Friday, July 8, 2011

Buying Precious Metal Coins is the Way to Go in an Age of Uncertainty

             I watch Freedom Watch very often and see how the private central bankers in the United States and in Western Europe are manipulating the commodities and currencies. The price on oil and food has not gone up. It is the currency has been devalued because the printing presses have been going at warp speed printing money out of thin air with nothing backing up the value like gold and silver. This is what devalues the dollar causing inflation. Could we see the crash of the dollar where it becomes worthless? So how do we protect our wealth and years of hard work? It seems many investors and countries are seeking investments in precious metals as a hedge against hyperinflation.

            The company Gold Coins Gain sees this trend and is on our side, they see the trend and the value in investing in gold coins. This is an investment we hold in our hands and have control over. It is not in the hands of the bankers or in the hands of JP Morgan who shorts investors on silver contracts. It is the best investment that has stood the test of time over the ages. In the past three years people who have brought gold has seen a major return on their investment higher than the stock market. This is the buying opportunity of a lifetime before the price skyrockets.

             There are many options in how to invest in Gold Coins. Many prefer buying Gold Bullion as a buyer’s choice. Buying Gold Bullion coins is an investment we all should be looking very closely at as a sure choice of protection of our hard earned money. Even in a Gold IRA is another choice to protect your retirement from the inflation robbing years of hard work investing in the future. Some rather buy bullion because they can posses the investment personally than trust it to others who are distant and out of reach.

              In the age of uncertainty, we cannot rely on our government and the banks to protect us from fraud by greedy robber barons. Having gold bullion in your hands might be the hedge of protection against an economic implosion or a currency crash. Buy bullion if that is your preference. Either way, buy gold bullion is one of the safest investments that have always stood the test of time when our money has no more value and purchasing power is not existent anymore. So see what bullion offers as a safe investment or be left behind.


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  2. Please change your contrast....white on black is unnerving..

  3. White on black is more difficult to read than black on white. Consider using black bars with white type reversed out for headlines, eh?

  4. If gold and silver is so valuable, and money so worthless, why would anyone sell their gold to me, in exchange my worthless dollars?

    These gold coin dealers must be the biggest idiots in the world. They are willing to give me these valuable coins, in exchange for worthless pieces of paper!

  5. Rooty said...Friday, 08 July, 2011

    This is a cycle. They buy low and sell high and, like musical chairs, hope that if the currency crashes they will be left with the gold that they will use to buy other commodities of necessity.

  6. Tough call. Two things are certain. We must dump the Fed and garden like crazed people for awhile while befriending chickens. The bad guys are destroying the agriculture base of the U.S.. See and 'Weather Wars? That's Impossible' and 'Dimona dozen v. Fukushima 50'. These three true items are extremely bad news.

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