Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama's Death Turned America into the Laughing Stock of the World.

             Does anyone know how much President Obama has made America the laughing stock of the world?Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years and the Americans are the last to know. Most people in the United States thinks the Al Quada leader was killed last Sunday.To the rest of the world. Osama Bin Laden's passing away is old news. I feel embarrassed for my country. While everyone was watching ESPN Sports Center and Dancing with the Stars. I was made fun of by my fellow countrymen because I was thinking and watching. I was not being spoon fed by a decadent culture knowing more about American Idol than our Constitution.
             I use to think when foreigners would trash our country because they hate us.It was because how we are so naive and pathetic we have become.I would be perplexed because why be mad at America?They were right in many ways because our forces are stationed all over the world and our influence into the internal affairs of sovereign nations has them upset. They are not jealous of us or do not envy us at all.They see us not as a force of good but a weapon of mass destruction. They see Americans come and visit their nations with an arrogant condescending attitude acting superior like their feces don't stink. This does really offends many people because we have fallen for the lie and do not know the truth about the damage this nation has done around the world.We have nothing to brag about and should be listening instead. We need friends abroad and not anymore enemies to defeat the globalist. We Americans have to be reminded when we go visit other nations.We are there as guest and we should act as such.
             The President's ploy to boost his approval numbers with old news to the rest of the world saying Osama Bin Laden was killed.The world is laughing at us hearing this. The world knows Sept 11th was an inside job and their intelligence sources confirm this.The people outside the United States know this is a ruse. But not the Americans waving their flags made in China,The reason is because we have been dumb down with TV and  with everything else but the truth. President Obama has caused this country to lose all credibility and no longer see us as world leader we can count on to show leadership in the free world. Nations are now looking to Russia and other nations for strong leadership for very good reason.Why? Because we have become a nation of warmongers bent on conquest. Because we have become a threat to the world being at peace.
              Until Americans come to the realization we are the evil empire who has contributed to the world's instability. Until we admit we have become what we have despised.We torture and shed innocent blood abroad in the name of fighting a bogyman.We steal and plunder the sovereign nation's natural resources and insert their puppets dictators to do the US Government's bidding. We are a country wrapped around Israel's finger fighting proxy wars in the middle east for this phony Jewish State.
              This fiasco in Pakistan really is causing the world to laugh at us not because we killed a man dead for years over and over, They are laughing at our president  and us because there is many Americans falling for this hook, line and sinker not knowing the world knows different and better than what the talking points coming out of the White House.The rest of the world is up to speed on this war on terror and it is time the Americans catch up or we will be left behind. We are being laughed at for a very good reason and living the consequences believing the lie. It is time we shatter that illusion and face facts. This is not the America we use to love.The rest of the world sees it and now we should or we perish believing a lie over the truth.


  1. Oh so very true...
    Great post...

  2. americans are stupid morons. they don't care to learn the truth. they are bloodthirsty, and can't get enough criminal activity, and watch it on TV all night long. I say this w great sadness bc I am an american. but, if this keeps going, maybe I'll leave forever, bc this embarrassment is starting to get to me. plus, my fb friends turned out to be just as stupid as the dumbest teenager on youtube.

  3. To Kaatz:
    While I may be forced to agree with many of the points that you have made about Americans, please do not generalize your sentiments. Although it is true that there are many Americans who would rather die than accept the truth about the evils that U.S.INC. has done to the world, there are many who have realized the con game that has been foisted upon us. I am one of those people. I have been living in exile for the past four years because I realized that we are being used as cannon fodder for corporate greed among other things. It tears me apart to see my once great country descend down the slippery slope to become the autocratic dictatorship that we know today. I really do hope that the rest of the country wakes up in time to turn this around, or we will find ourselves in a situation that we cannot get out of... Live well America, for it my be the last days that you will enjoy it.....

  4. I talk to fellow Americans every day about important things. Just recently I joked to a co-worker about Bin Laden, the fake images, been dead for years. I got yelled at. She truly believes Bin Laden was killed on Sunday and thinks all muslims have a deep hate for American citizens. She thinks most muslims would jump at the chance to kill an American. The American propaganda machine has dine it's job well. We as Americans are screwed. There are not enough of us in the know to make the required changes. I should live in exile as well.

