Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will Prayer Be An Act Of Civil Disobedience in Texas over Recent Court Ruling?

vEver since prayer was thrown out of school. Religious freedoms has been attacked and taken a beating in courts. To me many of these cases arise out of a person intolerance of other people's faith. I have no problem with other people worshiping God to the dictates of their own conscience. I do not care if my co workers, friends and acquaintances are Muslims. If they want to pray facing Mecca. I will not stop them. Just as long they do not force me to pray facing the city.

         The fact is in many of these cases involving religious freedom. They would get offended at crosses, prayers scripture on T-shirts and Bibles. Most people of faith do mind their own business. They may hand me a tract. I can refuse to accept it. Christians do have a right to pass out flyers as long people have the choice to refuse or take the information. If someone does not like Christians or prayer. We will not change their mind to believe any different.

          In this ruling that came down in Texas prohibiting prayer at a graduation ceremony shows the hostility of certain judges toward religious freedom. The people who were agnostic or atheist who complained have a problem. Live with it. As long the school does not force the person to bow their head to pray. No one is forcing their religion or compelling them to pray.

          Me I am a Texas Nationalist. I refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. No one can compel me or force me to say the pledge out loud. I do not say the pledge because all the wars we are in that are unjust. My act of civil disobedience. Neither will I force someone not to say the pledge because it might offend me. It is time to start getting really politically incorrect and start showing an act of civil disobedience

          As an act of disobedience people should pray in all government building out loud all around Texas if you are Buddhist,Muslims,othodox Jew or Christians. This attack is on you too. We are seeing this is an attack on Religious freedom. Then first Amendment was there to protect us from the government. Now 501c3 churches now are state run churches attacking who the pastor will say from the podium. It was never written to restrict religion. It was to protect the people from government, not to protect people from religion. If the state compelled people as a condition. That is a violation for the right to worship or not to worship. If a person is offended. That is too bad. There is nothing in the Constitution protecting the right to of people not to be offended or have their feelings hurt. The first Amendment does not protect people from being offended.
         Do not mess with Texas. They might defy the court order and let the judge know there will be hell to pay or repent. God bless Texas and hell with the Judge.

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