Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tyrant's War on Terror's Worse Nightmare Might Come True?

           Just imagine the TSA is in the Shopping malls and supermarkets groping and scanning people's naked bodies. People going through all this nonsense to buy a pair of pants,a dress or a pair of shoes. People are not happy with going through this intrusive security just to buy diapers and formula for the newborn baby.The TSA is really in trouble with the public like never before because living daily life is now a headache because of people with beard in caves a half a world away is the excuse to put hands down people's pants.
           There is a news flash saying"Fox news Alert"Then reports start coming in that suicidal people set off bombs that went off in Chicago and New York City in grocery stores.Patrons tried to stop the bomber was not enough in both cities. These people got through these check points entering the retail establishment will be brought into question by the alternative media when the real account leaks out.
            Three more stories break were bombings were foiled in Tulsa,Dallas and Flagstaff.This time it was people with conceal and carry permits saved lives. The same thing again.These criminals made it through the check points at the door with explosives. When the people are arrested. It is revealed these people are contractors working for the feds saying this was a drill when they have been caught. Homeland Security seizes all surveillance videos from all the business attacked or attempted to bomb to cover up what really happened. They are in damage control mode
             It will be clear to the people that the TSA and all these police state measures was about control and all these terror attacks was trying to save face to justify keeping these TSA goons groping in place. It all has back fired on the Feds when it was clear this was a false flag attack on American soil as an excuse to take away more of our rights. What will be clear is the right to keep and bear arms prevailed as the most effective way to secure the republic. The TSA and Homeland Security will be shown as useless ineffective in stopping terrorism because they will be shown as the real terrorist.
             The loss of life in New York and Chicago will show the people that gun control caused the loss of life and people being armed saved lives. The truth is the government might be planning a false flag attack on soft targets to justify a more authoritarian police state. If people who armed stop an attack like this and find out the government is caught trying to pull a false flag.This could be the nail in the coffin in the phony war on terror. The authoritarians worse nightmare that will bring down the tyranny in the United States. The right to keep and bear arms is the wild card we hold that might save the republic.

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