  5. Aw Sam. Don't let the dregs bring ya down. Instead of her getting in your face, you get in their face. Heap the scorn on them for their unquestioned fealty. These people need to be ridiculed into realizing how wrong they are. I'm armed with so much info, no way anyone is gonna pull that shyte on me without pulling back the theoretical stump. Seriously, stand up for yourself. Don't take no shit off anyone! But know your facts and have your ducks in a row. But don't let these dancing with the stars morons beat you down.

  6. I've posted here before because the writer seems to experience the things I do. I've seriously gone and gotten new paperwork for a new passport (old one gone long story). I see what's coming and it's beyond insidious. This has been planned. We have the fucking SKVD, cheka, KGB whatever the fuck you want to call it running the show here. Ask a russian older than 40, or a german older than 60, or anyone that has let the Zionists run their economy, foreign, domestic and military policy (Hungary,Czech republic). After much study I believe you will conclude FEMA camps, media domination, etc are part and parcel to the parasite that runs this country. Believe me, I'm no anti-semite, I happen to like Arabs. But, I sure as fuck am anti-shitbag. These fucks have taken advantage of the misguided christian right, and blackmailed the rest. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT OF 100 coutries over 2000 years? Accidental? FIGHT BACK.

  7. We are the lapdogs of the zionists and who knows what tricks they are using to make the US rabblement so complacent and stupid. Is it Silent Sound Spectrum via our lovely HD Digital tv, being used to dumb us down and reach for the chips and salsa.......Our brothers from across the pond, don't seem to be quite so subject to mind-programming

  8. The threat of fluoride water treatment causes riots in Europe. Everybody in USA has Alzheimers. The chemtrail Aluminum with the fluoride is what makes us Americans.

  9. There are millions of Americans like me who are aware of a and KNOW the truth about 911 and Bin Laden's death in December , 2001 from kidney failure. Talk to people who for some reason do NOT know the truth and invariably they say they "think" this or that. There is no excuse to "think" about the certainly of something when we have the internet to do research without censorship(yet)!

    When I talk with someone like this, I always say that I KNOW 911 was and inside job and Bin Laden has been dead for ten years, not "I think" these things!

    Also, with all the people aware that 911 has been covered up big time just like the Kennedy assassination, where are all the signs, flyers, bumper stickers, etc. addressing these issues? It's like we know these things happened but are afraid to stick our necks out to tell others for fear of some sort of retribution. If enough of us advertise these issues and post websites where the info can be found, I KNOW there is another big chuck of American society that will be curious enough to access the info!

  10. They can't show the video because people would see cold-blooded murder of a sick old man.

  11. Uh, a sick old body double (mk-ultra'd) man. How else to make the Seals think it was really Osama? How else to make a women he was with believe it was Osama? If she exists, guarentee we'll never know if she's real. 3 Oswalds, 4 Osama's, etc. Old hat for the ZIONAZIS running the show.


  13. Before I write this I must state that I am not an American.
    America used to be a great country. It stood for good ideals and was a rich well respected nation that was looked up to by many countries. They were superior in manufacturing, invention, food production, medecine, art. They were even good bullshit merchants, telling lies that most people believed, hell they might have even put men on the moon (I'm still not sure). However we have seen all of these skills decline over the decades due to the deliberate dumbing down of the American people. Not so long ago things changed and all they were good at was making weapons and they still were pretty good bullshitters. Now sadly they can't even get their bullshit right and all they can do is make war. They can't even get their bullshit right. I bet soon even the weapons will be made offshore. Sad indeed.

  14. Yes, the Zionist media has trained Americans to KNOW that Arabs/Muslims are the ENEMY, and Jews are the Eternal Victim / Innocent Saints of Peace.

    Americans KNOW this. They don't have to read some book you recommend them about 9/11, they don't WANT to question the official story. Average Americans LIKE having a story like BIN LADEN DEAD, it makes them feel adventurous, like they're in on the action of an episode of "24."

    And when you want to take these clueless Americans aside and tell them they're defending their abusers (our government), you realize that you'd have to give them a whole education first. Average Americans don't know anything about "the military-industrial complex" or the details of JFK's assassination, or ANYTHING. Just shiny actors on TV summing things up for them in 2 minute "sound-bites." That's the thinking depth of the average American today. I feel more & more that this country really is fucked, even once the country crumbles, these fools will STILL be believing their leaders version of things....

