Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Grassroots in the Tea Party Ready to Abandon the GOP?

               In these times.Politicians forget when there is a high unemployment and cost of living going through the roof. This is not business as usual to play politics and make deals.People did not send these Tea Party candidates to the State Houses and the nation's capital to go along to get along and compromise with the other side. In Politics which is a different world apart from reality. Politicians will pat themselves and each other on the back compromising saying it was for the better good of the whole in the spirit in bipartisanship. In reality all that compromise did not change a thing. This is why we are in so much trouble as a nation.
               To the people in the grassroots movement who sent these people to the state legislator and the Washington to represent our interest.We sent them to block the President's unconstitutional agenda in congress and on the state level. We wanted them to be bold and take a stand. We wanted them to be uncompromising when freedom is under attack.We wanted the out of control spending to stop and no more borrowing to fund big government programs like Obamacare.
               Many thought who worked hard at the grassroots level to take back the congress and our state governments by using the ballot box. Many are disappointed and disillusioned by the performance of this new class of politicians. Instead of getting results holding the line on spending and the assault on our Bill of Rights.Seeing the extension of the freedom killing Patriot Act was a big disappointment to many.We received more of the same and nothing has changed. In the Texas State Legislator. I wish the session would end now. When the session first convened last January. Many in the grassroots were pushing for Leo Burnan and John Paxton to be speaker of the house to set the agenda moving Texas in the right direction.That did not happen,We all were disappointed to see Joe Strause get reelected back into the position as House Speaker.This man in the last session in 2009 blacked many bills that would have moved Texas taking a stand against the Federal Government. Representative Strause is up to his same tricks and tactics being an obstructionist thwarting the will of the people. Now I wish the legislator close the session and go home before they do anymore damage to the state. Instead of defending Texas sovereignty against the TSA and the EPA are being blocked by Joe Strause. He is allowing and pushing for the most draconian bills calling for highway checkpoints, license plate reading cameras and Real ID.They are useless to the people.
               In the latest polls by Gallop, The majority of registered Republicans are looking at a third party as a solution to the political ineffectiveness of the GOP. They are frustrated and want results. Speaker of the House John Boehner is unwilling to show any leadership and have any moral courage. We have the debt ceiling coming up for a vote in the House. The people are speaking very loud saying no more borrowing and cut spending. Speaker Boehner wants to compromise with the man in the White House. This same man's policies has made the nation poor and facing more than just a crisis. Why make deals with him instead of being bold.People have had enough.
              Now the grassroots looking at a third party for leadership to turn back the nation from the brink of destruction. This war on terror and all these big government policies that stand in the way blocking the people of their God given liberties,The undeclared wars and the bailouts to Wall Street.The Pandering to illegal immigrants not securing the border to amnesty. It now clear people are now finding out the obvious. The GOP is no different than democrats. The two party system  gives the false choice to choose from of either voting Democrat the Hardcore Jackass or Republicans representing Jackass light dressed in an elephant costume.
             The tasks that really needs to be done before we can break the two party stranglehold is get rid of the electronic voting machines and change election law that gives all Political Parties a level playing field in the debates and access getting on the ballot. This can be a start. Then move on to campaign finance reform were people not corporations and PACs are prohibited so the wealthy can not buy an election.
               For the Tea Party to give rise to a third party to be a viable political force. They need a strategy and a plan. They need to choose the candidates more carefully looking at what they do and not so much what they say. We have an uphill battle either way retaking the high ground from the tyrants. The good that is coming out of this wimpy leadership in the GOP is that the Left-right paradigm is now shattering.



  1. If you get behind Ron Paul in the primaries, then you would not have to abandon the GOP.

  2. What took so long? The repukes and demoncans just work to entrench and enrich themselves and each other, while they "good cop/bad cop" the People. Hang ALL of them............
    You will know the "ECONOMIC RECOVERY" has begun..... when you see a BANKER hanging on every streetlight.

  3. I got behind Ron Paul in the previous election, nobody got behind Songbird McCain, yet McCain was the chosen one. You have to abandon the two party system because they are both in cahoots.

    The first Republican meeting I went to, we were pulled aside and warned not to cause trouble. Change is made gradually in the Republican party and you must be patient and go through the proper channels. I asked,"How long have you been going through those channels?" Answer: 15 years. "What changes have you brought about?" Answer: Well, none yet. You have to be patient.

  4. Abandon them?!!!

    They should get a rope(s)!

  5. The problem with the Tea Party is that they got co-opted by mainstream GOP warmongering police-state-wannabees.

    Thats all that the non-statists on the "left" see, and the statists on the left make sure to wave around Caribou Barbie whenever any grassroots of the Tea Party get mentioned... Ron Paul gets lumped in with her and Huckahick.

    We need a Revolution in this nation, or we as a free people are sunk. I hope its bloodless and even constitutional. But its utterly impossible in any sense if those opposed to a Police State don't come together from both sides of the bogus Left vs Right dichotomy.

  6. Until the Rothschild central banks and the entire Cabala is ended humanity will continue to be debt slaves to liars thieves and murders.