Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Internet is Better Off Without Government Interference

              I asked many internet ITs and many computer programmers, the very people who know the internet, and how it works. The worse thing is to allow the government to take over the internet in the name in cyber-security saving the web. The truth is many privet servers and far more capable of internet security and protecting their networks from attack than the Federal government can do. The real agenda behind the government desiring to take over the internet is not to protect us from cyber attacks. It is for total control.

             The internet is the last bastion of free speech and expression. The very network that was supposed to be for those elites as a surveillance tool to watch us and control the population. Their plans for the internet to be a weapon against have become nightmare against them. The old dinosaur mainstream media and newspapers have lost all credibility with the people. Part of the reason why people have been looking for alternative sources of news and information is the lies broadcasted daily. I been so happy to be a part of this trend that is a phenomenon, we are making history.

            The governments along with the old-line news giants that are dieing are losing their hind end and no matter what they do at this point. It is too late for them. They may shut down the web, censor the internet and try to stifle free speech. It will not work. Our computers may disconnect from the internet. We can still replicate and reproduce materiel; we can still pass out information without using cyberspace and bypass the propaganda machine. As they say, the horse left the barn or the train left the station long ago. It is too late no matter what they do.

              We are witnessing the act of desperate people trying to hold onto power. The Justice Department is shutting down website for so-called copyright infringements. Handful members of congress are frantically trying to pass legislation as the IP Protect Act, the Cyber bullying Bill and the Cyber Security Act. None of these bills has anything to do with protecting us from those bad hackers and computer viruses. It is about total control over free speech. To clamp down on dissent and censorship is their true intentions. It is not to keep us safe from those evil hackers and cyber bullies.

              We must keep the internet free and unrestricted. If the government thinks, they can get people on internet two so they can control free speech. I have a feeling they will be sadly mistaken, they have underestimated the people. People will build their own networks and bypass all the government hubs passing on vital news and information. The Militia movement has been developing the Ultra-net and the Golden Spike project using old and new technology setting up alternative networks. We do have the people on our side who know how to get around the choke points the government will put in place.

              My prediction is we will have enough people with knowledge in network technology to find ways to get around the government choke points using a series of private networks outside the governments reach sending the people vital information. We read about Google and Yahoo seeking to take control over the web being partner with the US government. If they try to take over the internet, using a bogus reason in the name of keeping cyberspace safe from hackers and attacks. They maybe isolating themselves when they are the ones disconnected. Government interference of the internet again might blow up in their faces. Another possible miscalculation is they dare touch the internet.



  1. I was using ARPAnet as a little kid, when it was a very serious crime to do so. I've allegedly caused tens of millions of damage to government systems. When I hear about the G mucking about in OUR internet, I get very angry.

    Down with the NWO! Libertarian hacker for life!

  2. We need to figure out a way to build our own Internet. It would be open, crowd-sourced, private and unowned by media conglomerates. I suggest some kind of 'international internet co-op' that people can contribute to financial, but which no one person (or government or organization) can control.

    HAM radio and pirate radio services are examples of the path to follow.

    It's our last chance at freedom and it's poised to be taken over by media moguls, spy agencies and the security state all in the name of 'protecting' us from make-believe hackers and terrorists.

  3. Yeah, and tptb can "claim" or "allege" that they own it, or that such and such bought the Internet, but in truth, We, THE People own it.

    Tptb, the Feds, the Pentagon did NOT dip into their pockets for the money, they used OUR tax momey to develop it!

    THe Internet belongs to US! We paid for it!

    It's OURS!