Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2012 Should Be the Year to Vote No Confidence in the Two Party System

Lets just face it. No matter what party we put into power hoping to reform the nation or the state. Nothing changes and stays the some. We have a dictator in chief and a congress that will not keep the executive branch in check from starting all these undeclared wars. We have tried the republican revolution in 1994 and the Tea Party in 2010 elections. No matter who we try to put into power.There is a global hack there to keep the agenda moving forward. Nothing changes,just the terminology they use to sell it.
In the State of Texas where I live. The Texas Legislator is something else. Can we call it saying the lights are on and no one is home. Do we say they are asleep at the wheel and not in the drivers seat period.All the way up to the meeting of a new legislative session in Austin Texas. We heard talk of pushing back Federal encroachment.We have not seen such things coming out of the legislator. Instead of fighting to protect the people of Texas from a heavy hand coming out of Washington DC.We are getting bills passed for Pet Insurance,checkpoints,license plate reading cameras and an Anti Bullying hotline. I have no confidence in the leadership anymore.
I remember seeing the movie Brewsters Millions were the man ran for mayor because of the corruption of both candidates running for office. He came up with the idea of "None of the above"being voted on the ballot. In this day it might come to it were people will cast a vote of no confidence. What do you think?DO you have confidence in a bunch of sell outs doing the bidding for Wall Street and the giant corporations.I do not because it seems what is good for them is bad for us.In 2012 I just wonder how can we cast a ballot of no confidence. Give me some ideas 9if you have no confidence anymore


  1. if Jesse Ventura is not on the ballot for president, I will vote NONE OF THE ABOVE.....even if i have to write it in.....who's with me????!!

  2. "Who's with me?" Anonymous, Not I - I will once again vote for Ron Paul, whether he's on the ballot or not - as with 2008, I will write him in if necessary. If everyone who supported Ron Paul for President in 2008, had done the same, had written in his name though the establishment polytricksters shunted him out, if everyone had written in his name instead of fall-backing to lying obummer, that would have sent a strong no-confidence vote loud and clear. This time, don't back out - vote/write-in Ron Paul, who has a long, tested record of advocacy for personal freedoms, for the Constitution, for peace. Thank you

  3. Take a note from the Canadian elections and deregister.

  4. I'm writing in "Robin Hood."

  5. Voting is all rigged..so it doesnt matter who votes...all that matters is who counts the votes. Opt out! Refuse to participate in the lie. What if there was an election, and no one showed up to vote? ;}

  6. “All that matters is who counts the votes.”

    Stalin pointed that fact out so well.

  7. I figured this out 40 years ago. I've never voted for a Democrat OR a Republican and never will. Maybe finally I'll get a little help in 2012

  8. Anyone who WANTS to rule over us, shouldn't. As for a vote of no confidence, what better way to show no confidence, but to not even vote at all!!!

  9. There was a strong 'Vote Nobody' movement in the UK a decade back - see where it got them?

    Hey, listen up - NOTHING will change in the States until you get rid of the Electoral College (The Fed Res of Politics!); get rid of every single electronic voting machine - not even the Brits were THAT dumb...

    Oh and get money out of politics altogether!

    Then of course you need to get rid of the organisations on the list at landdestroyer too:-

    starting with CFR, Carlyle, Brookings and the major arms manufacturers...

    You've got some catching up to do before getting back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not least repealing the Patriot Acts!

    Good luck - history tells us you're in for a very rough ride if you stick to the material plane...

    aldo arisen

  10. When you vote, no matter who you vote for, what you are really voting in favor of is the system itself.

    At the very least don't comply with your own demise and those bringing it about.

    Ron Paul supporters I know where you're coming from but if you think after all the lying and double-talk you've got from every other career politician in the past that this guy's going to be different, well then there's no hope for you.

    Same goes for Rand Paul. These guys are politicians, they are supposed to say all the right things, that's their job. It doesn't mean they have to do any of the right things.

    But go ahead and continue to make the same old mistake if you want.

  11. Please check out the No Confidence Protest Vote 2012 idea at http://my.firedoglake.com/matthewj/2011/05/12/no-confidence-protest-vote-2012/