Monday, June 6, 2011

Tea Party Leadership to Endorse A RINO Like Romney?

              To hear the leaders who claim to be the Tea Party say they will endorse any candidate in the GOP better get his head out of his backside and take a look. The establishment GOP who co-opted the movement are trying to sell one of their people as the viable person. To me Romney.Gingrich Pawlenty,Huckabee and Santorum are the same old losers recycled every four years. Having the Republican or the incumbent in the White House would be just as bad as Obama or worse. It does not matter who is in the White House. Nothing changes and we are seeing it in the GOP House of Representatives. We see them rolling over to Obama on undeclared wars,the debt ceiling and the patriot act. 
                I do not think the grassroots in the Tea Party movement are going to be very alienated hearing this from the self appointed leaders who claim to speak for the people tells me the establishment in the Republican party is trying to give an ultimatum of take one of our people or nothing at all. The people can not have Ron Paul or Gary Johnson if they win all the delegates in the primaries. They will not get the nomination. They threatened Reagan that the party will not give him the nomination unless he chose George HW Bush to be his running mate. I have this suspicion the GOP hacks are trying to keep their RINOs in power and not a true servant of the people. I believe many in the grassroots of the tea party know they will get more of the same if they chose a loser over who is the best candidate.
                For the Tea Party to endorse Mitt Romney tells me there is a media illusion getting ready to happen like they did with McCain.Senator McCain who was about to go broke because of no support with the grassroots over his stance on Amnesty and not willing to enforce immigration laws. He was so in touch with the people. He said "lettuce farmers in Pima Arizona had a hard time finding people to work for $50 a hour harvesting the crop". If that was true. I be living in Arizona right now. He all of sudden comes back and wins New Hampshire?
                To push the movement into a corner to stand behind people who are known failures who really brought no change in office when they had the House, Senate and the White House.They have blown it. With the public backlash over the passage of Obamacare. I do not think they will like Romneycare either who signed a similar law in the state of Massachusetts. The RINOs are on the ropes because the people do not see them any different then the democrats. I think a libertarian like Ron Paul will win this time. I do not think people will buy the same old tired losers in the GOP.  To say the Tea Party will endorse even Romney is an insult to my intelligence. I find it hard to believe when they are ready to throw Boehner over board for not following through on his promise. I do not think the grassroots will make the same mistake twice. People are tired of being burned with empty promises.



  1. Tea party = duped repugnakin morons.

  2. The Tea Party needs to form a separate party if they want to be taken seriously. It is time for a viable 3rd party and if the Tea Part is not going to be it, then we need another one.

  3. Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are both Rothschild agents/puppets and they fully support the Federal Reserve Bank without criticism (as does Romney, mind you). Romney was also alleged to have been involved (albeit as an agent of Senior Bush through Bain Capital)in the theft of billions of dollars from a Miami developer by the name of Ed Falcone.

    Bachmann and Palin are also completely bought off sycophants of Israel, a country with whom the US has a relationship that needs a serious adjustment, if not an outright severing given its anti-US conduct over the years (the Federal Reserve Rothschilds/City of London control much of the conduct of Israel on the world stage)and through Israel, appears to be trying to provoke a World War.
    Palin and Bachmann both wish to attack Iran, principally on behalf of Israel.

  4. If people are too stupid to vote for Ron Paul, then we are screwed as a nation. If it doesn't happen while Obama is in office, the nation will end with the next Administration of neo-con tossers.

  5. The Tea Party is the Nazi-like extreme RIght fringe of the tired and corrupt GOP. TeaBaggers are licking the undercarriage of the Koch Bros who MICROMANAGE the Tea Parties. DON'T FALL FOR IT IF YOU REALLY LOVE AMERICA AND ITS PRECIOUS CONSTITUTION! TEABAGGERS WANT TO TURN THIS COUNTRY INTO A NEO-FEUDAL SEWER!!!!!!!!!

  6. We need the America First party. Dual Israeli citizens need not apply. Also, pro-Israel, pro-war sellouts like the current crop of Dem and Repub "candidates" need not apply.