Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Experience With the Staged Media Propaganda Industry

               I was on Michael Rivero's show as a caller. I am surprised I did not connect the dots and took this long to realize what has been going on all these years. Seeing the staged focus group after the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate.It hit me like a bolt of lightning. I started to recall my experience. I was an extremely very part time actor. I did some stage productions in my school years. Nothing really big. I singed up with an agency for small acting jobs well over 10 years ago when I was single with no children. I did some auditions for movies and productions. Never was hired. The Jerry Springer show was recruiting actors to be the lowest of the lowest on his show.I was asked to be an actor posing as a red neck who had a romantic relationship with his hot looking cousin in real life was not related to me living in a trailer park. I had my ethics to decline such an offer. If I would have took up that offer. My appearance on TV would come back to haunt me years later. I found out shows like Phil Donahue,Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer all hire actors to play devils advocate or some kind of phony opposition to demonize the real activist. This is nothing new.It has been going on for years. All staged propaganda serves the purpose steering public opinion to suit an agenda.
              With the new media exploding rivaling the traditional press. This unexpected countermeasure the alternative media has been pursuing to expose the lie is starting to pay off. It has been reported Rush Limbaugh ans Sean Hannidy have been using actors as callers into the show to sell the illusion this is what people think. The people in these presidential town hall meetings are all actors asking pre written questions.The crowd cheering Osama Bin Laden's death in Time Square and in front of the White House was a staged media event.
              The illusion is fading fast of staged media events to shape public opinion. Starting to see this is all an act to get our minds thinking to the machine's propaganda. So when you watch Jerry Springer. Just remember it is staged. I know some of those actresses who worked as exotic dancers at a nude dancing establishment called The Mas Venus in Tampa Florida. If you watch real closely it is the same actresses just changing her hair style. The biggest sham. Do not be fooled.
               So when you see a focus group,a town hall meetings and a political event on TV.Chances are this might be a staged event with hired actors and actresses. How do we stop this fraud? Do not watch them anymore. Maybe they will stop and be more real with the audience instead of the phoniness they got away with for so many years.


  1. Same in Australia, just see the Australian Betrayal Commision (ABC) do a Q and A program. No one gets to have a question put up on the problems with the official Government (Howard/Rudd/Gillard/Abbott/Bishop/Turnbull) conspiracy theory. Just sheer deception by a Broadcaster that is financed by the Australian public.
    The again, there is worse: Just see the Australian federal politicians in action, as far as 9/11 is concerned they are just overpaid actors giving aid comfort and protection to the real 9/11 mass murderers and deceiving our soldiers into going on invasions and getting killed and wounded. It is unfair that we Australian should pay their salaries; They should be paid by the US taxpayer, as they are their pawns.

  2. "They should be paid by the US taxpayer, as they are their pawns."

    Whomever they're working for, I am quite sure it's not the US Taxpayers. You make it sound as if every US Taxpayer was aware of 9/11 being a hoax perpetrated against the world. When, in fact, if it was a hoax, the US Taxpayer has been just as hoaxed as the rest of the world as to the real culprits.

  3. I really, genuinely appreciate what you write. I don't care about grammatical errors, you have a great deal of truth to share.

    But...though I've looked for a way to contact you and mention this, I haven't found one, so I have to say it here, although it sounds small-minded.

    Please change things so that you are not writing white on black. I'm an older person (60's), and not a gamer or a techie, and this is the most difficult type of print to read.

    Like I said, I know it sounds small-minded, but if it wasn't for the value, I'd have clicked the back button the first time I came to this site. Yes, it is that harsh on the eyes.

    Thank you, however, for your intelligent commentary on things that are going on in the world.

  4. Yes, please lose the white on black. It's virtually unreadable as it is.

  5. I guess the ones who hire actors for dumbed-down talk shows are the kind always on the lookout for lowly political wannabee's.

  6. Look up Saul Alinsky. It's called the Alinsky
    method of framing the debate. If the raging
    "debate" is whether we should surge the
    troops in Afghanistan the real question of
    whether we should be there at all is never
    discussed. Either way the troops stay...This
    is what the media does.. They way you defeat
    this is to never listen to the media for
    debate or conclusion. Always find core
    information and come to your own conclusion.
    We all do that and the media will not be able
    to shape public opinion.

  7. It all ties in with the "Polling Numbers Game", where they tell us that only X % believe that someone other than Bin Laden was behind the attack. That's probably not a good example because they don't even want to touch the subject. Israel was the most involved, combined with their brethren here in the U.S. chain of command, and since they run the media 95%, you won't see it mentioned.

    In 1992, Joe Biden was commenting about the Anetta Hill/ Clarence Thomas situation. He made a comment about "Polling" that stuck with me all these years. He said we all know how "Polls" work, how the questions keep changing until they get the percentages they want, to back-up the perception they want to promote.

    Since most of the "Polling" Companies are owned by the same group, this just re-enforces what you refer to above.

    Thanks to all who contribute to awakening the public around the world.


  8. Another good ripping of the veil, Lonestar! Howard Beale woulda loved ya... ;-) You might want to also look into 'announcer gibberish' episodes for deeper weirdness in your MSM - example clips at:-

    To the folks concerned about the 'white on black layout' (a personal choice, I imagine!) just go to your browser's 'View' menu or whatever (I'm using ABrowser, an open source Firefox, in Ubuntu Linux) and change the page style to No Style, set up what you want (how about purple print on a yellow background? :) and away you go...

    The net is supposed to be about freedom, so why not use free software and get out from under all the corporate bullsh*t (eg: Micro$haft buys Skype) ?

    www.ubuntu.com - a free Linux OS (Ubuntu means 'recognition of our Humanity') that can be run from within Windows to see whether you like it - me? I love it - stress-free computing; great supportive community; no virus problems; no corporate arm-twisting; no mind control ;-)

  9. the zionist news creates its own headlines all the time. especially when something potentially embarrassing comes out, the Mossad, CIA, or other zionist controlled intelligence agencies spring into action and create headlines out of deceptive terror, murders and destruction, etc to help cover up any news they don't want you to see

    the western worlds zionist puppet media moguls should be arrested for their collusion with manufactured terrorism and despicable crimes against humanity

    my heart goes out to all the poor innocent patsies set up to take the wrap for zio crimes

  10. It's pretty obvious this is going on. That is why modern studies on media propaganda and perception management are virtually non-existent! It's damning! I would say 99% of all News is fabricated or manipulated to the extent where it may as well be fabricated. The bigger headlines could be classified as Psychological Operations, and it's not rocket science to figure that they are run by military.

    Check out Chris Kendall's open discussions on Talkshoe. It's centered around fake news and Psyops. Interestingly, this is a subject that the so-called alternative media very rarely touches on. Hmmmmmm.....