Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can the Tea Party Turn Into the Tar and Feather Party if the Republicans Cave On The Debt Ceiling Vote?

               The story behind the history as far as I can remember. Reading about what the colonist would do to tax collectors and the king's governors who worked not in the people's interest paid a humiliating price in the town square, The lines were drawn between patriots and the loyalist before the war for Independence was started. The kings agents,tax collectors and politicians appointed by the crown were stripped naked,had hot tar poured on the them,and sprinkled feathers all over them. Then the town folks would ride them on a rail out of town. This was an act to show the displeasure of the King by the early colonist. Politicians should feel lucky today for this reason. No one tars and feathers people in office who sells out the people today. They rather wait to next election to throw the bums out in a rigged election thanks to the computerized voting machines. The truth is that might start to change real soon. People are losing patience.
               People are fed up with the spending out of control in government. No more borrowing and the people want government to live within its means. They wanted to Patriot Act not to be extended and Obamacare repealed. There is blatant corruption coming out of the White House that needs attention like the phony staged death of Osama Bin Laden who has been dead for many years, People want to TSA restrained and cease unlawful searches and seizures at the airport. This rogue agency is hurting the airline and tourist industry Now we have the vote coming up to raise the debt ceiling so the government can borrow more for big government programs that further devalues the dollar. No more bailouts for Fannie,Freddie or Wall Street either. The people want government to live within its means like every household in America has to. The People want results and no more empty promises from politicians.
                This is why many in the Republican party are now favoring a third party movement in a recent Gallop poll taken. The obvious reason why for the discontent. We have House Speaker Boehner and the rest of the leadership caving in on raising the debt ceiling for spending cuts that will never happen. When people people are broke and barely able to feed the family. When their dollar is worthless and a day's wage can not buy a loaf of bread. That tea Party will become the Tar and Feather Party real fast. An empty stomach can make people do the unthinkable.


  1. Unthinkable? Unthinkable for who'm? I've got other ideas. Pretty pedestrian- tar and feathering is. Marches don't work, sit in's don't work, t-shirts, bumperstickers, voting. All no longer work. You think tarring someone is going to change the bankers motives? Give me a fucking break. You think the King gave a shit because some pleb he never met got publically embarrassed? Again, no one understands history. THEY FUCKING SHOT PEOPLE. That changes peoples attitudes real fucking quick. When Johnny tax man doesn't come home from a long day of ripping people off, THEN the king starts looking in to it. Put down the bible, man up, and get to thinking for real.

  2. The public is spinning in the wind.

    They fantasize their need for a third party. Then they refuse to vote for the third party "kook". They complain about the "no-good" jerks who they elected, but they keep voting for the people who they hate. They say that we need to stop wasting money, then they say "don't touch my government program".

    The real problem is the schizophrenic voting majority, not the challengers or the opportunities.

    Until we recognize the true problem, we will never have workable solution.

  3. Jonathan Turley wisely noted, "Anyone who believes there are 2 parties in Washington DC is a fool."

    What this country needs is a SECOND party, hand counted verifiable voting ballots, an end to aid to Israel, AIPAC registering ad a foreign agent, all lobbyists banned from Washington, All lawmakers forfeit their stock holding upon election, pensions based on performance, health insurance ends upon the end of office and all wars must be put to national referenda.

  4. Oh and the Federal Reserve dissolved! Immediately. And a return to the gold standard.

  5. The Tea Party will follow the orders it receives from the Koch Bros. and nothing else. The Tea Party isn't even a political party but the most rabid anti-humanist strain within the Republican Party. Once the social welfare safety is completely removed there will be REAL ANARCHY as the inhabitants of the bottom rungs of our economy have nothing left to lose.

  6. I'll be thinking about all this on my way to the food bank today.