  15. American average persons: SOMA,SOMA,SOMA, & then SOYLENT GREEN!

  16. Death to Israel and all who support it

  17. Those who can make you believe unbelievable things will in the end make you DO unspeakable things.

    Clearly among the unspeakable things is to lock and extinguish the lives of millions of totally innocent American Citizens in FEMA camps.

    We are following the USSR script to the letter.

  18. Dear lonestarwatchdog,

    I am a lonestar woman and I did not see any dancing or actually talk to anybody who believed this idiotic story. Because I read VeteransToday and foreign papers in English, I knew that Osama was dead in 2001.

    Go watch the interview that Alex Jones did with a guy named Dr. Steve P (I can't spell his name). He said that this is just another terrible lie told to the public and he wants banksters and lying politicians arrested. He names those behind 9/11 and says that they should be arrested and tried.

    I agree. That's how we will get our dignity back.


  19. By the way, I don't know who you are or how old, but this is a very good editorial. Would you let me use it on one of my blogs with a little cleaning up?

  20. listen people JEWS are nothing more than the shit stain in the underware of life

  21. Just commenting on the guy that made the statement about "there's millions of other Americans who know 9-11 and Bin Laden stories are lies". This may be true, but take these 2 things into consideration. The USA already, before any FEMA camp even "officially" opens, has by far the largest prison population in the world. US has 3 million locked up out of 300 million. If you combine all the prisoners in Iran, Russia, China, & India, it still won't even make 1/2 the amount the USA has locked up. Also of the 3 million in prison, 75% are for using drugs.
    The 2nd point I wanted to make is those of us who don't get framed or railroaded into prison, get harrassed, hacked, stalked, called 'nazi's', 'racist's', & 'anti-semite's'. We all know thanks mostly to Ted Pike, that ADL and AIPAC have been attempting to push threw hate laws making it automatic 5 yrs in prison for "holohoax denial". I was born in the 60's and there's no way in hell this would've been excepted by the people up to the 1990's. I think the chemtrails really are affecting us greatly. I know they have for me. Ive been ill with Morgellons, which is caused by chemtrails, and whose symptoms sound very similar to Gulf War Syndrome. Check out Trisha Springstead.

  22. 667. Bin Laden's death is another trick (5/2/2011)

    When people chanting for the news of Bin Laden's death, I have a sad feeling how ignorant people are cheated by this government. I also worry we may face a big "terror attack" planned by this government.

    1. Since 911, I don't believe this government anymore. It is hijacked by a group of insiders. If they can cheat people with 911 such a big attack, what else can't they do? For those who insist to tarnish 911 truthers, one thing they can't deny is the "WMD" lie which justified war on Iraq. That's a big lie because it caused large civilian's casualty. Yet, that lie was neglected. The lier was awarded a second term of President because the inside group wants another war - Iran war. Bin Laden's death is only another soap opera - same like the death of Al Zarqawi. (so said Iraq Al Qaida)

    2. There is a strategy purpose of Bin Laden's death - to justify a coming dirty bomb attack. The intelligence always arrange "provocative actions" to make the false flag terror attack reasonable. That was what we saw a month ago the "Quran burning" in Florida and the "veil ban" law passed in French. "Bin Laden's death" is a big one they push out today which indicates a big terror attack is going to happen recently.

    3.It's a continuation of a series "nuclear crisis (bombing)" attempt since later last year. (see my posts from #651) You may verify it from rare report news. (not from US media)

    April 6, 2011 posted by Gordon Duff

    “More checkpoints per square mile than Baghdad”
    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    Busloads of police were brought into New York, some from distant communities. The national press, generously called the “mainstream media” reported none of this today. There was a defacto news blackout about the scale and nature of what is happening in New York City today.

    The story in New York is that the city is testing its capability of detecting a “dirty bomb” or other “radiological device.” At a time when most municipalities are flat broke, busted, New York is spending an unprecedented amount, in what is said to be a drill. The city is hunting four “imaginary terror groups.” [/quote]

    [quote] US tornadoes force shutdown of two nuclear reactors in Virginia

    Ewen MacAskill in Washington, Monday 18 April 2011

    A US nuclear power company has disclosed that one of the tornadoes that hit the US at the weekend, killing at least 45 people and causing widespread damage, forced the shutdown of two of its reactors.

    The series of tornadoes that began in Oklahoma late last week barrelled across the country, with North Carolina, where 22 people died, the worst-hit state. [/quote]

    Nine days later, on 4/27 there was an unprecedentary tornado storms attacked East side of America. Scientists suggested "some of the tornadoes may have been among the largest and most powerful ever recorded. " "2011 Tornado Outbreak Death Toll Hits 337, Second-Deadliest Day From Twister In U.S. History".

