Sunday, July 17, 2011

Signs and symptoms of Patriot Broadcaster or Infowarrior Battle Fatigue

            I just finished listening to a broadcast of a high profile person Sunday afternoon. I do not want to single one person out. I listen to this on many networks. They bury their nose in government documents and work 12 hours a day saying they are working hard to defeat the New World order. The share the worst case scenarios and make life seem hopeless. They give the globalist the status of being equal to our Creator himself. They seem to have mission without a solution.

            I notice this broadcaster like many I listen to suffer from patriot battle fatigue trying to fight the world at once . They talk about and complain about all that is wrong and those who have not woken up. They read the government documents and treat it like they are reading the book of revelations like it is the word of God itself. They give the globalist to much credit they do not deserve. In these people minds, the globalist are equal to God or more powerful. They have no faith in the people. They have no faith in nothing. They do not even have a life.

           Signs and symptoms of Patriot or Inforwarrior Battle Fatigue 1). They do not have a life 2) They preach and repeating bad news 3) The guest are far more uplifting than the host. 4) They bring no solutions to stop these globalist. 5) They talk about having to work 12 hours a day fighting the New World Order 6)They complain about not having a life because all of what is going on. I bet the globalist are laughing because they got these people burning themselves out 12 hours a day with no family time.All work and no play makes anyone a dull person. I am not discouraging no one do research or fight the globalist.

            What really would make the Globalist crawl is us happy and having a life. It is caring for our families and helping our fellow human being despite what the try to throw our way. When we get sucked into their world reading their publications and documents. We do not allow ourselves to breath a little and live life as we should. We go crazy and we act miserable. If they read it long enough ,they start to believe it will happen before it starts. I am an optimist. I believe they will not get their way,They will self destruct trying to destroy humanity.They always do in their self delusional way of thinking

            We still have our freedom and we better use it to enjoy ourselves and share with people wherever we go. I accept the fact some people will never get it. It does not mean I should complain about it. All we can do is our best with what is front of us and put the rest in God's hands.We should be laughing at these globalist for their pathetic lives,for how depraved they are and how they never will know how to make their own bed or tie their own shoes. They will never cook for themselves and cannot change a tire on a car. Laugh at them. They think we need them.They die of starvation on a deserted island with 10 years of food and a manual can opener.Why? ,because they are not capable to taking care of themselves. Let alone they would never figure out how to use a manual can opener.We should not fear them,but laugh at them. Patriot Broadcasters should be pointing out how pathetic they are, instead of preaching gloom and doom. Lets have fun a little. It is a sure cure of battle fatigue in the infowar. The infowar is not a one man crusade. We are all in the fight too. While we fight ,we have to live our lives.


  1. Hear here!!!
    I laughed when I saw this globalist's 'first pitch'...

  2. Festivals featuring garage and yard sales of the Rothschild and European royalty bling and estates. Get that ruby and diamond encrusted bowling glove you have always wanted. Maybe a Rolls limousine with mink upholstery and a swimming pool where the trunk should be, for $50.00.

    If Europe thinks they are broke now, wait til the U.S. drop kicks their ass out to return to constitutional banking and lets the pigs fight their own wars.Leave Whitey on his own.(I'm Nordic.)

    Ron Paul for pres. Grow a vegetable garden that PRODUCES, befriend a few chickens, and keep a large bag of scratch on hand and we can weather this AND party.