Saturday, June 4, 2011

Feeding the Homeless Might Be a Illegal?Has the Government Declared War on the Homeless and the Good Samaritan ?

              The very same government that has created the economic conditions.Those very destructive policies that are responsible for wrecking the livelihoods of many people. The cost of these corrupt mandates contributed to the high unemployment numbers, the housing foreclosures and the dismal economic conditions for us all.At the same time enriching Wall Street money junkies and the Bankster gangsters at our expense. The very politicians that created the problem forcing people to live on the streets with no food or shelter is something baffling to me. In some cities, it is illegal to be homeless by the very municipalities that chased off jobs or business for revenue enhancement for the local coffers. The very police state who says they care about us so much. This same government threw many people out on the streets of no fault of their own with illegal foreclosures. The very same corrupt governments who just by force pushed people into a condition of being homeless now want to make against the law or a crime.

              The first amendment protects freedom of religion. Many Christians see their moral duty and obligation to feed the homeless and help the less fortunate in society. It has always been are characteristic as Americans to be generous and to help our fellow man in need. Providing food to the homeless is a part of the Christian faith being a servant for Christ. Jesus did not need a permit from Caesar to feed 4000 people with bread and fish. I can see the corruption of many politicians in elected office. They are a part of the out of control city governments and the state health agencies. They do more harm than good because they care. Feeding the homeless may now be against the law or more complicated with government red tape to get a permit. Feeding the Homeless will be more expensive to stay in compliance with bureaucrats than operating a soup kitchen without government interference. Government is too costly to have involved in charity. This lunacy by big government is taking away funds that can used better just to help more people rather than costly measures to comply with irrelevant standards just to keep the government off their backs.

                 When did anyone need a license or a permit to feed the homeless? They are not the Olive Garden or McDonalds. They do not run restaurants. Now decent and law-abiding people are now criminals for feeding the homeless. The crime of helping the less fortunate in the city parks in Orlando Florida. Is now being a Good Samaritan a crime? Will it become illegal altogether now to help our neighbor in need? The day will come that we might go to jail for making a ham sandwich in the near future for a homeless family? So what is the government solution?I think everyone will be issued an EBT cards in the name of food safety because of the dirty soup kitchens can make someone sick. In the governments eyes buying all that GMO food is so much healthier and so much safer than the food at the Baptist church basement. What a crock of BS.

                We should not let stupid government regulations and ordinances stop us from doing what is right. If our neighbor is in need.It does not matter if it is legal or not. We have a moral obligation to resist and ignore an unjust government. Before the welfare state was part of American society. Churches and communities took care of their own. There were no food stamps.  People united and responded when a neighbor was in distress. No matter how great the need Local communities through charities and the churches took care of people with a helping hand and not a handout. They seen to it that a family was able to provide for itself and not depend on one for assistance. Now the government took over what was once the duty of the people. Social Security took the place of the family looking after the elders of the family in their old age. Social Services took over the welfare of the child. A state institution was the last resort. A family member or a good neighbor stepped forward and raised the child rather then put them in foster care. Religious organizations once owned and operated hospitals that were not for profit.The best medical treatment not compromising quality care regardless of income was the norm. Now since the government took over. Everything is a mess. The health care system was better back in the day when government was not involved then today.

                  The government has gone heartless and cruel against the homeless. People living in their cars losing all what they owned .The automobile will be lost because the owner has no insurance or valid registration. Leaving a person with just the clothes on their backs on the side of the road is really a cruel thing to do. CPS taking kids way from parents homeless is the real carouse thing to do. Parents can handle losing a home, possessions and a car. Nevertheless, losing their children is something is a knife through the heart. Police in St Petersburg Florida slicing tents with knives that was a person’s personal property trying to drive away the homeless shows our government does not care about the people they hurt or harmed. We are all just peasants and slaves to feed off to them,

                   We must put a stop to this out of control lawless government. It should not be against the law being homeless and it should not be a crime to feed them either. The people arrested in Florida will keep feeding the homeless. For me it is a right under my religious freedom to feed and help the less fortunate regardless of the laws prohibiting this act of charity. I say just leave them alone if they want to feed the homeless. This is what made American great. It was not bombs and bullets. The government does not define our greatness. Our goodness and generosity define our greatness as a people. Americans never hesitated to step up when people were in need here and abroad. We always responded. Generosity and being charitable is a crime just because the government says it is. It still does not make it immoral or wrong with a vote by politicians making it law. It is just turning law abiding and the innocent into criminals. This is the very definition of a police state gone mad.