    On 3/11, Japan suffered an earthquake biggest ever in its history. On 4/27, US suffered a largest and most powerful ever recorded tornado storms. When both failed to produce a nuclear pollution crisis in US, the Feds activates Bin Laden. Beware of a coming "nuclear bomb attack". (Or dirty bomb attack)

  23. Thank you for taking the time, finding the energy, and caring enough to put you pen (keys) to truth.

  24. bingo, bang on. It is sad but the former USSR is becoming more like the former USA and the former USA more and more like the former USSR.

    Stop living the American dream, wake up ... it's just a dream. The United States of Disneyland is a dangerous psyop indeed.

  25. The real sad part of this---untold story.Ever thought that USA Navy Seals killed innocent folks,that were not related to Osama Bin Laden or Al Quaida.Orders were--go kill anyone and make it appear as Bin Laden. Why now--cover-up the Libya slaughter of Kadaf's son and grand kids. It worked--Bin Laden dead 9 times and counting. Re: one poster thinks USA was good prior to 60's---wrong USA has been invading countries for over 200 years. Try reading up on Hawaii/Philopines :^/

  26. I say that every one of you computer freaks need to get off of the computer and go get a damn life!!!!!!!!!! St. Louis all Day

  27. I agree in saying that the picture of dead Bin Laden floating around is a fake. The first time I saw it, I knew it wasn't real. When I heard that we killed him, I was skeptical as well but I have a very close friend who is deployed right now and according to him Bin Ladens body was at his cop temporarily. I don't believe what I hear on the tv or read on the internet, but I will believe what I hear when it's coming straight from one of the soldiers fighting the war.

  28. From all of us here Down Under.....PLEASE Wake Up America.....As your famous words quote...We will not go quietly into the night...Codex Alimentarius is the worst of the dangers that has passed so far.....I fear greatly for the future.

  29. Really? First clean up your minds and what you think. Clean up your hearts and what you feel. Clean up the body and what you do, say, act, eat, drink, touch, and go. RECOGNIZE THAT EVERY INSTANT WE ARE ALL MISUSING THIS DIVINE WILL. Knowledge is awareness. Ask to see, know, go and be and you will. Sound cliche? The truth usually is. Every single person on this planet is the same. Don't forget that everyone and yourself included is a lying, cheatin, steaing, adulterer. Lying to yourself puts you under the greatest known state of hypnosis people. Be truthful and ask to see the solution. Don't pretend, be honest! Help yourself to be of some help. The only way things will change is if we change inside first.

  30. 'Ey dumbfuck, what makes you think Osama Bid Fucktard died years ago? They took Osama Bid Laden's body to Afghanistan for a DNA check to see if it was REALLY him. Sure enough it was him! America isn't the laughing stock of the world, you are.

  31. I live near Dubuque. I could not believe how many of these people that I talked to believes the media. I walked away shaking my head in disbelief. Thank goodness for blogs...most are my people.

  32. Osama been photo shopped. Hey Tony take your head out of your arse. Search FOX NEWS, 2001, announcing Bin Laden is dead and in case you have not heard Bin Landen been dead for 10 years...what a cretin you are or your collecting a check for nay saying.

  33. Laughing stock of the world just ‘cause of one Creepshow?…

    Good thing we gotz some remedies.
    Boy-clown fragrances – It Stops The Stink!

    Boy-clown Pharmaceuticals – It Works 2 Ways!

    And, Boy-clown Skate-goats – ‘Cause It’s Never Your Fault!

  34. The real reason why America is the laughing stock of the world is due to the fact that the whole world is realising how America is run by Israel. Every time an American politician stands in public swearing allegiance or continues offering aid to Israel whilst they commit genocide on defenceless people with no military capability, Americans become the Zionist Bitches that they have become. Just refer to the latest Veto at the UN.
    Until America starts being imparial & unbiased & stops the hypocrisy when they are trying to police the whole world, every commander in chief, military personnel & government operative will be remembered as the Bitches of Zionism that they have been for over a century.
    In a nutshell, America needs to practice fairness & equality to ALL, regulate their media to only broadcast TRUTH, stop being controlled by Zionisms WILL to destroy anything standing in its selfish path & then finally America will PREVAIL as a great nation it aspires to be.
    Until then America will be the laughing stock it has always been!

