Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time to Sue The Government on all Levels for Selective Enforcement.Are you Tired of the Disrimination Yet?

                 To see law enforcement selectively enforces laws on one group of people and allows another group to break laws with impunity. The first office we have to take back is the county sheriff and the constable. These constitutional officers we elect by an election and should answer only to those who placed them in that position, the voters. We have to start holding these people’s feet to the fire. We must use the words they use against us.” Ignorance of the law is no excuse". Our elected Sheriffs, we must not allow them the luxury of selectively enforcing and applying the law on one group of people and disregarding when a protected class violates the same statues.

                I remember confronting the Head Constable in Texas Frank Cantor since he does all the foreclosures in Brazoria County. The people elect Mr. Cantor in his precinct area. I asked him if he ever asked or seen the bank note on the homes he helps enforce foreclosures on? His reply was if the Judge signed the order. He has to carry it out. WRONG. The constable is part of the executive branch of government. He has to be the check on the judge's power. He is legally bound to make sure the Judge's orders are lawful and legal. If the court decrees do not comply, not in agreement with the state statues and codes. It is his duty to refuse and enforce order. It is his obligation to see if the person being foreclosed on had the right to due process under the law and was not railroaded in court. Under the law, he has to apply the law equally without partiality.

              Police officers are no different, if they violate laws against the use of deadly force and official oppression using the tazers as a tool for pain compliance when a person asserts their rights. Police Chiefs and Sheriffs should face prosecution for accepting federal money to violate state law as a condition to receive funds. If I slip, a few dollars to run a whore house in the jurisdiction without consequence and arrest all the pimps to take out my competition. It is called a bribe. When the Federal government does it telling they will get paid if a city police department  searches houses and cars without warrants and seizes cash at traffic stops in the name of the war on drugs or terror. They call it grant money. No one should escape accountability when laws are broken and rights are to in contempt, especially when paid off to do it by anyone inside and outside government. They will never be held accountable unless we demand and force they comply with the law like the rest of us. A Police officer is not above reproach regardless what unlawful polices he is told to enforce. I was just Following orders is no excuse.

               We see selective enforcement where a person can go to prison for groping and playing grab ass with the ladies in a city park. At the same time, police will tolerate the TSA groping innocent people in the major airports. Sexual assault is sexual assault regardless if ordered by the TSA or not. We see illegal alien Drunk drivers let off the hook while the Judge will throw the book at us. The illegal immigrants drive without proper document as required drive a car. We the people who pay their salaries have to show our papers or we get our car towed away and go to jail. A sheriff in Hernando county Florida refused to arrest a company for breaking and entering and destruction of private property. The Sheriff did not care this mortgage company trashed a person's home not in foreclosure.  Imagine what happens if any of us went inside in a forced entry, trashed someone’s house because they owed me a debt. I go to jail. It is a civil matter if a Mortgage company does it as the Sheriff responds to questions. It is criminal matter if a private citizen does the same act.

                 The laws have to apply equally to everyone. When police and law enforcement agencies enforce laws that favor one group over the other, it is corruption and pandering, if they apply the law with maximum punishment and looks the other way when interest group has the money to buy off the politicians. That is discrimination. Many police officers lost their lives in these Sanctuary cities because they are given direction not to enforce the laws passed by the legislature on one protected group of people and throw the book at the people who play by the rules for violating the same laws. The government cries about going after those who discriminate against race, creed and color. At the same time they are the very practitioners of discrimination with race based quotas and selective enforcement of the immigration laws. Enacting polices favoring the illegal aliens from Mexico awarded a pathway to citizenship while people from other countries who learned our language and done all the required criteria are given the runaround. After all the effort and time, they still are not citizens yet after jumping through all the hoops. It is a tragic shame the lawbreakers are rewarded and the law abiding is kicked in the teeth.

                 We have to start lawsuits on all levels of government who engage in selective enforcement of the law. When the SEC goes after a low-level broker for a paperwork error and lets off the hook Goldman Sachs for looting the wealth of the nation. When cities have sanctuary laws that favor the lawless more then the law-abiding playing race politics and not governing is a disgrace. When a Sheriff in Florida will not arrest a mortgage company for breaking and entering, but will throw the book at the rest of us for doing the same. Something is wrong.

