Monday, June 6, 2011

Al Quada Threats Used to Go After Our Guns?

              The Obama Administration who wants a full-blown tyrannical dictatorship to subjugate the people needs to have the citizens disarmed. An armed population stands in the way of these despots. The government does not have a monopoly on deadly force. They need that unequal balance of power using the barrel of a gun to be the overlords over the people to have total control. First, they have to find a way to disarm us by deception and propaganda. They are working overtime to get our guns using anything and everything they can at their disposal.

               People nationwide knew after the news broke that Barrack Obama was now President elect. Many people who never owned firearms and people who own firearms went on a buying spree clearing guns and ammunition off the shelves around the nation. This happened where the sales record far surpassed previous years. More people now are running to firearms dealers once again because of gun control freaks in power are back threatening the right to keep and bear arms. Guns shows were full to capacity with people looking to buy, sell, or trade firearms. People know this President is coming for the guns and the citizens are preparing for the inevitable. A violent revolution coming on the horizon is very possible.

                 They tried to demonize gun ownership with the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords and the violence on the US Mexican border when guns were turning up at crime scenes in Mexico. It is the talking points by the White House that the guns purchased in the Border States from Texas to California were the contributing factor to the wars between drug cartels. Many whistle blowers in the BATFE that agents were taking firearms from the evidence locker and ordered to smuggle the guns south of the border to sell to the Mexican drug cartels. The federal government under the White House is directly involved in a false flag act to demonize the second amendment.

                  The Obama Administration is the most rabid anti gun people I seen in history. Now a known CIA asset AKA Adam Gadahn who is really Adam Pearlman is now engaging in phony Jihad again. The very person who would wait outside of mosques so he can beat up Muslim worshipers coming out of the temple. He is the grandson of a prominent ADL member is calling on Muslims to buy automatic weapons from guns shows. Then go on a shooting spree shedding innocent blood in public places where people gather. The truth is people need a special permit to carry a fully automatic rifle from the Federal government. What Adam said is the latest AL Quada threat who is a CIA asset not a real Muslim. He is just a CIA verbal stunt dummy who is Jewish who plays a phony Muslim when the US government needs to create a crisis.

                 I see Obama going after the guns in an aggressive and rabid way. Will this be the Waterloo for the gun grabbers? It will be for the Police State too if they try to confiscate firearms. He may get the guns from people in the North East, including places like Illinois and California. Texas will push back along with many other states in the south will not go along with it. Anyone who is trying to disarm us is our enemy. The only thing keeping us from seeing mass graves with the reign of terror like it was under Mao or Stalin is our firearms in the hands of the people. Government does not have a monopoly on deadly force. We still have the power because we still hold our guns.

                To say Al Quada will get us if we do not give up our right to keep and bear arms is so asinine. So America be ready for an other false flag attack on our second Amendment were mercenaries who are assets of the Federal government will mow down unarmed people claiming to be the citizens militia or Al Quada. Most likely places like New York, Chicago or Washington DC were the people are disarmed and helpless. They will most likely carry out an attack against innocent people claiming their enemies did it in these places.(Remember in WACO with 17 children burned alive,Sam Weaver at Ruby Ridge shot in the back and the children in the Day care center at the Oklahoma city Bombing).The Federal government will murder children to advance their anti constitutional agenda,To the tyrants,the end justifies the means.  They would not dare do this in States were people have conceal and carry permits. They will demonize states that are very pro firearms with no strict gun control laws because the guns sold in those states will be used in staged acts of terrorism. They will make their move to pull off a false flag attack to demonize the second amendment so they can sell the idea the law abiding should turn in their guns because or Al Quada will get us if they don't. If we have our firearms than we must be with Al Quada will be the propaganda talking points.

              To say Al Quada will attack us if we do not surrender our right to keep and bear arms is a dumb excuse to go after the guns. The US government has no interest in protecting us in this war on terrorism. They do not intend to keep us safe. They want to protect themselves from the people taking back the nation by force of arms. This is a threat to their power. As long, the free people have arms in their possession to serve as a counter measure against tyranny as our founders intended. Then we will not go the way as China and Russia gone. As long, we have the means to resist tyranny by bearing arms. Then we have a chance of staying free.


  1. Not that the "War on Terror" is real or anything, but if it was, a well armed civilian population is the best defense against terrorism, invasion and occupation. During WW2 the Japanese would not even consider invading the US because every American was armed.

    Of course we all know the biggest enemy of the American people is the US Federal government.

  2. Historically, one must note that the precursor for genocides in Russia (Stalin), Germany (Hitler), China (Mao) and Cambodia (Pol Pot)was the decision to take the guns from the general population.

  3. Sorry to say most people when asked by a government clerk to turn in their weapons will do so and ask for a receipt!

  4. "Historically, one must note that the precursor for genocides in ... Germany ....was the decision to take the guns from the general population."

    That sounds nice, but it's not at all true. There was never, at any point, a confiscation of guns from the general German population.

    It's puzzling. People come to sites like this to confront the government propaganda they see, but swallow other propaganda without a thought.

  5. Including yours refuge2012 I suppose. Yes the guns were confiscated from the German people. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to get people to think it didn't happen. IT DID!!!

  6. It seems to me that our guns are useless against floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, oil spills, wind blown radiation, tsunamis, excessive precipitation, no precipitation, genetically modified crops, chemtrails, stuxnet viruses, false flag attacks, flouride emasculation and the shrinking dollar.

    They continue to kill us with their FDA, EPA, AMA, FBI, CIA, TSA, IRS, AIPAC and DHS.

    Meanwhile the NWO meets at Bilderburg, does a victory dance, with high fives and a mandatory sacrifice of a pre-pubescent virgin while chanting, "Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goo-oo-od bye!!!