Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are these Riots an Act of Agent Provocateurs? A Weapon of a Dictator To Crack Down On The Population?

            Look at this from what I see on the surface. These uprisings in the cities around the nation are not created in a vacuum. We are looking at a White House desperate to hold onto power so he can impose a Police State and crack down on Free Speech. Was it the social networks provoking these acts of violence and destruction of property? Are there operatives being agitators sent out to enrage the people? Who are they trying to demonize and marginalize?

            What I fear this will be used as an excuse to impose Martial Law with curfews, gun grabs going house to house and check points searching cars without search warrants. The H1N1 crisis fell flat. People see who they are out in the open. They need a crisis or start an event to implement a Police State over the population. They need an excuse to suspend the Constitution as a way they say to "Keep us safe from the hoodlums". I have a bad feeling they will use this crisis to deploy the Military to restore law and order. It was reported the Federal government was provoking the people in LA to riot after the Rodney King verdict were they had US Marines on Standby ready to be deployed on the streets of LA nearly 20 years ago. 

             Are we witnessing the Hegelian dialectic in action? Creating the Problem, Demonstrating the Problem and giving a solution people would not otherwise accept? So I have to wonder. Was it the feds behind starting these riots? They will allow it to get to a point were people will cry for a solution that is authoritarian. Benjamin Franklin warned us .When we exchange freedom for security. We will get neither. The truth is riots or no riots. I rather face the danger and risk than give up my God given freedoms for security. These riots have me suspicious.This is a desperate act by a dictator looking for a distraction away from the ugly realities of the economy and find a way to ratchet down on the population. Can this be the crisis he will try to use? Tell me. I would like to know.


  1. It is only by identifying the agent provocateurs, the infiltrators, the false-flag attacks, including 911, for what they are: tools to be used as the pretext to enslave us and then pillage our public institutions; that we are going to free ourselves from the small criminal oligarchy now running rough-shod on humanity.

  2. Yes this is the excuse they need, they have their own undercover riot starters to give the out of control police the excuse to abuse citizens. However any law or officer who VIOLATES the Constitution ceases to represent the government, meaning they are now thugs. Any law that viloates the Constitution is NULL and VOID. We gave this to them as LIMITS to their authority, by violating it they NULLIFY their own authority....STAND UP AND ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS (given to you by GOD, and NOT under the control of men or the laws of men) They only have the control you ALLOW them to have.

  3. conceal carry, put 'em down if threatened, then they will be exposed, in meantime feel safe knowing you can protect yourself and loved ones.

  4. There is absolutely NO question that the Hegelian dialectic has been used since Hegel by the evil people who ALWAYS seem to bubble up the power pyramid.

    Look back at the Bush family history. US Senator Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with the enemy for being Hitler's representative in the USA. Oh that we could have a USA that honest again. In 1998 or so the Riggs bank of Texas, a Bush enterprise was fined 20 million or so for money laundering; no doubt from the Bush family drug dealing.

    The US public has been CONSTANTLY deceived and lied to get us to surrender our rights and lives. 9/11 is the consummate example. If you think some 19 foreigners NONE of whom could fly a piper cub well, lead by an old man living in a cave accomplished the ultra high tech operation of 9/11 you believe the wackiest conspiracy theory ever invented. And you know of course we should not believe "Conspiracy Theories".

    Then we can look at Obama's history. THERE IS NONE. Do you find this a little strange?

    Our problem in the USA is not "terrorism" or even worse "homegrown terrorism", it is terrorist organizations of a subverted Federal Government such as Homeland Gestapo or TSA the embryonic brown-shirts of a sold out government.

  5. -"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than the fear of sudden death. What luck for the rulers that men do not think" - Adolf Hitler
    Think about that next time you hear the word used by the government hacks.