Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tyrants Always Use People's Good Intentions to Advance Tyranny

                 I was watching a news show with the aftermath of the shocking verdict of the Casey Anthony trial and seen this very thing happen with the death of Jessica Lunsford. Soon after these events happened. There is a parade of politicians using this opportunity to grandstand and use this unfortunate time to exploit the good decent people of America to pass the most oppressive and draconian laws making matters worse and never accomplishing what it set out to do.

                The mainstream media would use the crimes and tears of victims of crime to create a sense of urgency saying the government must do something about it, blowing the whole issue out of proportion. First, I will share about starting with Carry Lightner who founded Mother against Drunk Drivers following the tragedy of losing her daughter to a drunk driver. This organization was originally not to be a political lobby, but a public awareness venue to address the dangers of Drunk Driving. Carry Lightner had to leave the organization she founded because MADD took a direction that was not her original intent and is now being used for political reasons.

                              Well look many years later, perhaps a couple of decades ago, and we see how good intentions created a tyranny with a money making industry. MADD has been responsible for the government using Drunk Driving laws to abuse and oppress the people. It was not so much about catching Drunk Drivers. It is about making money. Now in the name of stopping Drunk Driver they set up fourth amendment roadside checkpoints were the Police harass motorist with illegal searches and seizures. It is now public knowledge seeing how judges and lawyers found a way to profit from the Drunk Driving scare. They set up their own special schools and counseling programs on top of the fines making a first offense to Drunk Driving costing you, an arm and a leg without causing harm to a person and their property.

                               When you take a step, back a take a long hard look at this Drunk Driving issue, having an open mind facing facts good, and bad. You will see it is not about our own good. It is about revenue generation. I know many people who never were drunk who had a glass of wine 6 hours before they got behind the wheel go through unnecessary hardships because the government abused the people in the name of stopping these evil drunk drivers. Just for a final note on MADD. Where is Mother against Drunk Driving when it comes to illegal aliens driving drunk? I do not hear them calling on the US government to secure the borders or pushing for strict immigration enforcement to stop these illegal alien drunk drivers who are killing more, that does not get the reporting as it should in the news. Illegal Alien drunk drivers with no license, registration and insurance have been given a pass at these checkpoints while the Americans get harassed for not having their papers.

                 Then we have gun control. I have seen countless news reports about gun ands violence propaganda in the news to get people to cry for stricter gun laws to stop the criminals who are in gangs involved deal in drugs. They tug at people emotions seeing the families of the victims of violence cry. From the shooting in a playground in Stockton, California in the late 1980s, to the recent shooting of the Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords in Tucson Arizona, as an anti gun propaganda tool. They threw it in our faces about gun accidents in the homes. They played on people emotions and fears to divert people's common sense from looking at the facts and history. Now gun control is to punish the law abiding and rarely the criminal ever are punished for possessing a firearm if they are convicted felons, unless you are a law-abiding person with no criminal record in possession of a banned weapon. Then the system will throw the book at them. The anti gun crowd who seeks to confiscate every firearm from the people will try to play on people's good nature and decency, who are will to be reasonable as useful fools to move toward their goals of banning the private ownership of firearms.

              With the war on drugs, the people cried for something to be done about the drugs and violence that follows on the streets of America. The people who are behind the war on drugs do not want us to look back on prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s when the same of Alcoholic drinks were illegal to buy, use or sell. This gave rise to Al Capone and many other bootleggers who profited off the illegal sale of Whiskey and Gin. The more the government tried to crack down on speakeasies. The more whiskey was on the streets.Not learning of looking back at the failure of prohibition, and the consequences of that period in our history. The real solution is decriminalizing and legalizing narcotics and marijuana as the answer to the drug abuse problem. The impact of stopping the violence on the streets and dealing with the drug abuse problem is when there is decrimimialization of illegal substances. They come up with asset forfeiture laws and many non-violent people serving prison time for a joint in their pocket. Selling the public seizing the entire drug dealer’s money and assets was the way to go. That this would solve the drug problem, we were being misled to believe this is the solution. Now we look today people that are more innocent are being robbed by the state for just having a lot of cash on them under the suspicion that drugs were involved. They lose their houses and cars, even though a judge may rule the allegations are unfounded. They have to hire a lawyer to get all their property back, which might not happen. Never mind our government ships in the drugs and punishes the people for buying it. The war on drugs will punish and abuse 20 innocent people until they catch one guilty one.

             Shortly following the September 11, 2001 attacks people were afraid and at the same time out of blood to seek revenge for the people responsible of this evil act on American soil. The people being misled to believe, we need to surrender some of our rights to secure the homeland and to stop those Muslims. The Propaganda machine in high gear, chanting with political talking points, we need to Patriot act and a Department of Homeland Security. We need to torture to gather intelligence to stop further attacks and stronger airport security measure to stop these high jacking of jet planes to use them as missiles against the American people. I believe these attacks were false flag attacks executed by our government to blame and demonize the Muslim people as a means to take away our liberties. They sold fear with color coded terror alerts and FBI setting up patsies using an unsuspecting groups of people to say they are going to attack this target and that target as a way to generate fear in the hearts of the people to submit to the government to do what they say or the Muslims will attack us.

                Almost 10 years later shy of anniversary on the attack of World trade center, The Pentagon and flight 93 in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Are we any safer then we were 10 years ago? The truth is the very bad people who orchestrated the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 were the very ones playing the saviors and protectors with the solution to keep us safe. They are not the saviors at all and their really want to be our masters. We see it how the Department of Homeland Security is violating states rights federalizing the local police and Sheriffs. We are being touched a groped at the airports. The average person can get a label being a domestic extremist if he dares questions how the government is protecting the citizens. Or oppressing the people.  9-11 is the best example of a Police State rising based on good intentions.

                 We hear the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That is a fact. This is when the government and their willing partners, which is the corporate media, team up to play on our good intentions to get us to act in their favor. All this ,so we cry for the government’s intervention because it seems so bad. Have we learned our lesson now when the government touches something, it gets worse every time? We must not allow the government to play with our emotions anymore so we demand they intervene for us. We need to maintain our rational thought process and common sense. We do not need the government to be the solution to our problems, when they seem to become the bigger problem when they step in. We are the true homeland security; we do not need Washington DC. There will always be gun violence, drug abuse and drunk driving. Bad things will always happen to good people. Crying for a nanny state will not solve nothing and will always make things worse. Good intentions only go so far, the solutions only just backfire on us because it was done with the best intentions. Tyrants are good manipulators of the truth. When they tug at our emotions using our good hearts just to get us to believe they have a solution playing on our common decency with the best intentions to correct an injustice or wrong. Just beware of that good intentions most of the time do not mean the desired outcome. We must use our heads, and be wise not to create a hell made with good intentions.



  1. Another fine, incomprehensible article. I do have to admit that you keep getting less articulate, the more you write. You've taken baffling prose to new heights.

    I very much enjoy reading your site, and thanks for adding a smile, a chuckle, or even an outright laugh to my day.

  2. The article starts well by pointing out how the police is abusing their powers and assuming "authority" they don't have and don't deserve.

    But then you talk about "illegal Aliens"...
    Do you consider yourself a "legal human" or what??? Have you created this Earth, have you created the continent of America? Get a hard look at yourself. This planet belongs to everybody.

    And then the "bad", "bad" muslims... Terrorists...Jesus Christ... you have been fooled big time. About time you start questioning your media sources, their owners and their agenda. Do you even know WHO owns the media and HOW all major media owners are connected with each other through WHICH organizations(sects)?...About time you start looking at the JESUITS and SMOM...

    The only terrorists are in your mind and on fabricated videos!