  35. The story keeps changing.

    The Pakistan government assures us that bin Laden's relatives are safely in their custody and being treated in accordance with law.

    If the SEALS did this without Paki help, how did Paki get the captives?

    Turns out Obama's live feed went down "20 to 25 minutes" just when Osama got blasted. Didn't see it. No video or photos for us.

    Eyewitness reports coming in that the "SEALS" spoke perfect Pashtun. Stunning if true.

    I can't even argue this stuff because the story changes so fast I'm wasting my time.

    Osama/Obama mixups to continue until your head hurts.

  36. If Texans or any Americans want the world to pay attention start by handing over Bush Cheney and teh warmongers for trial for their crimes and stop electing Republicans .

  37. I had real hope the greatest terrorist in the world had finally been killed. A step that would render us safe again, make travel around the world safe, make countries secure, make the general public feel like their lives could return to normal.
    Then I found it was OSAMA and not OBAMA.

  38. Good post, Lonestar but sorry to say the whole world is NOT laughing at America - it turned its back to the US in disgust when the destruction and lies became so gross - around 1999 - and when it became obvious to many that your country had been hijacked by not one but two mutually antagonistic psychopathic groups; the Bushies and the CFR).

    What was it Gore Vidal said?

    "America is the only empire in history that went from barbarity to decadence without an intervening civilisation."

    Not enough Americans listen to stuff like that (or Beale, Carlin, Hicks, Mullins, Springmeier etc) though, as the propaganda and mesmeric toob drug have captured so many of you... (See Tavistock Institute, Bernays, Monarch, oh and vigilant citizen's blog for how this happened, or more to the point, was contrived to send you all to sleep...)

    As for the commenters so far, please look up 'cognitive dissonance' and find out just what it does to the rational being...

  39. Don't agonize over Obama making America seem stupid to the rest of the world .Bush primed us for eight years .So Obama din't make us think it he just confirmed it .

  40. I am not an European but Latin American and i myself laugh and believe that i was never wrong thinking that Americans are stupid and ignorant. Americans don't even know where they live, where they are standing and not even what they should eat. They allow the same stupid American police mistreat and sexually abuse their children and they do nothing. Americans have always practiced mistreatment to people in other countries and they are blamed for the death of millions of people including the German people during world war II on behalf of the "poor jews" who were together with the Americans and the British to destroy Europe.

  41. I agree with your post, except for one thing: Obama does not have the power or the time in office to create the masterpiece of a fiasco as this. This embarrassment has been growing over many years. There are larger forces at work, and if you think Obama has all that power, you are still being fooled by the programming you are writing about. There are always more powerful forces behind the curtain pulling the strings, Obama is as much a created scapegoat as Bin Laden, don't you see the trademark pattern?

  42. I for one am not a fan of the Americans, but anyone who thinks bin Laden died a long time ago is plain stupid and retarded. Don't read CNN, read the Pakistani News, read Al Jazeera, they have accepted bin Laden's death on May 1st.

    People that like to make up stories like these are total incompetent fools that like to stand out and get recognized.


  43. Nice to see the people are accepting the truth, but you should realise that the media and US government are working together as one. And now, more than ever, are using this latest theater piece of Bin Laden and retaliation waving probably for another inside job that may even make 911 look like a minor attack. Those people are in the business of death, and have their collective ass against the wall, so if they go down they will take as many people with them as possible.

  44. Only a Texan could write an article as stupid as this one!

    The world is not laughing at America. They are laughing at Texans that believe this crap.

  45. To the man from Down Under, and all the rest of the world.
    Please, help us. Feeling sorry for us is not good enough. Here in the "land of the 'free'" we are now in prison.

    LIBERATE US! We have heard the stories about how the U. S. had stopped atrocities and freed the people. Now it is your turn to help us.


    Pretty please?

  46. I am so tired of posting like these. Folks, get real. Osama finally met his fate. I am still not sure that in this day and age, Pakis are asking for photos. Photos/videos can be altered. Pakis are still in shock as 1)it is hard for them to believe that a foreign country entered, spent 40 minutes, and got out. While Paki Military was busy washing someone's assess and making tea. 2) that Pakistan has no security or intelligence community 3) Kiyani and all the generals are too old, past their time and must go. 4) and corrupt government which was elected by the Pakistanis.

