Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texas Lawmakers Approve Ban on Sanctuary Cities

           This piece of legislation can stir a hornets nest among the Latino activist in Texas. This is something that needs to be outlawed in these big cities who ignore immigration laws aiding abetting fugitives who did not enter the United States through a legal point of entry. These sanctuary cities must be done away with and the city government must be held accountable for ignoring the law to pander to a group for votes. Many senseless murders and rapes could have been stopped if these big cities followed immigration laws.These hardened criminals were cut loose after arrested to go out a commit a crime again. Many aggravated felons and sex offenders would have been stopped if there was no sanctuary city polices in place.
           Now the Texas lawmakers in Austin passed a bill out of committee banning Sanctuary Cities. These Sanctuary City policies has had a very negative impact more in Houston Texas than most cities in Texas. They had three police officers killed in the line of duty by illegal aliens thanks to these sanctuary policies. A big number of crimes such as sexual offenses.robberies and aggravated felonies that happen in Houston are committed by illegal aliens. My only concern is there should be a provision in the bill that witnesses to a crime should not be afraid in fear of being deported. Many illegal immigrants are victims of crime too and to get someone off the street who even terrorizes the barrios. People should be allowed to come forward without fear if they are a witness to a crime.
           For the City government who ignores Federal law and State law if this bill passes into law. I hope these politicians get more than just fined they will pay out of Tax dollars. They should be in jail because these Sanctuary Policies may enrich the campaign war chest for reelection pandering to minority groups. But they do not make the cities safer. I hope this law jails people in office and no more slaps on the wrist.

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