Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Was it Legal to Kill Osama Bin Laden has to be Answered. Letters of Marque Suggestion Exposes the Fraud Called the War on Terror

             I just have to say this while all the talking heads in intelligence and in the military are saying it is legal. Even some members of congress are saying it was lawful. The truth is it legal,lawful and constitutional? The answer it is no to all three. If Osama Bin Laden was the culprit of Sept 11, 2001 as the politicians say. The facts speak for themselves that there was no evidence Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks on the Sept 11th. Osama was the villain they used to sell fear and the police state to the American people.
             Was it necessary to spend trillions of dollars and needless deaths of American soldiers with no declaration of war from congress? If Bin Laden was the villain without a reasonable doubt.Was there is more effective way to deal with it without committing trillions of dollars and soldiers?Yes there was. Back in 2001.Legislation was introduced by Congressmen Ron Paul from Texas was the constitutional way to deal with people who pose a threat to the security of its American citizens without putting our military in harms way.
            If Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind behind Sept 11th attacks.Congressmen Ron Paul introduced legislation granting a Letter of Marque and Reprisal as a solution dealing with international terrorism.The same congressmen advocated is the same letter of Marque dealing with the Somali pirates. That was the constitutional way for dealing with a problem with people who pose a threat to the safety of the American people.
        Congress declaring war is for dealing with nations whom attack us and and Letters of Marque and Reprisals deal with international criminals who attack the American people.To give an example is piracy on the high seas. Congressmen Ron Paul exposed the whole fraud of the War on Terror introducing legislation suggesting implementing Letters of Marque. This war on terror was for the Military Industrial complex to drop bombs on sovereign nation that never attacked us. The use of unmanned drones killing people who are suspected terrorist all violate international laws. The President can not declare no one an enemy combatant or mark someone for assassination at his discretion. There has to be a legal process where Congress and the President.That has to be granting letters of Marque voted by both houses in congress signed by the President to become legal.That is the only legal and constitutional way to deal with people(Pirates) who are threats to the safety of the people of the United States.
            Osama Bin Laden guilty or innocent. His capture or killing was illegal because their was no letters of Marque granting giving the authority for the government to go after this man.There was not. If they were serious about dealing with him.They would have went the legal process under the Constitution. Countless lives innocent and in our armed forces died over this fraud called the War on Terror that only enriched the people who make the bombs and bullets.Osama was the fable they used to sell us this war and the police state. If the leader of  Al Quada was behind all these attacks and now we have for people claiming to be desiring to kill Americans in retaliation of killing Osama Bin Laden.Instead of people sticking their hands down our pants and sending our sons off to war in a distant hostile land . Let propose Letters of Marque putting out a bounty on these people instead committing billions of dollars and young lives off to war.Then the fable to expose the fraud of this war on Terror will be seen.


  1. Hey, he's dead, nothing to do now except laugh and point and post videos of him cornholed by pigs.

    Laws? Fuck those.

  2. The FBI says there is no indictable evidence that OBL had ANYTHING to do with 9/11. There IS plenty of circumstantial evidence dickless cheney had PLENTY to do with 9/11.

    So I suppose we can shoot up the cheney houshold? NO capture and try the culprit.

  3. I would like to see Evelyn and Jacob Rothschilds, their supposed 500 trillion dollar empire with race horses, estates, vaults filled with gold bullion all seized. Evelyn was on CNBC in 2009 bragging how the senators are wrapped around his pinkie finger and nations do as he says.

    Not one ambitious man in the entire world has taken these two birds hostage and made himself lord of the planet? Apparently... Satan himself is guarding the Rothschild empire and the new world order will unfold on schedule.

    Reject the "mark of the beast" and save your soul. Thank you Jesus and the FATHER for providing humanity the plans for he that we may prepare without fear of the unknown. All Glory to Christ!