    Pakis are still in a state of shock and hence grabbing straws, and trying to say "look here, look there, what about Israel etc".. Booo hoooo. GET over it.. If you don't like USA, move to Abbotabad, live there. And Guess what, marry one of Osama's wife. I am only sad that this was not done sooner.
    God bless USA, and yes, I was born in Pakistan.

  47. What truly amazes me is that anyone could actually believe anything stated by them in light of the continuously revealed fabrications. I mean, do they actually believe you couldn't find a body double for Osama in the middle of Pakistan? What would be necessary, 10 minutes and a phone book?
    So yeah, they lied about WMDs, and the radiation, and the oil spill, and how to fix the financial crisis, and the foreclosure fraud, and Lord knows how many
    "unofficial" misadventures in countries half of America couldn't place on a map, but suddenly they just remembered how to tell the truth and will tell nothing but!
    So, has anyone asked the uncomfortable question of "So, are we pulling out of Afghanistan? After all, we were there hunting him." What will be the new justification to stay? That opium won't guard itself after all.

  48. "you should realise that the media and US government are working together as one"

    Oh really? And how do you go about proving that? The media continually bashes the US almost constantly. Even US-based media like CNN and Fox have continued to bash the US almost all the time.

    I love conspiracy theories, they're exciting. They're good for movies, not for reality.

  49. Well said! As an Aussie and not 1 who gets sucked into the main stream news lies, what U say is completely true! Like it or not THAT IS how America is now viewed in the liars and war mongers who's leaders words are NOT 2b believed!

  50. Living on this beautiful earth is all an illusion of egos...

  51. I am an American , and i am not arrogant, nor ignorant or suffering from chem trail BS directed my way. I live in a very rural area ,where most of the people around here are about as normal as any you would find in any industrialized country. We do not live extravagantly,and we would much rather our Government stay out of everyones else's business. What bothers me is ,after this fake ,lying ,POS was put in the white house . Most of the American people did not have the courage to do what was right ,and expected of us and stop this man .By throwing him out on his ass for all the world to see. We the American people, have the largest standing, most well armed civilian army ever in the history of mankind. Yet we were to afraid to throw out this retarded Kenyan national, even after he started to ruin our country and remove our rights .This was a shocking reality to everyone ,and the wrong message we have sent to the rest of the world .Unstopped ,this is what we will be forever remembered for, while endangering our troops lives in the face of our enemy's . Listen up world ,we are STILL here .And we are NOT cowards, and just because our media portrays us as something else. We damn sure know what is going on out there ,why this is happening to us ,who is doing it ,and where the threats are coming from. And not all of us are as gullible as you may think we are .We have our own intelligence , and covert personnel. We may be the highly skilled veterans of the Vietnam ,Iraq ,and Afghan wars. We may be bikers ,preachers ,moms ,and even the Government workers you see each day . So when the rest of the world for the last 65 years was not involved in any real war or conflict , WE WERE. Without the America we fought for ,we have nothing to live for, nothing to lose . Those who wish now to enslave ,control ,dishonor ,or frighten five generations of we who have seen this happen elsewhere. We who fought and died to stop it winning every conflict they sent us into . Irregardless of what the media said ,it was the politics of fools who lost any of those wars. In all the theaters of our wars ,our troops stood undefeated until the time they left .
    So only fools believe we are not watching them ,and its an idiot who believes that we do not remember. And we damn sure have not heard any fat lady singing ,about the end of the American Republic. So do not get so cocky until after the shooting war starts. USMC ret.

  52. There are no just wars. One simply leads to another, it's no secret that bin laden was originally trained by the CIA to help America combat the "commies". Our allie one day becomes our enemy the next if our industries require it. Money drives this world and people cost nothing.
    I'm English but consider myself a citizen of the world, until everyone else on the planet feels the same way we will continue to be categorised and devided, fear and hatred of supposed difference will prevale and wars will be perpetual.
    I wish there was a god so that he/she could save us from ourselves.

    Love to all.

  53. the man who wrote this is full of bullshit this country is not always right but we try.our president is not always right and even if you dont like the man you have to respect him.this goes as far back as when this country was founded.isreal has fought there own different countries went against them we the u.s stayed out what happened.isreal has been putting up with thi crap for sixty years and america tells them to stay cool and dont do nothing,if we let isreal do what they wanted to do there would not be no iraq iran or anybody else.if you hate this country that much renouce youe citizenship and move over there.