Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Are a Rogue Nation Ruled By Lunatics and Narcissist.

            I am looking back living in the days of the Cold War when the Soviet Union was considered the evil empire. We were told how oppressive the Communist was behind the Iron Curtain. I have no doubt that communism is repugnant to free humanity. Even the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact know its limitations how they projected its influence over the world and how it dealt with its own people. I have to wonder did the communist party poisoning Joseph Stalin because his reign of terror was going beyond the limitations. Even the Party members said enough is enough living in fear and even lost the stomach to see the million murdered.

           The United States now wants to go beyond what Hitler, Lenin and Stalin ever dreamed of.  This headlong thrust to dominate the world for the bankers and subdue the population at home. This shows the empire is crumbling and will fall. Even in the most repressive regimes with the exception of NAZI Germany stripping down the prisoners in humiliation before executing them did not last long. The fact is the Soviet Union did not snatch children out of family’s homes like Child Protective Services does here. The Soviet Union and even China knew better than to touch people in personal areas at checkpoints. There was still more privacy in those oppressive dictatorships than what exist today in America. There is a point with the despotic rulers. There was a line they did not cross in control over the people because they even knew human nature would push back if they pushed too far.

            When I read and listen to people like HG Wells and some of these futuristic globalists. These people are intelligent, well educated and narcissistic. To have aspirations of ruling the world by a few elites is just a wet dream. Just because they written about it in many publications and talk about it in numerous speeches. Does not mean they will have their way at the end of the day. They are so out of touch that the ground has moved under their feet. These are people who do not wipe their own asses on the toilet and who do not do for themselves like we do. Since the internet came into full swing. It shows they are losing control because of the acceleration to crack down on free speech.

           People are very war weary and do not want to be in anymore undeclared war. They do not want our forces throwing its weight around the world for Wall Street and Israel. They will not secure the border at home or enforce immigration laws to remove the illegal aliens. They leave alone the people not here legally and go after the law abiding. This high tech overlay the Government wants to put in place will not fly. For all the cameras and gadgets they will put in place to spy, snoop and watch us can be easily disabled or destroyed. If the president tries to cut in to cell phone conversation. On our TV sets or on the internet. People just turning off the device.

           I see a major push back coming that will have the White House stunned. There is a point where it will be enough is enough. When the TSA start groping grandma so she can get bread and milk at the super market or when someone’s teen daughter is being felt up to enter a shopping mall so she can get a headset for her Ipod. The push back will start with the TSA. Because they are the face of Tyranny already people in the people's minds. This lunatic empire hell bent on power will come to an end. It will collapse and implode. To think the Federal government trying to take over society will fail and fall apart. Many people will not turn in their guns. They will not submit to tyranny. History proved you can not conquer an armed populace.

            This government is occupied by lunatics who are complete narcissist and out of touch. Will all their studies of human behavior and trying to silence free speech be enough? No it will not. This President is so unpopular and hated. Many understand he is not legitimate. They already lost the fight. When they started attacking the law abiding people without cause. They say the aggressor  who fires the first shot loses the war. The South would have won the war for independence if they did not fire on Ft Sumter. Lunatics and narcissist have a very big weakness that will be their downfall, but it is also what makes them so dangerous too.


  1. The "first" shots are fired everyday, militarized police..Waco, Ruby Ridge...We hear daily about police murdering citizens, they shot a vet over 60 times, denying medical help for over an hour till he died...he never fired one shot but the police were so jacked up on a shootout they unloaded on's ALREADY started.

  2. There is a storm on the horizon. When it begins it will not end until these scum have been removed not just from power, but from the planet. We have all had "enough" and the final line in the sand has been drawn. The move will be theirs and we know they will make it being the "control freaks" they are. Be ready because it will be a firestorm like the world has never before seen.

  3. We have always been ruled by these crazy fascist for centuries.

    Now that knowledge has been "INCREASED" with the Internet and non MSM Internet sites that provide the people with TRUTH what we do from here is what we are responsible for.

    Do nothing expect more of the same,

  4. Indeed this remains a global moment - In Kanada our police continue to operate without regard to human rites or worry of prosecution backed by a lickspittle judicary and now a neocon government who worships the US - admires George Bush as an intellectual and Cheney as a moralist.

    They will reap the whirlwind - only hope there are enough trees to hold the swinging.

    Takes one lobby group like the 27 million US veterans to wake up to the 911 lies - to know they die for bankers and foreign powers - then there will be that firestorm.

  5. I really do not understand the short sightedness of these bankers,elitists and our own government. Never in the history of the world has the plan for global domination worked. We the people have always won in the end. We the people have destoryed countless empires, removed many dictators and we have over and over again taken back our lives and our freedoms. They are just so damn stupid. We will once again eat the rich that have lit beakons with their wealth. We know who you are and where you are because of your arrogance. We will prvail, we always do so enjoy your material lives now because one day soon we the people will come to take it away. No doubt.

  6. lets get something clear as in the comment before mine,they have already fired the first shot and continue to do so. Millions of us have had enough! Damn Stevie wonder can see where this is going,make no mistake about it this will come to a force of arms. I heard a cop on a radio show say he was getting out,because many of them are being ambushed and shot,surprised? Don't be the reckoning is coming and it won't be pretty.Many of us have no intention of going into slavery without a knock down drag out fight, But then again that's how a stand up man responds to tyranny.

  7. 9-11, the DH oil well, ARM fraud, hedge fund fraud,derivative fraud, Fukushima,eugenics, phony vaccine programs, etc.. All first shots. Yup.Another Free Masonry coup attempt will be beaten back.
    Too much fueled narcissism is NOT a good thing. This contemporary dementia in the White House displays a fueled sort of arrogance where, for example, Hillary can be found figuring things out a day or two after her display of power and prestige somewhere. If their was no one being hurt, I would call it entertainment. I do not consider Hillary entertainment. The whole lot of them need to be in separate therapy programs. All were hand delivered to us courtesy the CFR to humiliate American voters. Now, they want to kill off all but a few million of us. You would think that the elimination of influences advocating large families and ignorance would be eliminated first. I hear Benny the Rat has a reserved seat in the bunker. Paul Drockton writes on the infiltration of the LDS church through financial hostile take-over by the illuminati. What next? Bill Gates had best recheck his figures on the intelligence levels of people not in the AI field.

  8. Don't be afraid. We are legion. You will know the signs.

  9. Because we let it go so far out of control we will end in tears...even if we somehow manage to retrieve our republic from the evil that is consuming it.
    We must form our own destiny. The rest of the world be damned. We need to throw off the yoke of control by foreign powers.
    Free trade with all, and no entangling alliances.
    Print debt free money. End usury, and begin to prosper again.