Sunday, July 10, 2011

The President is Rumored to Use Martial Law Control over Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling and Taxes?

                  Have we learned the lessons from history yet? How many times have we allowed concentrating so much power in the hands of one person? It always happens and when it goes bad. Everyone is hurt because of it. President Bush signed PD-51 as a major power grab away from congress and the courts. The congress does not have permission to read the documents considered classified. This makes the President himself an absolute dictator. In October 2008, the congress refused to pass the bailouts to the bankers because the will of the people. They sent the bill to the Senate and brought it back to the house for a vote again. This time the President and the Treasury secretary threatened martial law against congress if the bailout did not pass. A threat as a blatant act of war, a siege against the people’s congress and the constitution.

                   The John Warner Defense Authorization Act and The Military Commissions Act are laws to use the military against the people and the states who refuse to go along with the New World Order. I have to wonder down in Austin Texas if the suspending commercial flights over Texas were just a cover story and the Texas legislature was under threats of a mechanized infantry division out of Ft. Hood, taking over the state capital if they dared challenge Washington and the White House prohibiting groping with invasive searches at the airports that violate state law. There is nothing to prove such a threat was being used against the legislators. It is just my suspicion. It would not surprise me if was really a threat to the Texas Senate if they passed the bill. President Lincoln used Military force to arrest and detain the entire Maryland Legislature to prevent a vote on secession and protested military occupation of union soldiers in their state.

                    It is now a rumor that President Obama will use the same war powers Abraham Lincoln invoked,using the 14th amendment authority to coerce congress to vote on raising the debt ceiling and taxes. He will override congress to borrow and tax us bypassing the legislative process. Putting a gun to the people's congress head to do as the dictator tells them. An act of war and blatant show of force by a dictator. I think this will be the tipping point were the people will have no choice but to push back. They cannot allow this president to posses this power unchallenged anymore. I just hope the Military will stand own and not obey. Their loyalty is to the US Constitution and not to the commander in Chief when he acts unlawfully interfering with the business of the people's house. It is the Military duty to preserve the institution, not attack it at the will of the President because he is not getting his way. This might be the over reach that will push the American people over the edge to start resisting illegal Federal power.

                   After Obama leaves, office and we get a new Congress sworn in who might adhere to the Constitution. The extra ordinary powers not granted in the Constitution must be stripped from the President he gave himself under executive orders and Presidential directives bypassing congress over the decades. The balance of power between all three branches must be restored. I hope we all learn from this recent history starting not just with Obama. Ever since President Lincoln though FDR, Nixon, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 42 all the way to Obama. All Presidents who held office. The President gave himself powers and congress gave over powers that have become dangerous to the nation. To allow this power to be concentrated in the hands of one person is a disaster. The founders knew this danger very well living under a king. This is why the Constitution granted the President very limited powers. So he does not have the powers of a King with a standing army at his disposal.Now the President today has an ego of an Emperor with US military under his control. Now we are living the consequences ,allowing this to happen on our watch. On the other hand this could be the over reach of power that awakens the sleeping giant.


  1. "It is the Military duty to preserve the institution, not attack it at the will of the President because he is not getting his way."

    Wrong. The duty of every soldier is to obey his commanding officer. It is the FIRST duty. The most important.

    It has to be. What would happen if it weren't? Total chaos. Do you want soldiers on the battlefield second guessing their commanders? Not following orders because they stop to wonder if they are "preserving the institution"?

    It' always been a pet peeve of mine, when people who have obviously never been in the military talk as if they do. You clearly know nothing about being a soldier.

    So why don't you just be grateful for their work, and stop telling them what to do?

    I can't speak for all soldiers, but I'd rather hear, "thank you for your service" rather than, "you need to listen to me instead of your CO".


  3. Democracy & Deception - Secret Society Manipulation of America

    facinating breakdown of all we see happening around us these days. It's a bit haphazard in it's presentation, and does take a bit of mental consentration to follow. However, the facts are accurate and easily researched and verified.

    Not for the weak minded, or willfully ignorant comfortable in they're toilet paper tube view of the World.

    Knowledge is Power!, and Ignorance is Bliss!. Therefore you are the master of your own destiny.

    Peace, Love and Wisdom.

    Democracy & Deception - Secret Society Manipulation of America - Gary Arnold

  4. Rooty, I served in the Military and we knew what lawfull and unlawful orders were. Using the Military to stop congress or the states from doing what is legal is an unlawful order from a commanding officer. That commader should be relieved of duty that is specified under the UCMJ that gives an inferior offuicer the right to do. My first duty is preserve,protect and defend the constitution from all ememies foregn and domestic. In that oath is obeying ALL LAWFUL ordrs too. I have not forgot my oath.

  5. so if americans took to the streets like those other countries would you have our military attack us because he is a crybaby and dont get his way i was in the military and we still have a choice of what is right and wrong i dont agree with imposing our will on others but if they attack us then they get what they deserve because you dont like the way others live who are to move in and takeover their country unless that is what they want let them fend for themselves our country needs to quit being the watchdog for every other country our government cant even fix our own problems we ive in a country that is suppose to have choices concerning our right to live freedom to the people not to the government dickheads we have now