Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Be the Illusion for Obama! Work for His Rent a Mob Job Posting Apply Within

            Have a hard time finding job.Can not survive working at Mcdonalds or being a janitor because of low IQ and on the waiting list to be employed with the TSA. Join Obama's rent a mob.Qualifications is there is none except you must be a registered Democrat who must believe in Global warming,gun control,wealth redistribution and that government and not people solves all the ills of society . No high school diploma. Low IQ people encouraged to join.You will be bused all around the country for staged events,town hall meetings reading from pre-chosen questions to ask the President and clap when the sign lights up and says applause to create the illusion for Barrack Obama to generate propaganda.
            Benefits includes free box lunch provided by Monsanto.All sea food dinners served fresh daily from the Gulf of Mexico provided by British Petroleum,All expense paid Travel with security provided by the TSA all for your safety. Please apply at you local Democratic party headquarters or your nearest ACORN chapter

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