Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Imperial Obama Administration,The Corrupt U.S. Senate,States Rights and the Nightmare of the 17th Amendment

              It is time to bring the case forward on the ratification of the 17th Amendment taking way the power of the States any representation in the Federal government. We are now looking at what has happened almost 100 years later. We have to call into question state by state by each legislator the legality of elections of US Senators by popular vote. Can we say the 17th Amendment legally is ratified without a doubt? We all know the 16th was not ratified creating the IRS and the income tax. The meaning of the founder’s intent of the word Senator was really an ambassador representing the State Governments in Washington DC. The District of Columbia is a neutral territory separate unto itself, not part of any state, which at one time to be a foreign power in the eyes of the states. This Bicameral Congress had an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The upper chamber is the Senate. This chamber is a creature of the states. The lower chamber is the House of Representatives we call the people’s House.

            This is how the Federal Government has checks and balances on itself. Not only the Congress was keeping check on the court and the executive branch overstepping its power. Also, states kept a check on Federal power through the US Senate. State legislators appointed two senators. They cannot go to Washington by popular elections as the House of Representatives are sent. When a Senator did not vote the will of the state government as ordered. These appointed Senators are under order to return at the will of the state legislator and replaces the person to fulfill the rest of the term. All legislation is started in the House. If passed, it would move to the Senate were the states advised their Senators how to vote. The US Senate had some distinct functions the house did not have. They presided over the impeachment trials of the President. The President had to seek advice and consent of the US Senate over ratification of Treaties that required two thirds of the Senate for treaties under the process of ratification. The President needed the Senate’s confirmation in appointing Supreme Court Justices and Judges in the lower courts.

              The State legislators decided over the ratification of treaties,and the president's appointment of Judges. The state government decided if a President was guilty or innocent by the impeachment process. The Senators would sit in judgment for the state as a juror in the trial of impeachments. The framers of the Constitution designed our form of government had in mind the states have a very active role in the federal process. Having the Senators appointed by the State government was also a firewall from bribery and corruption from special interest. The Senators were accountable to the State governments they represented. It served as a check on congress. This included the president’s executive powers and courts if there was misconduct from the bench. The US Senate would remove judges from the bench by impeachment if the Judge were a threat to State's rights and sovereignty. It is not a perfect system by any means. Nevertheless, it did keep corruption in check. Not all corruption was stopped. It was certainly a better system back then. A lot better than we have now.

              Today the US Senate is unrecognizable. How did this happen? In 1913 in the height progressive era in full swing, Calvin Coolidge pushed for US Senators to fill vacancies by popular vote. The reason because the states had vacancies in the Senate that was a problem. Sometimes because of disagreements deciding who to send because of political infighting. The other reason some vacancies were because the Legislator was not in session to select who will represent the state in Washington DC. It was a problem. This is one of the flaws in the Constitution. They should have given the power to the governor to appoint Senators to fill vacancies until Legislator came into session. Many of these governors could have called a special session to fill the vacancies too if the governor did not have the power to do recess appointments while legislator was in recess. The governors should have been delegated the power of recess appointments or call a mandatory special session until the vacancies were filled. This provision should have been included in the Constitution so all states are present in Washington with no vacancies in the Senate.

              The year 1913 was the year the United States ceased to be a representative republic and became a nation ruled by oligarchs. Prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The money powers had to make sure of the two things. The states would not be able to kill the bank through the US Senate and the Income tax as a surety to pay the private central bank for the issuance of currency through the income tax. The US Senate in 1811 was voting to renew the Private Central Bank's Charter.  The First Central Bank’s charter was up for renewal in 1811. Vice President Clinton voted breaking the tie going against the moneychangers not in favor of renewing the Bank's charter.The vice President can only cast a vote if there is a tie on the floor of the Senate. The states have been a threat to the central bankers ever since President Andrew Jackson killed the second Bank of the United States. The crimes of the Central Bank were exposed. This caused the states not to have a central bank because of the abuses in the past by private central bankers. That all changed by 1913. When the 17th Amendment was proposed and passed congress. It was announced by the Secretary of State the Amendment was ratified. The truth is the 17th Amendment has never been ratified by three fourths of the states. Many state legislators were not in session to vote on ratification. This Amendment like the 16th becomes legal by fraudulent means. This was a globalist coup to start eroding state sovereignty. Before the Federal government can erode national sovereignty. They had to subjugate the states first. They tried to erode American sovereignty with the League of Nations after World War one. The congress with the states wanted no part of it and failed to ratify the charter. It would be until 1945 when the UN charter was ratified starting the road of attacking US sovereignty. First, they had to attack the states undermining their sovereignty first.