                The people who lost their jobs and consumers being mislead, because the unwillingness not enforcing anti trust laws. We should take the Justice Department to the cleaners for their inaction. We have giant corporations, Monsanto and big Pharmaceutical companies lobbying and writing laws to crush the competition where we cannot buy over the counter vitamins and dietary supplements. Monsanto is buying up seed companies, lobbying states, and big cities to ban organic gardens and raw milk sales. Tyson chicken gets away with health violations because they written the laws that exempt themselves and wipes out their competitors trying to comply with burdensome regulations. Selective enforcement has not done well for consumer rights and has harmed many people. The Federal Reserve Bank prints money out of thin air and it is legal tender. The man who minted the liberty dollar is a terrorist because of these anti competitive practices because the bankers want to keep the monopoly on the money supply. Gold and silver is a threat to their death grip on the economy. The Federal government will use the anti trust laws to go after the only existing Mom and pop store on Main Street USA. They will say there is no competition with this small store that has not engaged in anti competitive practices at all and not touch the major corporations for their anti competitive practices like Wal Mart

                 Selective enforcement of the laws is hurting us. The laws as well punished by the law when we violate it protect us. We must start filing lawsuits against all the government agencies that refuses to apply the law equally because of Politics and special interest groups. No one should be above the law regardless if the are a minimum wage bus boy to a Goldman Sachs CEO. No one should be above the law. We need to start suing politicians who obstruct justice and refuse to do what the law requires. I am tired of selective enforcement of the law.

              No one should escape justice no matter what position of power he or she holds or stature they may have. Former President Bush orders torture of innocent Iraqis and is not facing prosecution for war crimes, while low-level enlisted personal go to the stockade following his orders. George W Bush should be sharing a cell with PFC England. We should not tolerate this type of lawlessness anymore. For those people in government especially at the local level, they all need to know before they decide to oppress the people, and the harsh consequences that will follow. In 1946 in Athens Tennessee should be a warning to them. People did not tolerate the dictatorship anymore where the rule of law and justice is in jeopardy. The people took back their county. Do not be surprised if an event triggers people taking back there cities and counties to restore the rule of law and no more selective enforcement. We must put this matter to rest; the law is not a choice to enforce. They swore to their duty. If they do not apply the law equally, just like in Athens, TN. The people will apply the law equally when all else fails.



  1. "At the same time, police will tolerate the TSA groping innocent people in the major airports. Sexual assault is sexual assault regardless if ordered by the TSA or not."

    It is? The circumstances don't matter? So when a person is first admitted to jail, they are strip searched for contraband. Is that sexual assault?

    Your argument is childish. OF COURSE government can do things private citizens can't do. Can you print your own money? Can you negotiate a trade agreement with a foreign nation? Can you raise an army? Can you arrest, convict, and jail someone?

    OF COURSE it matter whether the government does it, or not.

  2. rooty-you are an idiot. enjoy your police state and stfu.

  3. It's a shame you didn't use the 4th of July holiday to take some remedial English classes, realman.

  4. Too bad anonymous who just insulted me better watch out.The standard he uses on me will be used against him. People should not throw stones who live in glass houses. Jesus would have called you a hypocrite for that comment. That includes you rooty. None of you are worth my time. I try my best and if it is not to your standards . I do not give a shit because life is too short to worry about what a few idiots think.

  5. Sue the Government?!?
    It's time to hang the A$$holes!

  6. "rooty-you are an idiot. enjoy your police state and stfu"

    That's odd. No where in that elegant refutation of yours did you disprove my point. Care to try again?"

  7. Printing money to finance illegal wars, 9/11 and the many other "inside jobs". Why does this Nation pay interest at all to the family that owns the Fed Reserve? 71000 Americans dead now and what did you get for the waste?

  8. I think we all need to stand back and realize who the Government is. It is us, we are all responsible. "A Government by the people, for the people."

    Sue the Government, then sue yourselves. Solve this problem by properly electing responsible candidates and representatives. The only blame should be directed at us the people and citizens of the USA.

  9. The only way this problem will ever be solved is the same way your country was founded


    it's sad to say but it is the truth
    you people allowed this to happen
    now deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. "I try my best and if it is not to your standards."

    But you aren't trying your best. Trying your best would be you saying to yourself, "Wow, I've been told about a jillion times that my writing is bad. I wonder if that's true. I wonder if maybe I should improve, or at least have the guts to admit it may be true."

    You see Realman, THAT is trying your best. Improving. Saying, "how can I get better? What can I change to get better?"

    Do you do that? No. You do the exact opposite. You actually insult those that are point out your flaws.

    You really wouldn't pass elementary school English class. I'm just being honest here. And you can test my hypothesis, if you don't believe me. You have kids right? If they're that age, have them turn in one of your posts as theirs. Just to see if your writing would pass muster.

    If your kid's teacher gives it an A, I'll not only apologize, I'll leave this blog forever.

    But we both know that won't happen, don't we? We both know that your writing is awful. That you CAN'T do any better, so you don't even try, and insult those that point it out.

    But I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. You say you're a real man? Then put it to the test. If you dare.

