Friday, May 13, 2011

Anti groping Bill Against theTSA Passes The Texas House By Huge Majority

               I have to tip my hat to Texas State Representative David Simpson for sticking to his guns pushing this bill to the floor for a full vote and moving to expedite the process in the Senate for passage. The legislation would make touching above the clothes a misdemeanor and felony going under the garments. This should be a wake up call to the TSA agents all the up to the White House that this trend against these unreasonable searches and seizures are not only getting resistance from the people. The state legislator is now pushing back too. State lawmakers in both parties passed the bill with a wide margin should be a seen as a shot across the TSA's bow from Austin Texas.
                How this is going to be enforced still is being brought into question. My concern is many big cities still receive Homeland Security grant money and to receive anymore Federal funds.DHS might send an ultimatum and threats to pull funding if they arrest one TSA agent under new state law if it goes into effect. These mayors,city council members,sheriffs,constable,county commissioners and police chiefs all might agree to ignore this state law as a condition to be recipient of funding from Homeland Security. I just hope the people will follow through holding these public servants accountable if they take money from Washington to circumvent and undermine state law giving the TSA a pass to keep breaking state law.
                I hope this bill passes. Because we can see many states follow Texas on this issue dealing with the TSA. We can these similar bills start to pass overwhelmingly in many states till the first state just decides to throw them out altogether and just opt out altogether having the TSA in the state. The states are starting to striking back against the Federal government's overreaching. Now till the 2012 election we can see a big power struggle between the state and the Federal over who has jurisdiction.
               The TSA is the public's focal point as the face of tyranny and abuses by the government.The TSA has a strong possibility of the first domino to fall in pushing back against oppression. I just hope this bill does not get watered down by Homeland security lobbying the Texas senate to make the bill of none effect. I hope the Senate bill goes much further preserving the dignity of the people of Texas to be secure in the persons,papers and effects when boarding a plane. We will wait and see.Still I give kudos to Rep.David Simpson for not relenting. Resistance will make the skies friendly again starting in Texas.


  1. I'm extremely proud of Texas today! Congratulations on standing up to Big Sister. Hope California legislature finally grows some and does the same. Meanwhile, I don't fly anymore.

  2. This is a victory for Americans everywhere.

  3. So does this protect someone using force to defend themselves against TSA assault?

  4. Texas takes a stand against the New Bolsheviks

  5. This is good news! Any effort to thwart these
    'Orwellian police state' tactics is appreciated.
    If we do not stand up against this tyranny our freedom and liberty is lost and we will all be slaves to the international bankers and their enforcers.

  6. This bill is truly partisan- for the people of Texas!

  7. What happens if Gov. Rick "The Bilderberg Dick" Perry vetoes it?

  8. Hoo-rah!

    Texas, from my point of view, this is WAAAAY better than the Alamo. :)
    I hope you ride this pony all the way to the finish.
    Maybe other states will come to their senses and tell the Feds to shove their funding -- or maybe let's just STOP given the feds the money to START with.

    liberty & justice


  9. Okay! You gave us Jack Brooks, Ron Paul,you stood up to Janet the Molester, and now your state senate is going to sail this onto the governor's desk to sign. I believe. You still got some 'splainin to do about The Bush clan and LBJ and Conally. What happened there?

  10. If Texas doesn't expose Perry's agenda PDQ, this won't fly...

    How about posting BIG billboards up about Bilderberg, CFR, etc?

    To the poster above who asks:-
    "You still got some 'splainin to do about The Bush clan and LBJ and Conally. What happened there? "

    They all split for Paraguay already? Radiation's not so bad there...6 floors down...

  11. All TSA workers should be transfered to the U.S. Mexico Border. What in the world is wrong with us allowing this to happen. Put these people where they will do some good instead of groping innocent children, babies and law abiding citizens.