                Now it is close to 100 years later. We have seen usurping the power of the states with legislation like the War Powers Acts, The National Security Act, FDR's New Deal, The UN Charter, The great society and the Administrative Procedures Act all usurped powers from the states. For many decades, the states are hostage with the threat of withholding federal funds if they dared assert sovereignty. Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole threatened States to withhold highway funds if they did not increase the drinking age from 18 to 21. We have a national debt of 14 trillion now.  Many of the states under their constitutions cannot spend more than they take in maintaining sound fiscal policy to stay out of debt. The States have no control over fiscal policy in Washington. We can see the expansion of the Federal government and power over the states. We have a standing army now that can now subjugate the states at the will of the Federal Government. A Standing Army in peacetime without a declaration of war from congress was what the founders feared would be a potential abuse of power over the people. A threat to our liberties indeed.

                 As we look at the Obama Administration today. We have so much abuse of power from the executive branch of government. The US Senators are so far in a remote place so out of touch with the States and the people who reside in it. They are now selling out to the global agenda. Senators like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, Barbara Boxer and over half of the Senate wants to attack Free speech with the rest of the Bill of Rights. The States have no control over them and have no way to hold them accountable.  They are agents of big corporations. The ratification of treaties are lobbied by special interest and the not the several states. The US Senate has thumbed its nose at the states and the people with destructive free trade deals like NAFTA, GATT, the NAU or SPP, CAFTA and the WTO. The flipped the middle finger at the American people with Amnesty and visas for cheap foreign labor taking away jobs from Americans. They will not secure the border because many people in big business desire the cheap labor and Democrats their voting block. These entrenched Senators want to censor the internet not because of cyber security. It is because we are exposing the powers that are in these Senator's back pockets. They do not want free speech because of the internet. We are kicking their ass everyday. This institution is corrupt with 100 empty suits who feel they are no longer accountable to the people or the state legislator.

               Congress does not intend to reign in the power of the President who has far exceeded his authority. We have Cap and trade enforcement without a law from congress, The UN Small Arms Treaty. The Law of the Sea treaty, The Waterways legislation was the Federal Government claims the power to seize control of all water sources. Through the EPA that prohibited the states from using their own natural resources to save a field mouse on the endangered species list. They cannot drill for oil. Build refineries or construct new coal power plants. We have Obamacare which is the worst law passed in my lifetime. There are so many egregious laws that are further attacking the rights of the states. The congress is willing to give Obama a blank check on the powers to make war or go after American citizens he deems threats. The States are not part of the process keeping this federal power in check. Congress keeps ceding its constitutional authority the Constitution delegates to them. They gave over the power to coin money to a Private Central Bank that has wrecked our economy. They have given away the power to declare war to the President. His will to act as he wishes without oversight. Now he can declare wars and go into countries without the approval of congress. Even raise an Army to invade its own country. The Federal Government has become a law unto itself without any constraints of the State Governments to stop them because of the 17th Amendment is one of the big reasons why.

               Then US Senate has played a major part in the rise of monopolies. These big trans national corporations ignoring Anti trust laws now use the power of the government to shut down competition. They played a part of keeping Goldman Sachs from any criminal prosecution looting the American people. They obstructed the auditing of the Federal Reserve Bank that was veto proof passed by the House. They have not gone after British Petroleum for the spill in the gulf. They passed laws giving immunity to big Pharmaceutical companies from being sued for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines. They passed laws were the States cannot protect its people from the abuses from the Federal government and the big corporations. The state have no say in what the Federal government says and does anymore.

                If these states are serious about their rights as they proclaim to be. They should first come to the realization the 17th amendment was not ratified. If they have the fortitude start recalling these Senators back to the legislator to answer questions why they voted against the interest of the state and why they did if their actions caused harm to the people of the state. The state rebelled over the real ID act with success saying no so far. They are starting to push back. However, it is not enough. It is great they are pushing backing against Obamacare, gun control with the Firearms Freedom Act and the latest in Texas stopping the TSA abuses. The states must act now further not allowing another power grab by the TSA coming to the streets of America.

