Friday, July 8, 2011

We Now Have trickle Down Tyranny and Corruption in every Level of Goverment

              We have to question with much thought why are mindless goons terrorizing us. When we seen corruption on the Federal level. It never resonated down to the local level much. Peace officers were serious about protecting the people and property. Local government’s expectation to be accountable to the people in everything it decided to do was the norm most of the time. The Police never took pleasure in taking people to jail or using their sidearm even when it was justifiable to arrest and use deadly force. Local municipalities stayed separate from the activities of corruption inside the federal government in most of the time.

             Now ever since the Federal government has declared war on drugs, crime and terrorism. We have seen the police gradually corrupted. Now it has been acceleration abuses of power at a rate never before seen. The police are the hired guns for homeland security. We see lawlessness among those who have sworn to uphold the law. We can go watch on YouTube. We see the Police tazer old people and use force when there was no reason to. They seize money from traffic stops with no due process and make up charges to arrest people. They commit perjury on the stand under oath in a court of law,with encouragement they will lie to protect the system from the people Why have they gone out of control from professional peace officers to mindless thugs with a badge and a gun? When we see, SWAT teams discharge ammunition for their automatic rifles putting over 60 rounds in an ex marine in Tucson Arizona. We have to ask, how has it come to this?

            We can see the local and some state governments are mimicking what Washington does. To see in their mentality and twisted reason, if we observe closely, and see the whole picture. If the Federal government can get away with it, why not us is their feeling of empowerment. So can we also too get away with it. Not to mention the FBI and other federal agencies pass out grant money and have standardized the training of police officers to train police not in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They are ignorant of the law. They are giving directives to follow orders without question and to find ways to violate the Constitution. We are seeing the blatant disregard of the rule of law without consequence. It does not matter if it is the Federal, State or local governments going lawless. Corruption and Tyranny has metastasized from the top down on every level in our form of government.

          We are witnessing the lawless partnership with banks, mortgage companies committing fraud using the power of eminent domain laws to transfer property from one person to a big money developer and fraudulent foreclosures on homes not delinquent. They are becoming hired guns for the bankers taking homes they do not own and never owned. The police are out of control and devoid of any compassion or empathy. We are living in a time I worry more about the police than the common thief is. The police and government has become more of a threat to my way of life than a repeat criminal can ever be.

           The only way we can stop this out of control insanity is to elect people who will uphold the law. We need to sever our ties with the Federal government. We must not allow people to sit in on city councils and in the Mayors seat to sell out the city for 30 pieces of silver. We must not tolerate any more police chiefs who are lawless, who have been federalized and cares not for the people they have swore to serve. We must start dismantling the Federalization on the local level, first by throwing out the political whores. Second place people in office who will we need to start cutting the umbilical chord of Federal money, support and not comply with any mandates. We have to disassociate from the corrupt federal machine so we can have the rule of law restored regardless of the insanity that is going on in Washington DC.

             Just because right now the TSA can steal, out of your luggage and grope people. Just because the BATF and the FBI can violate the law, daily kicking down people’s door in the dark of night for any reason the Federal Government uses to tyrannize the people. It is no excuse for the Police to act that way because Washington is out of control.  We must restore accountability back in the city governments, county seats and with the Sheriffs who answer to us the people only. Our public servants do not answer to the Bureaucrats and federal goon squads who are unelected and unaccountable to people. That is the goal we need to achieve. That is when we can shield ourselves from the worst of this dictatorship tries to impose on us.



  1. As usual, writing that a 5th grader would receive an F for. Aside from that though, I don't agree with your premise.

    While we certainly have corruption, do we really have MORE corruption than we did say, 100 years ago? Back then, every government officer took bribes. From building inspectors to postal clerks. Police would look the other way, if a little coin crossed his palm. How do you think the mob got so big during prohibition?

    Do you really think, "The Police never took pleasure in taking people to jail"?

    Get real. Police back then would not only happily take you to jail, they'd give you a little stick time beforehand.

    So while we have corruption, I think there is a lot less of the wholesale, systematic corruption we had in the past.

  2. Rooty, drop the insults. Your writing would get you a D-. That is the man's writing style.
    We're hearing from a man who doing his best to point out corruption on a scale probably never seen before.
    Assuming the US military will never do the right thing and take over until honest elections can take place, and all federal laws passed in the last 15 or more years are rescinded, the way out will eventually be a USSR style breakup, with states looking out for themselves. The President and our supposed representatives are not on the side of the citizens any more. They haven't been for 48 years.

  3. In a PEACEFUL revolution, Iceland removed the “root of all evil,” the Central Bank, with the blessings of the police and incarcerated the “banksters.” Now Iceland prints their own sovereign money. Moral of the story is, you get the government you deserve.

  4. Until Americans sit on the doorstep of Washington DC for weeks on end nothing will change. I keep hearing people say vote for this person or vote for that person that will make all things better.....I have heard this for 20 years voting is a joke. Camp out on DC for Weeks on end "We the People" have the power. Time to use it!!

  5. I don't fully agree with Rooty's assessments even though I made a similar point at another site just yesterday. I compared the cheap prison labor of today to the plight of American workers a hundred years back as far as legal servitude goes.
    Especially the Appalachian coal miners. It seems we have come full circle.

    Anonymous #2: I think we are past the point of the possibility of a peaceful revolution here. I've been waiting on all those non-violent geniuses to come up with a plan for twenty years now. Jesus Christ was non-violent and look what happened to him. When the stormtroopers come for you, rape your wife, and shoot your kids I hope you reconsider PEACEFUL.
    It's way too late for peaceful.

    One thing that really irks me is the number of people that post as Anonymous. Is there a big inbred family that goes by that name? Be a man
    and at least get a moniker. The Feds can figure out who wrote what despite the pretended anonymity.

    I would also like to mention, as others have, that white on black is very hard on the eyes.

  6. Anonymous #3 (I feel like I'm on a frigging game show here having to talk to Anonymous xyz)Yes voting is a meaningless joke as long as you use electronic voting machines. After a crooked election (which is also nothing new as it has gone on for 200 years)there is an outcry, the government refuses to investigate itself, and the problem goes away in a few months. I try to correct people on comment boards several times a day who say,"just vote 'em out." They seem to not understand what an exercise in futility is. It disturbs their false paradigm that we are free citizens in a free country. It's all just an echo of what they've been told.

  7. Kick ass or take a number and prepare for life in a camp.

  8. Good posts folks!

    Violence will come no doubt. From one direction or the other. I suspect at some point the government will turn loose on the people. And there will be hell to pay for it.

  9. You damn right it's too late for peaceful. The masses don't have the guts to do what needs to be done. A whole lot of killing. I'm in no hurry to die and that's the only reason I haven't gotten off my butt and sent some scumbags to HELL

  10. " Camp out on DC for Weeks on end "We the People" have the power. Time to use it!! ..whomever posted that needs to go read up on "The Bonus Army"...they camped out for a month or so, across the river, before Patton and MacArthur ran'em all off with bayonets and tear gas....some said machine guns...I do believe today they would use flame throwers...sorry about that...these folks have zero reason nor "want" to pay heed to sit ins and petitions.

  11. I admire Patton for some reasons despite his love of war. I believe his death was murder. The also brought in tanks which was a new war tool at that time and Patton was primarily a tank commander. They used them to roll over the shanty town much the same as the Israelis do today. It is a despicable stain on Patton's career.

    You are exactly right about sit-ins. Free speech zones? Petitions are just annoying pieces of paper-like the Constitution. It's not 1969 any more. Everyone knows what must be done
    but we have no leaders.