Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is the TSA Caving In?Do We Trust Them?Are they Trying to Lull the States to Sleep So they Will Not Pass Laws to Restrict them?

             Is the TSA doing another stand down like they did last Thanksgiving in 2010 when people were going to opt out of the body scanners and enhanced pat downs?. I have to question if this is a genuine policy change or is there something up their sleeve for something bigger they can use as an excuse to grab more power later. This is coming out of White House were they do the opposite of what they say. Is this another stand down to deflect the public backlash hoping to lull the states asleep so they will not pass legislation against these the intrusive violations?

            I can not trust what the TSA says. They are trying to save face hoping the states will back off passing laws reigning in their power. Even if they stop using enhanced pat downs and full body scanners. Homeland security is deploying pre crime software to determine if a passenger has ill intent to commit an act of terrorism like in the movie with Tom Cruise called Minority Report. I do not believe they will back off. There will be a false flag attack to keep the wretched measures in place. This a communistic tactic going three steps forward than take two steps back.

            The TSA not only wanted to do full body pat downs under the assumption of explosive breast implants. They want to start doing vaginal and rectal exams to see if there is nothing up there too. How over the top this. If someone tried to smuggle a bomb on the plane stuffing up an explosive device inside of them up one or both orifices. It would really uncomfortable to travel having an object inside of them for a long period of time. No common sense is used to figure out this is ridicules . Just some sickos imagination to find a reason to get into our personal space for our own safety as always they say .

             To say the TSA is backing off and reconsidering its polices is highly questionable. I believe this move is to stop the states from passing laws against the groping. Knowing they are in a losing battle and the need to regroup. They may change policies for a short time to look reasonable. Until the next staged attack or event happens. This will be an excuse to bring back the intrusive groping and more with a vengeance. Who knows how much farther they will go.Will there be shock collars on the plane for all passengers to electrocute into submission if they step out of line?

             I do not trust what the TSA says one bit. I will repeat it again.This might be a ploy to get the states to back off passing laws against the groping and full body scanners if they believe the TSA has repented. They know this will bring a State's rights issue into full view as a remedy if many states pass the laws restricting the TSA. This rogue agency is trying to keep their authority intact to implement these policies at a later time without state interference. The TSA is trying to neutralize the states hoping they will back off under the illusion there is no need for state laws to stop the enhanced pat downs if the agency stopped them. The White House Knows if the states move forward with these pending laws and win.The states will further push back posing more of a threat to his authoritarian and dictatorial power.

           Reigning in the TSA might be the start of the states pushing back in more ways than one against Federal power.  Do not fall for this TSA backing down under pressure. They do have a trick up their sleeve if we fall for it. States need to move forward anyway so the TSA can never start these intrusive pat downs again up again. The States must prevail anyway so the TSA is never above the law again.


  1. ABOLISH THE TSA!!! Show me, tell me how American men, women, and children, babies, breast milk, vagina's etc have been a LIFE THREATENING problem in airline traffic in the past to warrant this criminalization of AMERICAN travelers! Besides the 4th Amendment RIGHT against UNLAWFUL searches and seizures UNLESS for PROBABLY CAUSE! Show me PROBABLE CAUSE! There is NONE!
    If you want to get it RIGHT..follow Israel's airline safety methods... Take ISRAELI air travel..they KNOW who is coming into TeL Aviv airport before they even show up at the ticket window, they know who the devil is, and who some poor traveling SCHLEP is too! Look to them to get it RIGHT! They know before hand who is trying to fly Israeli Air lines..and the bad guys just don't get on a plane!
    GIVE ME a break! TSA is a STUPID and EVIL arm of an evil and corrupt corporate, socialist/communist regime! END TSA in the USA!

  2. I'm your wicked uncle Ernie, I'm glad that you won't hear or see me as I FIDDLE ABOUT, FIDDLE ABOUT, FIDDLEABOUT. Your parents left me here to mind you, so I can do just what I want to, as I FIDDLE ABOUT, FIDDLE ABOUT, FIDDLEABOUT. Down with the bedclothes, up with your nightshirt, FIDDLE ABOUT, FIDDLEABOUT...You get the idea by now, don't you? (From the rock-opera, 'Tommy' by Pete Townsend)
    This misbehavior has gone on for too much time. Impeach the lot of them, and get the swine behind the curtain.

  3. I have said in numerous other posts that
    if the TSA is not abolished asap, we are
    going to be seeing full real time strip
    searches, vaginal and rectal exams(and
    don't you know that will leave it wide open
    to really serious sexual abuse?) How many
    people are really going to stand for that
    type of sick antics from the TSA? Let's
    take it a step further. Imaging TSA having
    the authority to take parents children
    away from them on the spot(CPS powers)if
    the parents don't stand passively by and
    watch their beloved offspring forcefully
    stripped down naked in front of them and
    watch their crying, terrified children as
    the TSA sticks their fingers up the rectums
    of both boys and girls, and then up the
    little vaginas of frightened screaming little
    girls all in the name of "safety"? And
    really try to imagine if you will TSA agents
    given guns and arrest powers equal to that of cops, shock collars for any and all passengers,
    teenage girls and attractive women taken into
    private rooms for full strip down checks?
    Watch the sexual abuse spiral out of control
    then, but on the other hand we are just about
    there as it is. Don't try to tell me that none
    of this can or will happen and expect me to believe it. Just look how far TSA has gone out
    of control at this point. Now imagine for just
    a minute TSA at every place of business you
    see open. As you drive to your local grocery
    store, just picture a TSA agent there, or at
    your bank, or your job, hotel, shopping mall,
    local bar, courthouse, schools, anywhere on
    any road, any place of vacation, you name it.
    And then finally picture TSA agents at every
    street corner, and finally.....YOUR HOME!!!
    TSA is utterly useless and down right sick
    and evil with the type of people they have
    hired and will continue to hire.
    People we absolutely must band together,
    get ourselves up off the couch and away from
    the TV(one eyed idiot box) and get the hell
    rid of TSA before they get any worse than they already are!!!

  4. NobodysaysBOO
    "The TSA not only wanted to do full body pat downs under the assumption of explosive breast implants. They want to start doing vaginal and rectal exams to see if there is nothing up there too."
    OH MAN this is sick stuff!
    BUY airline stocks SHORT today! LOL
    Why is it that all of these ruling /royal/eliets/ have this anal fixation,it must be something in the fish eggs,something clinical and cronic,like the storys of bush and the toad rember?Fireworks,toads/anal /bush!
    Perhaps policies that get rolling under 1 president can't be stopped and just keep a life of their own like all the alphabet soup HS,TSA,FBI ect ect
    Today we have black americans almost exclusively around Obama no accident here,maybe the president wants this color shift maybe his minders want this?
    Bush had isrealie minders and an anal fixation maybe his people are keeping this going?
    There will be no changes.
    Now with 911 stuxnet,and gm poisions they seem to have modified and activated a new plague in Germany! Now just WHO is it that hates GERMANS? HMMM
    sears towers coming down?
    why?Who wants to rule the dead sea?
    Thanks for the free speech err rant opp.

  5. The TSA and their certified ball grabbers and boop inspectors are not going anywhere till we as a people stop allowing them to do it.