Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hackers Use Bin Laden to Spread Computer Virus in Social Networks

                 I have been experiencing it when I sign on to my Facebook or Twitter account. Peoples accounts are being phished when they click on the link that is a computer virus claiming to have the video killing of Osama Bin :Laden. I have been getting them big time when people send instant chat messages and email about this video.Please do not click on the link. Hackers are using this new events to spread a virus on the social media sites
                 As a precaution I have already changed all my passwords on my computer. If they are singing onto Facebook accounts spreading this virus after some person clicked on link. What other information are they getting off your computer. Please do not click on this link and have all your personal information taken off your computer like bank account and credit card information. Your computer is vulnerable once virus is in were Trojan horses and malware can infect your system.
                  If anyone clicked on this link looking for this video,Change all your passwords and scan your computer. I changed all my passwords,scanned my computer using my anti virus program and used system restore setting back my PC as it was the day before Osama was allegedly killed.Be careful were you click.There are many scams going on.

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