Friday, June 3, 2011

Can Russia Maintain Stability and Overt a Third World War?

                It seems the United States with Israel is looking for a fight to start around the world. America has betrayed countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan who are supposed to be our allies for Israel. So why are these countries running to Russia? This nation is not part of the Anglo banking system. Putin threw out all the oligarchs and arrested the money junkies robbing Russia blind. Many Countries like Venezuela and Iran are not under control of the private Central bankers. It seems the countries who do not want to private Central Bankers controlling their currency are taking a stand against the Robber Barons.

              All these Muslim uprisings are part of the plan by the moneychangers for overthrowing these countries to set up a private central bank issuing a debt based money system. Many of these countries have been double-crossed by the United States are now looking for leadership from Russia. They see Henry Kissinger convincing these Arab countries to buy our treasury bonds or more like our debt in exchange America will but their oil has tricked them long ago. Now the very money powers that made the agreement with are ready to stab the Middle East oil producing nations in the back. It is very clear. America fights and starts wars for the Bankers and Israel not for the war on terror. It is for gaining control of issuing currency around the world.

               The United States is now beyond being the evil empire. The U.S. military is the hired gun for the corporations and bankers to gain control of the money supply and natural resources.  This is why they are aggravating China, Taunting Venezuela, demonizing Iran and antagonizing Russia into a war. The truth is the United State is in no condition to start war at will with any nation.  Our Armed forces are not in good shape at all or fit to fight. Burned out and depleted to the point of serious implosion. We will lose the fight every time. To start to pick a fight with Russia is a very stupid move. The Russian forces are well disciplined and with good equipment far better than American forces. Their troops are not battle fatigued and weakened by multiple deployments. I can see Russia does not want a world war or a fight with anyone. Russia knows the price will be high for both sides even in victory. They have a shortage of males in the population were women outnumber men by a sizable margin due to wars and purging in the 20th century. They cannot afford to send more males to wars like those that they did in the past. Russia last year started to reverse the trend of a low birthrate to an increase in children being born. There are not enough males in the Russian population to fill the ranks of the military and keep the infrastructure of the country maintained if the are in a prolonged war sustaining mass casualties with deaths to follow.

             I have to commend Vladimir Putin for turning Russia around after the post Yeltsin years. Putin seen the effects of the Soviet Union and the eugenics policies has took a toll almost turning Russia into a dieing race in the post Soviet era. Now the Russian government has been paying families to have children to reverse the trend to replenish the population. Therefore, the priority of increasing the male population Russia will insure the survival of the nation. The Russian Federation sees the threat that is the bankers. Forming an alliance with China, Iran, Venezuela and other countries that are not under the heavy hand of the bankers might be the most stabilizing effect against the imperial United States and NATO. Eventually Russia might have to make a show of force to say enough is enough to the bankers and the countries they control. It is not about terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. It is about the right of countries to decide what kind of currency they will issue as a sovereign right of a republic. Russia is working to keep the bankers in check. The Bankers have gone lunatic ordering American forces to drop bombs over nations like Libya because they have a currency independent of the central bankers. Russia sees the threat is the bankers and they will have to use that show of force to be a deterrent or the Bankers will win. Russia might be the force that will in time save America from itself.


  1. Excellent analysis!! I agree that Vladimir Putin is the stabilizing factor!! When one follows the money trail through the fed res corp and the rockefellers to the rostchilds and, as we know, the Balfour declaration illegally gave Palestine to rotschild as a cover nation to run his quest for all fits..Putin also knows these same money changers took out the Romanovs entire blood he is not going to give in!!

  2. I think you meant "Avert" and not "Overt"

  3. Marie-Julie Jahenny, (1850-1940), and Blessed Sister Eleno Aiello, (1895-1961),Catholic Mystics, victim souls, both bearing the mystical wounds of Christ (stimatists), and both of whom have had full church approval: Marie-Julie was shown WWI, WWII, and WWIII in detail, Blessed Sister Aiello was shown a vision of WWIII in 1960. Both Mystics relate their visions of "Russia" with all the Moslem nations attacking the west, Europe and the USA in a surprise attack with men and arms, planes and equipment that the world never imagined that they had so much in hiding. A world total economic crash, followed by world revolution, and in the chaos Russia attacks. Five years of war, 3/4 of the world dies. Both the world for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, pornography, immodesty in dress, contraception, etc, and the Church for the loss of faith and abandonment of the traditional faith will be punished severly these mystics say. All to happen very suddenly and very soon according to many other mystics. God will allow our enemies to punish us and when all seems lost, when both the Church and the world seem finished, then God will intervene and we win in the end but at a great loss. All the enemies of the Church both within and without and all corrupt politicians and leaders will meet a very horrible end for their serious neglect of their God given duties towards the common good and virtue.

  4. In 1984, Pope JPII asked a Catholic Mystic in Germany what he had been shown in his visions. The mystic said that in one he saw the sky black with planes and missles coming out of Russia towards the west and over 10 million soldiers on the move. He also saw two submarines surfacing on the west and east coast of the USA and firing their missles at the coastal cities.
    Here again is a mystic confirming what others have said. All the wealthy will be despoiled of all their wealth and property and most will be killed in the conflagration. Because they did not do with their wealth and power what was intended by God they lose all and they will be replaced by the sons of working men and the poor.

