Thursday, May 12, 2011

Houston Airport to Layoff Private Security. Why Not Throw Out The TSA Instead

              Now that many have claimed since Osama Bin Laden is dead. In Houston at Bush International Airport.Now the Airport is looking at laying off private security and have them replaced by the TSA to take over all the security at the airport. I wonder have these people gone mad? I rather have the Private security take over were the TSA is and send these federal goons down the road. The TSA has not stopped terrorism and used the tactic of terror to get into every traveler's personal space making it offensive to airline passengers to travel. The TSA has not made air travel any safer.It is more of a nuisance to people with these ridicules searches and shake downs making airports more insecure. Many guns got on planes going through TSA checkpoints unless it is a poopy diaper from an infant carrying a poop bomb.
              It would be better if the owners of the airport with the airlines come up with a plan for private security and opt out using the Transportation Security Administration.  Congressmen John Mica who created the TSA gave the option for Airports to opt out, The TSA using these full body scanners that are not safe and the enhanced pat downs which is by Texas law sexual assault really making the public very upset. All this has hurt the Major Airlines and tourist industry because people will not fly if they have to go through all this nonsense by the TSA.
              I just want to ask the Airport owners the Airlines one question? Why would you keep something that is bad for business? The owners of Bush International in Houston should be working with the Airlines to come up with their own screening and security . They have the right to opt out using the TSA.Why keep this agency in place that will make them poor? No other business will not tolerate keeping people on the job that chases away costumers.It is bad for business and common sense to get rid of them.  The same with the Airport and Airlines keep the private security in place that does do its job better than the TSA.Allow private security an expanded role taking over screening passengers and give the TSA the boot.  To have the TSA to take over were private security once guarded will make the airport less secure and people going to the airport much more of a headache like never before. Houston we have a problem. It is the TSA. Keep the private security and kick out the TSA.


  1. NobodysaysBOO:
    NEVER MIND, SO WHAT?Nobody wants to fly on US airlines the hassels and overpriced tickets for a sorry little seat,FORGET FLYING!
    The US airlines are going out of bussiness,who in their right mind would fly on such a rag? Just go to Canada or Mexico and fly from a real country!

  2. > I just want to ask the Airport owners the Airlines one question? Why would you keep something that is bad for business?

    Not bad at all, if you consider that this decision, without doubt, was influenced by very generous federal grant, which is pretty standard practice. The correct (not naive) one question to the Airport owners would be "for how much federal dollars have you sold out your customers to what you surely know is gang of thugs".

  3. I had major issues at IAH - made a complaint and it went to the person that was the problem - they cover themselves - incompetent and covering it up rather than listening to the public - TSA -

  4. I had an IPhone charger stolen at IAH - they defended the person and attacked me. This is the worse airport I have ever been in and I have flown over 100000 miles

  5. btw - never had issues at Hobby

    TSA has a problem that starts at the top - coverups for ICE, CBP, TSA and all the other Homeland Security Agencies - It starts at the top - his name is Barrack Hussein Obama - he hired the TSA lack of leader - oh yea - no one in the White House knows what leadership is - let's do away with Homeland Security and let the Agencies go back to the way they were.