  11. There is one very powerful tool called UCC please research. Anyone can file a commercial lien against any public official including law enforcement. Commercial liens are not civil suits but are much more powerful. Public officials and law enforcement are not exempt from commercial liens you can even target their pensions and other personal assets. Judges do not have the right to dismiss a commercial lien. Google “sovereign citizen commercial lien”.

  12. Say there Rooty. Realman2020 may not write well, but because of this forum, I learn of many possible avenues of remedy concerning problems not addressed by my anal-retentive English teacher. Or you. My brother can't write worth a shit either. I don't care. He knows more about commercial dock operations and helping people get things done than picking gnat shit out of pepper. And that is good.
    A college logic class or two facilitates picking liars out of a crowd and knocks up writing capability a notch or two. The last comment provided on realman2020's website taught me more than all your pickiness combined, Rooty. Do you remember the material I suggested you look at a few days ago? Or did you become frightened and go back to picking on people's flaws that mean little and matter less? Have you stood up in front of a few thousand people and said things that mattered and pissed of the New World Order. Realman2020 can't write the best, but he would know what to say. You did not look at anything I mentioned, did you Rooty? Wanker.

  13. I have occasionally browsed this Blog and found that the author intermittently communicates some salient points. I have also read the subsequent comments section for each of the articles.

    It appears to me that several regular commentators here are fixated; not with the opportunity to offer genuine criticism and to encourage further discussion regarding the actual content of the articles; rather, jus et norma loquendi; whilst at the same time failing abysmally to adhere to said principals oneselves.

    It has also been amusingly noted that one such commentator; used audacious effrontery and an affront shamelessly; to counteract a perceived affront?

    After reflection; it appears that the commentator calls the author childish; after which, combining a facinating level of spite and malice, openly insults the author in the most insolent fashion, then deems it acceptable to coerce the author into jumping through burning hoops of fire backwards in order to appease his/her own callow prententiousness. That is exquisite.

  14. Dear Rooty, Since "No Child Left Behind," this essay would be graded an A plus. Grammar and correct spelling are no longer necessary. It would flagged for dangerous ideas, and the guidance counselor would recommend psychiatric examination and drugging.

    Get a life, Rooty! Some of us use English as a secondary language and have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.

  15. NobodysaysBOO!
    WOW realman where the hell did all these GOVNT PUKES come from RUSSIA?

  16. hola... gov'ts , laws, justice,etc, etc,,, are you i told a judge one time , just try and take my gun from my cold dead live in a fictional world today boys and girls, and the only way to get out is kill and kill again until all the unjust is gone.. i am indigenous to these lands and my forefathers have been here time immemorial and death is but just a part of our journey so i am willing to die but before i do i will take a few a..holes with me that way my children wont have to worry about the one's i take with me people's live in a defacto world ...learn that word before you start talking gov'ts...and everything that is written down you better believe they are recording cause the internet is a excellent way to profile idiots...

  17. this is how to deal with gov'ts
    when your done then just shot them

  18. @Rooty the TSA has had many issues with employee's groping women and abusing their power in other ways. Yes the government does strip search prisoners but the do not have the power legally to grope the prisoner. The point of the article was the laws of the land need to be enforced equally and none including those of the government should be above the law. Your argument is just nit picking and slander thus sir you are a troll. Do not bother nit picking my skill at writing the English language, reading comprehension is far more important. You should really work on it son.

  19. Selective enforcement?! See our site, our story of municipal shananagans. We lost our shirts because of arrogance, greed and

  20. "You did not look at anything I mentioned, did you Rooty?"

    No I honestly didn't. I didn't know you wrote anything at all. I don't usually read the comments section. What is it that you wrote?

  21. its about time americans stood up for themselfs its always the kids and seniors who get screwed for governments screwups if people would stand together maybe we could make some change. if people in private sector did what the government is doing now they would fired so lets fire the a holes now they are no better than holed a country hostage for political gain is bullshit there are more of us than them lets stand together tell them to kiss our ass and we are tired of their shit !!!!

  22. if you want the government to take notice stop paying your taxes let big business fit the bill their the only making out with bailouts if they cant make it on their own let them go under let them see how it is to be us where is the government when we're down and out fu#¿ these 3rd world country's its time to help our own feed our hungry kids get ours off the street they are where their at because their leaders dont and we'll be the same way if we don't stand up for ourselves

  23. i wish that the brazoria county sheriffs dept would investigate their own employees, the same way they investigate anyone else.there is a case coming up that will blow the socks off the citizens that have been discriminated against. the bcsd is a gang of bullys, and if your not on their team, you might as well get ready to be railroaded. the case involves bcsd, dps, alvin pd,and it will be very clear to the everyday, hard working people,that there is a cover up in progress. investigate the dispatch dept. thanks