  5. Finally: According to the Mystics - In the USA, economic collapse, large mob uprisings in the cities, Russia attacks the USA both on land and sea to keep America from coming to the aid of Europe. First 6 months complete anarchy, murder, mayhem and chaos, next 6mo. everyone takes one of two side, a good and bad, next 6mo. the good side begins to win, next 6mo. the good side wins, and then all begin to restore order. In the beginning no food to the cities, no electricity for near two years, starvation and disease kill millions and millions along with the debauchery and killing. (Russians and foriegn troops in the country - Chinese amphibious assault with over 1 million men on the west coast - "with help from within our own government"). We win in the end and go to help Europe. Two and a half years in the USA, near five years in Europe the war. Russia win everywhere in the first two years before the tide turns and all American troops supplies overseas and outside of the country are killed and or confiscated. Also very large or apocalyptic storms or earthquakes in the fray. Possibly martial law and an attempted take over of the USA by foriegn forces with the aid of our own government. It is the civilian population that rises up to the task and not only combats these forces but are the principle reason for our victory in the end - with God's help.
    Google the following: "WW3 Prophecies" and "Visions from Central Europe" to read some of what happens in Europe.
    Also read "The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny" and the "Scapular of Benediction" which will protect families from the calamities coming. This mystic, stigmatist, victim soul, who had full chuch approval, Marie-Julie Jahenny, is of the highest integrity and trustworthiness in both her warnings and revelations given her by heaven.

  6. Sorry to post anonymously, but I think it would pay all to remember that Russia doesn't know how to fight wars. Just my two cents.

  7. Your view of Russia is hopelessly outdated. Russia, for many years now, is run by international criminals, bankers etc., you know who I mean. It's now worse than it was under Eltzin. The criminals own it's all, but usually through fictional names. All of the Ukraine is owned by numbered companies; no names are available to public. Terrorist acts (blasting military weapons depots, setting forests on fire, bombing factories and people, etc.) are everywhere. Money is transferred abroad in huge amounts. Perverts, what Russians call "liberasts" are everywhere. Narcotics everywhere. The Western criminals buy Moslems to do terror. Israeli agents everywhere. But you need to read Russian, the information is still there, but the new item in the criminal code - # 282 - is on the attack against dissidents. Jails and labor camps are open for men who just say something. People call this # 282 a "Russian chapter" in the criminal code - it prohibits to defend Russian language, culture, science, property and the very freedom of Russia. This is a festival of the traitors; they actually occupy all positions of power, from the very top. You need to really read Russian websites. The press and all TV is all traitors and that never was before in the worst times.

  8. Putin Rocks He is the Man

    Medvedev seems to be straying from the fold, he is possibly becoming a worry for Putin ?

    Russia has said an attack on Iran by zionist controlled US and allied forces will be seen as an attack against Russia

    China has said an attack on Pakistan by zionist controlled US and allied forces will be seen as an attack on China

    I see Russia, China and the handful of countries without a Rothschild central banking system in place as our only hope of resistance against the satanic cancer of the NWO zionist controlled one world governance agenda

  9. Gender ratio is Russia is 4 female to 1 male? I don't think so. From the CIA handbook for Russia 2011;

    under 15 years: 1.06 male(s)/female
    15-64 years: 0.92 male(s)/female

  10. "Anonymous said...

    Sorry to post anonymously, but I think it would pay all to remember that Russia doesn't know how to fight wars. Just my two cents."

    Aren't you forgetting the war with Georgia just a couple of years ago? Georgia (with the help of American "advisors") attacked their own citizens in South Ossetia and Abkahzia and the Russian army kicked their butt and then retreated, all in the space of weeks. Contrast that with American adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who was it you said doesn't know how to fight wars? Actually, I think your comment is a couple of cents short.

  11. The next big one will be fought with scalar weapons with which Russia is well supplied and very proficient.

  12. NobodysaysBOO:
    "Georgia (with the help of American "advisors") attacked their own citizens in South Ossetia and Abkahzia and the Russian army kicked their butt and then retreated, all in the space of weeks."
    GOOD POINTS,The TV even showed the CAPTURED AMERICANS being driven away to Russia on the top of Russian tanks in handcuffs,NEVER to be heard from again,WHERE are these people today?Why do we leave our soldiers EVERYTIME!

    Putin also thru bennie the rat out of his office and made condosleza CRY!

    Good on PUTIN.
    The best day America EVER had was the day they chose NOT to go to war with Russia! They would kick or ASSES!

  13. NobodysaysBOO:
    Putin also thru bennie the rat out of his office and made condosleza CRY!

    another thing OBAMA can only DREAM of!

    Thank You for the free speech zone!

    Dont want to post as anon?
    Just add your name at the top if you want then click anon?

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  15. Hear the Michael Pyshnov post. I confirm that he is right.

  16. Хрен вам ,,янки,, ! Россия всех сильней!Слава России! Пендосы

  17. Such as that in Russia there is a certain amount, are very fond of shit on forums, screaming from all corners, as it became in Russia is bad. As a resident of Russia says: over the past 10 years, Russia has changed dramatically, Russians live quite comfortably and there is no more Big Brother that watches over all. No more of that "evil empire" than was the Soviet Union. Russia does not see America as an enemy, and wants to see another. And much credit for positive changes, Vladimir Putin.

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