  1. One of the most important goals of the police state is to pass so many laws that every person becomes a criminal. This gives the 'authorities' leverage on every citizen and encourages people to keep a low profile and not rock the boat and become noticed.

  2. Feeding the homeless just makes them stronger, strong enough to snatch a purse, or break into your home or steal a larger bag of dogfood than normal. In their previously weakened state they are not a severe threat to your food security.

  3. i take it anon2 you have never been homeless,not all homeless people are crooks and you have a very closed mind and obviously privilaged should try homlessness and see if you survive,my guess would be you'd be one of the first to steal somebodys purse.WAKE UP TO YOURSELF.

  4. I think anon was being Sarcastic. Gov't getting rich off the back of the homeless Now thats Rich!

  5. Put down the crackpipe and read some history - people and charities did NOT "take care of each other" -- otherwise we would not need government to do the jobs YOU failed to do.

  6. In my opinion, it is more humane to help our people and animals than to serve in the military. The military person has little control over their environment and are pretty much slaves to the system. Most join for the benefits and most end up being remade to think as they are taught. If a person really wanted to fight for freedom, then they could start right here at home protecting the constitution from domestic enemies. This quest comes with no benefits other than the satisfaction knowing you are doing the right thing and there is no better reward than that.

  7. To some of you anoms, you have little understanding of how valuable life is and are selfish to the core.The system is set up to where you either join and pay your money are your not allowed survive very well and they will treat you like dogs, if they feel like it, you are at their mercy. If you can no longer pay their game then your a threat to them, just being homeless and a drain. I said pay their game and it means just that pay. Let them suck your hard earned cash and submit to their draconian rules or they will make your life miserable. Oh yeah and worship authority and the military.

  8. NobodysaysBOO:
    I have seen it said that" In the old soviet union,we pretended to work and they pretended to pay us"
    there are far more homeless,destitute,unemployed American citizens than ever before even during the great depression.

  9. Homeless like the kind we see in America is like no other homelessness in the world.

    Want to see real homelessness? Real, actual poor people? Try Brazil. Try India. Try places where the poor actually *starve* to death. Where entire communities literally live on garbage heaps.

    In America, our homeless stand on street corners, make money, blow it all on drugs or booze. Do they look like they're starving? None of them are. They're simply living the life they want to live. They would rather beg for an hour, buy a bottle, and relax in the sun all day. It's not the kind of life you or I would want, but it's the life they want, and America let's them have it.

    In this country, no one is homeless unless they choose to be so. There are simply too many people willing to help them. Food kitchens, day labor jobs, rehab, etc.

    We have *got* to stop coddling these people. America is in real trouble. We need to regain or strength. We need to get serious. We need to jettison the baggage that is drowning us. Drug dealers and addicts, crack whores, bums, these people are a millstone around America's neck. The faster we cut ourselves loose from them, the better.

    Give them no money. Let them starve, if they so choose. Give anyone who *wants* to work the opportunity. But those that don't want to work, give them nothing. Every one of you, reading this, has a job. Not always pleasant I'll bet. But you do it anyway. You take responsibility for your life. Why can't they?

    Stop giving them money. Cut all government aid. Force them to grow up, or starve. Make them act like adults, just like you or I.

  10. I don't think that the government is waring against homelessness, it about who has the power.

    The government lackeys know that soon there will be hords of homeless people that are mean mad and hungry.
    They are just claiming their turf.

    Like during the depression town put up signs saying

    Do I think it's right that the government fascist arrest people for feeding the hungry fuck no! BUT GET USED TO IT!

    Like the congressmen said "move out of cities"
    it's not getting better any time soon.

    Please visit

  11. Trust no government! Except in your own Kalashnikov! As the prayer say: Praise the Lord & keep your powder dry!

  12. NobodysaysBOO:

    This could be posted by the BUSH or his old BITCH!