               The state has lost the power to say no to the Federal government when it oversteps its power. The states need to see the root of the problem looking for the reason why they are being a doormat by draconian laws and mandates coming out of Washington DC. They must face reality their authority of state governments is ignored by fraud daily .Now the states must act. This means subpoenas to appear before a joint committee of the legislator to hold them accountable. Making statements under oath with the threat of arrest if they fail to appear or commit perjury giving false testimony. Forcing the Senators to answer questions why they voted the way they did and who paid them off. The states must find a way to reign in Federal power and put them back on a leash. Consequences follow if they do not act or take it seriously their sovereignty as a state. They will lose the power to say no. If states rights suffer for lack of moral fortitude of the states then we all get hurt. This is a great time for states to take back what rightfully belongs to them and that is declaring the seventeenth amendment has not been ratified. The first step taking back state's rights by dispelling the lie

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  1. The states have been bought with free money, which is course is not free at all. It has led to debt-slavery in all fifty states.

    The first thing to do is to ensure the debt ceiling is not raised. The Congress is making excuses and trumpeting phony reforms and cuts, while Geithner continues to spend well-past the debt ceiling.

    This must stop.

    The second thing to do is to get the country out of hock by cutting off all the free-money attributes of federal government control

    It will be like taking the needle away from a junkie.

    It will be easier to shoot the bastards, and possibly a better idea too.

    Jury nullification is what stopped governments from imposing the death penalty for most crimes -like poaching the King's venison, being a witch, or of the wrong religion.

    I could not in good conscience vote to convict anyone for taking matters into their own hands.

    We are way beyond that point of that sure necessity.

    If there's hanging to be done, then we are the ones who should be fixing the ropes.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  2. You think you can cure human problems which finally all stem from entropy, by replacing one section of text with another?

    One might as well try curing cancer by replacing one newspaper with another.


  4. The Constitution was never adopted and there has never been a president who has taken the proper oath of office to "support" the USC.

    The Articles of Confederation and the DOI are alive and well.

    Nothing is as it seems

  5. p.s.

    If you would like to get a glimpse of the illusion going on with The USC and our founding documents, listen to an interview I did with Dr. Ed Rivera.

  6. it may be time to huddle in prayer to give thanks for our warrior Presidents for their leadership in the war on terror and freedom - let us put aside our bickering and get down to supporting and enhancing our military and its budget so we can continue and hope that we can be even half as successful as our war on drugs and freedom - some of you dissenters deserve some time in gaol to show you the value of democracy!

  7. It ain't writ real good, but I can follow it. On the other hand, the destruction of our country has been advantaged with impeccable grammar. The concerns of the common people have been "off the table" for decades now while Money buys well-written excuses. I'd rather read those lacking in language education than those who say nothing flawlessly or use words to deceive.

    Carry on.

  8. Patrick ConwayMonday, 06 June, 2011

    It's really written quite poorly. That's not to be a grammar Nazi. Substance is great. Presentation is shit. You could have an excellent site if you wouldn't be so whiney about people criticizing your obvious lack of ability to structure a sentence or your obvious laziness at not re-reading, editing and re-reading again before posting. Whichever is the problem. If I had a damned blog I wouldn't be reading yours so I could rehash it on mine. Stop whining about the mistakes you could find in others and correct the ones in yours. That would make it more tempting to come back to! I am not afraid to tell you the truth. My e-mail is If you can communicate without vitriol, fine...otherwise I'll just delete you as you are probably going to do me. I bear no animosity, just constructive criticism.

  9. I agree totally with P. Conway. You have some good blogs, but they are practically unreadable. The ideas bleed through,but you lose people! If your blogs weren't good, they wouldn't be frequently posted by Mike Rivero on

    If you cannot edit them to make them reader friendly, how hard could it be to give a shout out to someone to edit them for you?

    Again, just constructive criticism, not a Nazi style attack.

  10. I agree that it is past due for states to stand for their rights! The States created the federal government to serve them! Now the feds have it twisted and have only created bigger govt and waste more resources! The apathy amongst the People in the States whom think they are Federal cititzens are a major cause of the lack of State power. I hate the way this country has turned into a perverted company. Here we have no Rights just civil rights which can be taken away for anything at any time. Thank you for posting this true statement.