Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Pile of Bovine Excremant at WTC Ground Zero

               The pile of bovine excrement at ground zero piles higher than the wreckage left over from the World Trade Center. I can picture President Barrack Obama standing a pile of manure he created with his bullhorn than the rubble from Sept 11th. It will take more heavy equipment to clean out this pile of bovine excrement from ground zero. I can tell why former President George W, Bush stayed away.Even though he was part of the attacks on Sept 11th.I do not think he wanted to be part of it. George may be an idiot. But he is not that stupid to return to the scene of the crime.
               This public grand standing at ground zero is a public relations ploy to capitalize on his illusion of the boost in his so called job approval numbers. His Presidency is floundering and cratering. He was looking for a boost to project the image to restore confidence in his leadership. This ground zero appearance was just a psi ops for propaganda purposes. I come to the conclusion all those books on propaganda is becoming worn out.The public is starting to become inoculated to propaganda and now starting to reject the lies like food not agreeing with the stomach.It just vomits it out.
                This grand standing at Ground zero telling the world Osama Bin Laden is dead.The world is laughing at old news. Those propaganda methods and suppression of the truth does not work in the information age of the internet and the alternative media. Those playbooks they used all these years to take over to steer public opinion do not work anymore.With the Bloggers and the new media rising of citizen journalist levels the playing field.
                  That big pile of bovine excrement at ground zero he can not blame the stench on his opposition or critics anymore. We all know who is to blame and who is behind the lie.He started the story and ran with it. Now he got caught. So if there is a big stink at ground zero.It is not the conspiracy theorist. It is coming from the President full of BS looking for a place to dump his bovine excrement because there is no room in the White House to dump another pile. Will he dump another pile in Shanksville Pa or the Pentagon next? He may soon because he dumping more bovine excrement faster than the public relations firms can clean it up. I just hope there are enough shovels to clean it completely after this ploy has come and gone.