Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ron Paul vs. the GOP Political Establishment

                If there will any be a man who can be an icon for freedom decades later. A man history will revere in high esteem.It will be congressmen Ron Paul. A man who has persevered and stayed the course. A real public servant true to his principles.Even through these dark days of neo conservatism being one of the only few who stood against the invasion in Iraq and all other undeclared wars we have been involved with ever since.
                A recent CNN poll concluded Ron Paul was the man to beat Barrack Obama days after the first debate in South Carolina. Ever since the 10 term congressman from Texas threw his hat into the race for President. The republican leadership on the local,state and federal level has not been the same ever since. Many Ron Paul supporters took over the leadership at the precinct levels causing a real grassroots effect that will change the party forever. The old guard establishment in the GOP is working hard to suppress this movement within the party. Now we can see the globalist and neo con's hold on power is starting slip. Ron Paul poses a threat to the status quo leadership in the Republican establishment. We are now starting to see the suppression of Ron Paul which I see this time will not work.
               When I watched Juan Williams on Freedom Watch last night. He was speaking very favorable of Ron Paul pointing out that most of the people on the stage with the exception of former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico who vetoed  more spending bills than any other governor in the state's history. Both Paul and Johnson are the only two who can not be blamed for the mess we are in today. The old party line big government conservatives touting very tired and old rhetoric does not work anymore. Ron Paul taking about the Federal Reserve Bank,sound money,liberty by going back to the Constitution as a way to govern ,and bringing our soldiers home because the cost of our reckless foreign policy is bankrupting the nation. These views are now mainstream thank to Ron Paul's never ending fight all these years.
               No matter how much the social conservatives talking the old line of pro life and gay marriage gimmicks.Being for tough drug laws and being tough on crime does not sell anymore because all it did was steal our liberties. The cutting off support to Israel and foreign aid .When Ron Paul talked about the legalization of drugs a the only solution to the failed war on drugs.This drew a thunderous applause from the crowd shows the trend is changing within the party. The old authoritarian solutions of stopping drug abuse and the war on terrorism. The use of torture and the loss of habeas corpus does not sell no more by the old neo con wing of the party. Ron Paul restored common sense solutions back into the public arena.
               In 2012. There will be a fight within the Republican party between the people who want Ron Paul and the Karl Rove crowd pulling their dirty tricks. 2012 might be the year the globalist might lose control in the leadership in the GOP at all levels from the grassroots all the way to the top.. There will be a battle in the party between the factions that want the restoration of the Constitution and those who are authoritarians acting like patriots but govern as tyrants. Ron Paul is the man who can defeat Obama. They will wheel out the same old losers like Newt Gingrich,Mit Romney,Rick Santorum,Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty as the false choice that will bring more of the same beholden to the same bankers and Wall Street as Obama is.
              This election will not only be for the soul of the GOP. This will be the fight for the soul of the nation like never before. Who will win? It will be us if we want it more to have a republic and not an empire.


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