this fake poll. We are not stupid to believe this propaganda.  This is reality to see the President is out of his mind to think this. This only proves one thing I knew all along. What an imbecile we have in the oval office.


  1. It's not that "80% want to pay more taxes" it's "80% want other people to pay more taxes".

    I don't see 2% of Americans paying 3% more on the money over 250k per year is unreasonable.

  2. anonymous, of course, is correct. 80 percent want everyone else but them to pay more taxes. However, it will be the same 1 percent that owns The Big O and the rest of Congress that will get us 80 percent to pay more taxes. Where's the outrage? Four issues need to be resolved before we really see outrage!