Friday, June 3, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry is a TINO(Texan In Name Only) He Is Not A Patriot But a Sell Out.

              In Texas we better have a new name for Texas RINOs. That is TINOs. That is Texans in name only. The main TINO is Gov. Rick Perry. He has written a book called "Fed Up". He has changed his rhetoric to tell the Tea Party in Texas what they wanted to hear. He was telling Texans we can secede and he will not tolerate anymore of Washington's heavy hand in Texas anymore. Two years later those words later he has not backed up those words with action. When Obamacare passed and became law. He never called a special session of the Legislator to nullify this draconian law in Texas. He has not stood up to the EPA with these rolling blackouts and the shutting down of coal fire plants in Texas. He has rolled over for the President more time than the White House dog.

             Rick Perry is the Texas version of Benedict Arnold. He has sold out handing over our roads to Spanish under the SPP. He has sold out to big Pharmaceutical Corporations trying to force young girls to take a vaccine claiming to immunize against cervical cancer. If it was not for the Legislator stepping up under political pressure from the people. Rick Perry would have sold out Texas rest of the way. He is a good speaker as any good con man is and a product of Carl Rove. He is a lap dog for the Builderburger Group. The Governor attended the conference in Istanbul Turkey in 2007 which violates the Logan Act His actions to me speak louder than words. He has done nothing to stop the attack on Texas from Washington DC. If he was really FED UP! He would have pushed back long ago against the White House.

            Now we are in the year 2011. The Governor called a special session of the Legislator over a couple of bills. The governor claimed he would sign HB 1937 into law if the Legislator passed the bill. This bill would have made it a criminal act of the TSA to touch a person on the genitals as a condition to fly as felony. His partner in crime and CIA hack Lt David Dewhurst who was caught nixing the bill in the State Senate so it will not pass because the votes were their to make it veto proof. Governor Perry has not included HB 1937 in the special session when the Lt Gov. who sabotaged the bill in the regular session now want it back on the agenda in the special session. This shows me the Governor and the Lt Governor are trying to run political cover for each other over HB 1937 hoping the bill will not pass and saving their political hides. Saying they tried their best to pass it when they were behind obstructing the bill will not work this time. If the Governor throws his hat into the Presidents race. This will came back to haunt him.

            The truth is Gov. Rick Perry is not a real Texan. He was born in Texas. That is about as close as a Texan he will ever be. But that is not enough. Anyone can buy a Stetson Cowboy hat and say "howdy folks". They can wear the boots and with all the western wear. It does not make them a cowboy or a Texan. A true Texan's first duty is to Texas. It does not matter if the person is a rancher or the governor of the state. It is Texas first and all can go to hell should be the attitude we should all have as Texans. In my observation the Texas Governor dropped the ball so many times. He had so many chances to stand up for Texas. He will do the bidding for the globalist and the bankers who back him. He will throw a few bones out there for the gun crowd and the pro life crowd to sell the illusion he is doing something right to keep them quiet. Above that he has not stood up for Texas. He may give a good speech saying he is standing against tyranny. But behind the scenes he has already sold his soul and Texas out to the globalist for power keeping the police state intact in Texas. He is not a true Texan. He just talks like one but no were near one. HB 1937 is now been introduced in the special session. It was not because Rick Perry is for the Bill. It is just what the Late Ronald Reagan said “They may not see the light. But they sure feel the heat."


  1. You are totally on top of your game.
    This guy is a mega skunk.
    Keep the pressure up on this total whore.

  2. I'm Texan that's been trying to tell others about this scumbag for years. Nobody's been listening. They think because he has an "R" by his name, it automatically makes him one of the "good guys". How can my fellow Texans be so gullible?

  3. Perry is an Israeli irregular. A traitor.
    If he doesn't have a second house there, he will.

  4. Ya'll know about Carl Rove and Jeff Gannon, right? Rio de Janero and all that? Now look up and the Franklin cover-up and throw in who you call a creation of Carl Rove and that should remove any uncertainty in these matters of violations of citizens rights to be left alone. This is all about indoctrination into sexual domination by the perverts at the top, European style. Read the facts about 9-11. America is being attacked from many different directions simultaneously. Like a school of ahi tuna being attacked by a pod of killer whales or a school of dolphins, each with its own style and point of view. And we, the citizenry, are being set upon by the New World Order. Get the picture, throw away the panic. You have plenty of time to identify your attackers and deal with each in a positive way. Recognizing your attackers is step 1 to finding peace.

  5. Could you please change Black "BACKGROUND"
    of this blog. It is very difficult to see anything
    what is posted on your page.

  6. Lets not forget that the cover up of radioactive water in Texas went straight to the Gov. office.
    And we must not forget in 2007 the Gov. attended the Bilderberg meeting. See link...

    At not forget that Lt. Gov. Dewhurst was in attendance at the Bretton Woods Conf.

  7. Isn't Perry one of the 10 regional governors?

  8. NobodysaysBOO:
    PERRY? Who the hell is this guy?
    Govoner,of what?

    OHHH LOL I forgot we had one!

    I thought BUSH was still ruining MEXAS!

  9. I've taken the liberty of rewriting the first paragraph of this article. It now reads like something written by someone who passed 5th grade English.

    "In Texas we have a new name for Texas RINOs (republican In Name Only). We call them TINOs. Texans in name only.

    The biggest TINO in Texas is Gov. Rick Perry. Perry has changed his rhetoric, giving the Tea Party in Texas exactly what they wanted to hear. He has told Texans we can secede. That he will not tolerate Washington's heavy hand in Texas.

    It is two years later, and he has not backed up those words with action.

    When Obamacare passed and became law, he never called a special session of the Texas Legislature to nullify this draconian law. He has not stood up to the EPA regarding rolling blackouts and the shutting down of several coal fired plants in Texas. He has rolled over for the President more times than the White House dog."

    It helps, huh? Helps to read a good message, coherently presented. This site's author may be saying the right things, but he really needs to learn how to say them better.

  10. TINO, I love it.

    By the way, the black background is fine by me, and I always know what you're talking about whether or not your posts are grammatically perfect or not. I couldn't care less about that because I'm smart enough to understand what you're saying as are most of your readers.

    Keep doing what you're doing buddy

  11. @Lucas Klaukien

    "I couldn't care less about that because I'm smart enough to understand what you're saying as are most of your readers."

    Please show me one television show, movie, or newspaper article, in which they state their message poorly, because they believe their message to be right.

  12. ———Please show me one television show, movie, or newspaper article, in which they state their message poorly, because they believe their message to be right.———


    I'll just say that whenever I suffer from insomnia, I turn on one of the 24-hour news channels, and count the errors in grammar, syntax, and logic made by people paid six figures a year to (supposedly) inform us. —What a sedative! :)

    BTW, I believe that "-INO" epithets are just about worn-out. A better term for Mr. Perry may be "Goat Roper." (A term coined back in the 1980s by Jesse Ventura—it means "somebody who pretends to be a Texan.")

  13. go to wikipedia read his childhood back ground. worked with his father in cotton business, sold books door to door. Texas A&M graduate. Airforce captain. I am a Texan and came from his area of west tx. Im proud to be a goat roper I consider myself from west Tx. He flew over to see the damage from the wild fires, and government turned him down for help with Tx people, refused calls from him but he went and handed Obama a hand written note.Instead of bashing everything about him look at some of his good traits Goat ropers are good people you don;t even know what we goat ropers from the country are like ranching is our way of life. try it you might like it!