Thursday, May 12, 2011

TSA's Behavior Officers Make Normal Human Response Suspect Is Not Common Sence Security.

             It has come very apparent that common sense does not exist with the Transportation Security Administration.They cavity search elderly people and check poopy diapers. Children under 10 years old put on the no fly list as a National Security Threat. These full body scanners that are not safe and the enhanced pat downs all fly in the face of common sense measures. They steal cash and valuables from people luggage. Something is a miss and terribly wrong.
            The TSA now has Behavior Monitoring officers that will look for signs that might be suspect of behavior that might be a terrorist. To speak of a situation. Imagine this as a average person dealing with everyday life. You are one your way to the airport. If anyone lives in Houston knows the traffic is a nightmare during rush hour. Going to Bush International or Houston Hobby can be very nerve racking. A person maybe angry driving behind an old lady going real slow, a traffic jam or someone cut you off almost getting you into an accident. Once they arrive at the airport. You look for a place to park. After parking the car and fighting through the crowd to check luggage in and find the terminal to board the plane. They stand in line waiting to go through screening and have them pulled aside by a TSA officer to ask them intrusive questions because they are stressed out because trying to make it on time was a hassle.Would you call that adding insult to injury? Just living life everyday can be stressful. Dealing with the TSA just aggravates people more which is normal and human. The lack of empathy of these agents will do them in.It is a matter of time people will say enough.
            Not to the TSA. Normal behavior people deal with everyday in how they react can be considered suspect.There is no common sense or any empathy. Because a person stressed trying not to miss a flight in the TSA's eyes might be a threat to national security.Asking questions or showing disagreement about the screening procedures is suspect too. To file a grievance might be considered being with Al Quada because being upset. Now can be punished without a judge and jury for reacting in a manner that is normal and human.
             Now we must not allow these thugs to be on our streets or in Shopping centers.This is not common sense. It is tyranny and must be stopped., When we travel or go about our day to day life. We react and act in  ways that are normal and human. For a government that now wants to criminalize and make suspect what is normal and common must not stand. We must not let what is normal become suspect or criminal by the TSA. It is not about safety. It is about control.

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  1. TSA has nothing to do with security. It's all about intimidation and control.